Lemon Brulee

Lemon brulee is a kind of brulee with lemon flavor.

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How To Eat Creme Brulee

How To Eat Creme Brulee On : 13-Aug-2010 By : bon vivant

Before you learn how to eat crème brulee, you must first learn, what exactly crème brulee is and how it originated and became popular like the way it is to this day. Crème brulee is basically a French delicacy, a sweet food item, which literally means...

Top 10 Desserts From Around The World

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Top 10 International Desserts

Top 10 International Desserts On : 17-May-2010 By : FitGal

You would think that the ' top 10 International desserts' would be enough to satisfy a sweet tooth in this world. Think again! Once you get a hang of what gastronomical delights are available to you in different countries of the world, you will...

Top 12 Desserts For Special Occasions

Top 12 Desserts For Special Occasions On : 14-Jan-2011 By : amisha

We all have our staple list of menu for parties and special occasion with all dishes and desserts tried and tested over and over again. Why not give the usual a miss in the next party you host and try something new, especially a new dessert and to help you...

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