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Lemon Champagne Punch

Mix juices and water. Chill, covered. Before serving, add ginger ale and sparkling water and pour over ice cubes in large punch bowl. Pour chilled champagne over punch and stir gently. - 29.2672

Lemon Champagne Ice

Heat the water and dissolve the sugar. Add the juice and wine and chill. Freeze in a Donvier hand freezer, according to instructions. Please note that it is best to do this just before you sit down, so that the ice will be a bit soft and very smooth. - 25.3307

Champagne Soda

Put the sugar, bitters, brandy and kirsch into a tall glass and stir until the sugar dissolves. Fill almost to the top with champagne. Float a scoop of lemon sherbet on top. - 25.2248

Champagne Delight

Stir sherbet into sparkling pink champagne and freeze in freezing trays. Serve in sherbet glasses with half a straw. Garnish with whole strawberry with the cap left on. Partially cut through the berry from the pointed end. Hook berry over the edge of the... - 23.4559

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Lemon Champagne Sorbet

Combine together all ingredients and freeze tor 45 min. Remove, beat, and freeze again, for further 3 or 4 hr. Serve in tall glasses, with sponge fingers. - 26.7014

Lemon And Champagne Sherbet

Boil the sugar in the water for 5 minutes. Allow to cool completely. Add the juices and the wine. Chill. Freeze. When just about frozen, whip the cream and fold in. Freeze a bit more. Great between courses at formal dinners. - 33.1084

Fresh Lemon Champagne Cocktail

MAKING 1) Into a champagne glass, add in a lump of sugar. 2) Add in the angostura bitters into the glass. 3) Stir in the brandy. 4) Lastly, pour in iced champagne. Stir well. SERVING 5) Garnish the Champagne Cocktail with lemon slices. Serve chilled. - 34.0906

Classic Champagne Cocktail

MAKING 1. Into a stemmed glass, place sugar at the bottom; add bitters and lemon twist. 2. Add champagne to fill glass. SERVING 3. Stir lightly and serve. - 29.8767

Party Pink Champagne Punch

MAKING 1) Blend champagne and sherbet together. 2) Pour into tall sherbet glasses. SERVING 3) Garnish the glass with fresh strawberry hung on the edge of the glass. - 26.8585

Champagne Chicken With Avocado And Lemon Sauce

Make deep slits in the drumsticks so the marinade will permeate the meat. Place drumsticks in a flat ceramic or glass dish. Mix marinade ingredients together and pour over chicken. Cover and refrigerate for 12 hours, turning occasionally. To make sauce, blend... - 47.9645

Champagne Freezes

MAKING 1. In a processor or blender blend lemon sorbet on low speed and pour in vodka or lemon liqueur in a slow stream. 2. Then mix in Prosecco or champagne. SERVING 3. Into chilled martini glasses pour and serve, garnished with a sprig of mint. - 26.923

Joe Froggers Champagne Cocktail

Combine rum, orange juice, water,brandy, lemon juice, and sugar. Chill. Before serving gently add champagne - 24.5641

Champagne Punch

Marinate the strawberries in white wine for 2 hours. If using fresh strawberries, sweeten to taste. Pour over a large chunk of ice in a punch bowl. Add Grand Marnier and the orange slices. Just before serving, pour in the champagne. Makes approximately... - 26.9529

Champagne Punch

Combine 2 cups sugar with 2 cups water and lemon juice. Bring to boil and boil for 1 minute. Add remaining 2 cups water. Cool. Stir in lime, orange, and grapefruit juices. Pour into punch bowl over ice. Add wine and champagne just before serving. Garnish with... - 40.3373

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