Lemon Cake

Lemon Cake is a sweet tangy soft and spongy baked dessert recipe with a predominantly lemony flavor. The basic recipe is baked from flour, sugar, baking powder, egg yolk, vanilla extract, dried and shredded lemon rinds and juice, and butter or margarine. A yellow glaze made from food color, butter, glazing sugar and lemon juice makes the lemon cake an overpowering evening snack.

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How To Make Lemon Icing

How To Make Lemon Icing On : 15-Oct-2010 By : epicurean104

    A favorite with many people of all ages, lemon icing is a variation of the simple butter icing, with a tangy, zesty flavor.    A simple lemon icing recipe extremely versatile and can be used for many baked goods,...

Lemon Cupcakes

Lemon Cupcakes On : 01-Feb-2011 By : aislingkeenan

Ingredients 125g (4½ oz) butter, softened 125g (4½ oz) caster sugar Finely grated zest ½ large lemon (keeping the zest of the remaining ½ lemon for the lemon icing) 2 eggs, beaten 150g (5oz) plain flour ¼ tsp baking powder ...

A Cake Or Not A Cake?

A Cake Or Not A Cake? On : 14-Aug-2013 By : seasonal_foodie

Is it a sandwich? Is it a cake ? Well, it is both! Confused? Well, that is exactly what a smörgåstårta is. It is a confusing but yummy savory sandwich, prepared to resemble a cake , icing and all. This Swedish delicacy isn’t actually a new dish...

Learn Some Quick And Easy Ideas To Make Lemon Icing

Learn Some Quick And Easy Ideas To Make Lemon Icing On : 23-Mar-2011 By : salt and pepper

So you have made a delicious cake and now want to frost it with lemon icing? Lemon flavored frosting tastes delicious with any homemade cake and it can be whipped up in a matter of minutes without much of a hassle. Read on for some easy to make recipe...

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