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Lasagna sauce is the most easy to cook sauces that can be simply made at home with easily available ingredients. The main ingredients needed to make lasagne sauce at home are olive oil, Italian tomatoes in juice, tomato paste, onion, celery, garlic, bay leaf, Italian herb seasoning, fresh basil leaves, salt and pepper. Moreover, some hot milk is also used to mix the butter flour properly. Out of all these, the most important ingredients is this lasagna sauce recipe are celery, garlic and onions.

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How To Add Sauce & Wine To Lasagna

How To Add Sauce & Wine To Lasagna On : 22-Jun-2010 By : frutilady

I was introduced to Italian food by my roomie during the good old college days, when cooking something new-read cheap, fast, and easy was as essential as partying on Friday nights. It was during one such culinary adventure that I learnt how to add sauce and...

Popular Sauces For Lasagna

On : 05-Aug-2011 By : Sudipa

By knowing to serve the right sauces for lasagna , you will have learnt to serve a complete lasagna meal to your family or guests. Lasagna sauces are a combination of wine, herbs, and spices which add to the flavor and taste of the dish. Check out for some...

How To Remove Lasagna From The Pan

How To Remove Lasagna From The Pan On : 22-Jun-2010 By : frutilady

Lasagna is arguably the most famous and utterly delectable Pasticciata; and like any other casserole baked Pasticciata, serving Lasagna can get potentially messy. To prevent these embarrassing table moments, I brings to you few simple tips on how to remove...

How To Prepare Noodles For Lasagna – A Recipe To Recite

How To Prepare Noodles For Lasagna – A Recipe To Recite On : 18-Jun-2010 By : culinary_explorer

If Italian pasta is one of your favorites and you are daring to explore your culinary skills with one of the delectable delights of Italian pasta, then the Lasagna should make its way as your top menu item. You might just want to know as how to prepare...

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