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Reheat Lasagna

Lasagna   has a rich and very soft texture, but do you get the same texture and taste when you reheat lasagna ? Whenever we have leftover lasagna, one of our main worries is how to reheat it, so that we get the same taste – mainly because as... -

How To Add Sauce & Wine To Lasagna

I was introduced to Italian food by my roomie during the good old college days, when cooking something new-read cheap, fast, and easy was as essential as partying on Friday nights. It was during one such culinary adventure that I learnt how to add sauce and... -

How To Remove Lasagna From The Pan

Lasagna is arguably the most famous and utterly delectable Pasticciata; and like any other casserole baked Pasticciata, serving Lasagna can get potentially messy. To prevent these embarrassing table moments, I brings to you few simple tips on how to remove... -

How To Eat Lasagna

  Lasagna is an Italian dish which uses a wide flat pasta and is made up of alternating layers of pasta, cheese, meat and sauce. The dish is typically Italian and there are so many different ways to savor this casserole dish that you can... -

How To Prepare Noodles For Lasagna – A Recipe To Recite

If Italian pasta is one of your favorites and you are daring to explore your culinary skills with one of the delectable delights of Italian pasta, then the Lasagna should make its way as your top menu item. You might just want to know as how to prepare... -

Popular Sauces For Lasagna

By knowing to serve the right sauces for lasagna , you will have learnt to serve a complete lasagna meal to your family or guests. Lasagna sauces are a combination of wine, herbs, and spices which add to the flavor and taste of the dish. Check out for some... -

Seasoning For Lasagna-how To Tips & Ideas

Do you want to know about various ideas on seasoning for lasagna – here you will find the answer. Lasagna is quite a popular Italian preparation and most of its taste and flavor depends on the seasoning, you are using. The authentic Italian seasoning... -

What Are The Health Benefits Of Vegetable Lasagna?

  The health benefits of vegetable lasagna is more than a mouth –watering dish from the kitchens of Italian cuisines, that these days a small cake of vegetable lasagna is included in all diets sorts of diets. The diet ranges will include diet plans... -

How To Serve Lasagna

                                                             Lasagna is a very delicious and classic Italian pasta casserole dish. Today, I am going to share some tips on  how to serve Lasagna?  Lasagna is basically known... -

Tips On How To Bake Lasagna

Lasagna, one of the most popular Italian recipes in the world, can be easily made at home without much hassle.  Read on for steps and tips on how to bake lasagna ...                   ... -

How To Freeze Lasagna

I just love l asagna – the layers of cheese, noodles and sauce is just awesome! If you are truly fond of lasagna you should learn how to freeze lasagna, since freezing lasagna helps to increase its life amazingly. You can have it whenever you... -

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Lasagna

Who doesn’t love lasagna — a baked Italian delight comprising of layers and layers of meat or veggies, cheese, and gobs of ketchup; however, this yummy favorite is chock-a-block with fattening ingredients that can topple your healthy eating habits.... -

Gluten Free Lasagna Health Benefits

The very idea of having a lasagna   that is devoid of gluten is astonishing as pastas are usually made with durum wheat or semolina which are gluten rich products. However, there are a host of gluten free lasagna sheets... -

How To Sauté Vegetables For Lasagna

To prepare a classic dish of lasagna one must treat every ingredient, including the basic onions and garlic with utmost care and attention. Today, I will share some tips on how to sauté vegetables to prepare the perfect lasagna.  •... -

The Christmas Lunch Cooking Extravaganza Continues. Lasagna And More

The Big Christmas Lunch! The Finale.   So after the preparation and the appetizers , finally it was time to make the real thing. Making Lasagna So the big deal was to make lasagna. All excited to... -

Cooking A Christmas Lunch. Lasagna, Stuffed Mushrooms And More. Ifood Comes To Rescue

Big Christmas Lunch Cookout!   Planning the Menu As many of my last minute activities, this too happened last minute. Decided to have some friends come for lunch at another friends apartment which has an absolutely cracker of... -

How To Make Lasagna?

Lasagna the Italian delight has become so popular the world over that it is now more of an international dish than one that belongs to the confines of the Italian cuisine. It sounds like a complicated dish to make however, this classic Italian dish can be... -

Chili Verde Con Carne Lasagna

Well it's really only lasagna in the sense that it is layered like the lasagna.  I made a version of this method for a pot-luck at my day job. The girls liked it so much they wanted the recipe. It is not really a recipe as such but more of a... -

Best Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu

If you are going to have vegetarians at your Thanksgiving dinner, here is a Vegetarian Thanksgiving menu that will make your non vegetarian guests green with envy. Appetizer: A great appetizer dish for a vegetarian menu is potato and... -

Dmanburger "pj Clarke's"

by: dmanburger PJ Clarke’s has been an old favorite weekend spot for me for many years, I have many fond memories of Sundays tasting such home-made delights as Blue cheese wedges, Meatloaf and Reuben Sandwiches. Since 1884 PJ’s saloon as... -

Cheap Holiday Meal Ideas

For the holidays, it is not necessary that you spend a fortune on the feast. Instead of shelling out huge amounts of money on meats and sides, you can utilize cheap holiday meal ideas using lower-cost ingredients which are dressed up with colorful... -

Italian Menu

Italian food to me is one that lends a fresh flavor to my dinner table. A cuisine that reflects a rich culture and traditions the Italian cuisine is one that draws heavily from its glorious past and also influences from the neighboring countries. There are... -

5 Easy Dinner Ideas With Meat

We are all fond of meat recipes but avoid cooking meat in a hurry or for dinner, since meat dishes are known to take a lot of time and sometimes are a bit complicated. This is all not true – dinner ideas with meat can be simple and easy, provided you know... -


Ricotta - This rich fresh cheese is slightly grainy but smoother than cottage cheese. It’s white , moist and has a slightly sweet flavor. Most Italian ricottas are made from the whey drained off while making cheese such as mozzarella and provolone.... -

5 Uncommon Pastas To Make At Home

The thought of having pasta for dinner fills you with delight. But are you keen on making anything else besides spaghetti, penne and elbows ? Well, you may want to but don’t have the knowledge or the skills associated with it. Its now time to take stock... -

Top 6 Tomato Sauce Recipes

Are you eyeing those bright red colored, soft and juicy tomatoes in the vegetable market, and wondering if you could make a rich and flavored sauce of them? If yes, then here are a few recipes you could try out at home and come up with a delicious and long... -

Potluck Menu

Wanna party without shelling out any of those extra dollars? Then, try this   potluck menu   from ifood. This menu, designed by ifood, is a classic one which is perfect for any party. Take a tour of this menu for potluck and see how delectable the... -

Bridal Shower Menu

Bridal shower is the most memorable moment in any women's life. Make this wonderful day more vivacious with this refreshing bridal shower menu . These mix and match bridal shower menu suggestions are perfect to make the day a memorable one. Read on to... -

Rotation Diet Menu

If someone told you about a diet menu that would help you to lose up to a pound everyday without having to worry about putting on extra kilos later, would you believe? Well, rotation diet menu exactly helps you to achieve that. Alternating between... -

Cinnamon Menu

  Creating a cinnamon menu ?  Who would have thought that this particular tree bark could be responsible for completely changing the taste of dish around. It's highly aromatic fragrance and flavor can wonders for any... -

Eggplant Menu

If you are starting on an Eggplant menu and wondering what you could possibly include in it, well you would be surprised. There are a number of scrumptious dishes that can make this vegetable taste succulent and appetizing. From starters to a main course,... -

Zucchini Menu

Here are some great ideas for a Zucchini menu . Zucchini, a kind of summer squash, looks a bit like a cucumber but has a placid taste that absorbs other flavors. This quality makes zucchini a pleasure to cook. Read on for some fantastic zucchini dish... -

6 Easy Means To Use Bechamel In Daily Cooking

Béchamel is the mother of all creamy sauces. Learn why is it called so and the 6 easy means to use béchamel in daily cooking. If you love your fondue sauces and the thick and creamy cheese dips and cheese sauces, then you can thank Béchamel, for such... -

Fat Smash Diet Menu

Looking to lose weight in a healthy way? If yes, then switching on to fat smash diet plan  will give the desired results. promoted by Ian K. Smith M.D, this diet basically comprises of fresh fruits and vegetables that not only helps the body to burn... -

Valentine's Day Dinner Menu

Here I am posting a Delicious Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu. This menu is definitely going to win your Valentine’s heart. So try this menu and make your Valentine’s Day evening special.       Delicious Valentine's Day Dinner... -

National Empanada Day Is ‘delicioco’

Originated in Europe, celebrated in America, Empanada is enjoyed the world over these days. So, no surprise that Americans celebrate it as National Empanada Day on May 8. This bread, stuffed with chicken, pork or cod and tomatoes, garlic and onion sauce, is... -

Top 10 One Pot Baked Dinners

Too tired to cook? Turn to your oven for solace and throw in the meat and veggies. Let them cuddle together in the warmth for a few minutes before you ravish them with your spoon. Here is a list of ten such recipes that are sure to satiate you and... -

The Christmas Lunch Cooking Extravaganza Continues.

The Big Christmas Lunch !   As i mentioned previously , we decided at the last minute to have a Xmas lunch at a friends place. So after all the shopping, poring though ifood videos to learn how to make things, it was Xmas morning and... -

Weekly Tailgate Menu: October 24, 2007

This Week's Menu: - Asparagus and Sugar Snap Peas with Dipping Sauce - Oktoberfest Potato Salad - Veggie Lasagna - Pecan Bites I read this week that October is Vegetarian Awareness Month so as the month... -

10 Easy Meat Starters

  Are you looking for some tasty, yet easy meat starters ? Then you are at the right place. Ifood presents some exclusive meat appetizers ideal for any party or gathering. Read on to know more…   Top 10 Easy Meat... -

Best Ideas For A Mother's Day Brunch

  There are countless ways to surprise your mom on this special day. Inviting her over for a fabulous Mother’s Day brunch is just one of them.  Be sure to include some of her favorite foods and you can not go wrong.  ... -

Olive Garden Menu

Olive Garden Menu boasts of local produce, which, when combined with a creative, yet simple, selection of eatables, spells magic on menu. From starters to an expansive antipasto section, the menu of this North American restaurant boasts of delicacies that... -

Top 10 Brunch Ideas For Special Days

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, are some festive times of the year, when we love to enjoy good food. Here are top 10 brunch ideas  for special days to start the celebrations. These are simple and easy to make and... -

Hypoglycemic Diet Menu

Hypoglycemic diet menu is a special kind of diet especially formulated for hypoglycemic patients. In hypoglycemia, foods that can be easily digested is known to trigger fluctuations in blood sugar level thereby causing innumerable complications. To evade... -

Potluck Dinner Ideas

Searching for some exotic potluck dinner ideas ? Then you are the right destination. A potluck is a community meal where you can indulge in a party with lesser cooking efforts as your guests bring a dish of their share. Have a look at these ideas for... -

Blood Type A Diet Menu

If you were unsure of what blood type diet menu to choose for type A, then this would leave you with some useful cues. Blood type A diet menu , especially formulated for those born with type A blood group, is strictly vegetarian in nature. It is assumed... -

Buca Di Beppo Menu – Authentic Italian Taste

Buca di Beppo's Menu is popular for its authentic Italian menu, which its patrons can enjoy within a family atmosphere. The dishes featuring on this menu are those, which have been enjoyed for generations in Italian villages.  ... -

10 Memorial Day Potluck Recipes

Memorial Day is around the corner. It is that one holiday that officially kick starts the summer. In fact, Memorial Day weekend is perfect to get your friends and family together for a picnic or potluck outdoors.  Just in case you are looking out for some... -

How To Plan A Vegetarian Holiday Dinner

If you happen to be a vegetarian and are wondering on how to plan a vegetarian holiday dinner for those guests who will be trooping into your home for the holidays, there are several options available these days. The good thing about being vegetarian is you... -

How To Cut Zucchini

If you know how to cut zucchini, you can make this ingredient a part of your crisper draw. Zucchini is a versatile vegetable that can be used in a wide variety of recipes and it can be cut in different ways to meets the requirements of each recipe. Cut it up... -

The Cookbook You Can Eat!

When you pick up a cookbook to try out its recipes, don’t you always wonder what it would be like to have a cookbook that you can actually eat? Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, the German design agency, Korefe, has taken up this ridiculous idea and made it... -

5 Super Healthy Dishes For Kids Fasting For Lent Catholic

  Fasting for Lent Catholic is a time when eating meat is forbidden and the focus is more on praying and following a simpler life through healthy eating and living. Since meat is forbidden in catholic fasting during lent ... -

Rapper Turns Cookbook Writer

Ja Rule, the 37 year old Rapper, has certainly not idled away his time in prison , wallowing in self-pity. On the contrary, he has turned into a master of microwave cooking while trying to make his own meals within the four walls of his prison room.... -

Now, Even Mice Want Gourmet Food!

  Mice are smart, especially when it comes to getting caught in a trap! How many times have you patiently waited with the food on the trap, hoping that the little nuisance would come and get caught? Well, it looks like that mice... -

How To Plan A Valentines Day Party With Vegetarian Party Food

  If you are planning for a Valentines Day party, think a little out of the box this time around. Make it vegetarian. Here are some vegetarian party food ideas to help you with your party plans. The entire world is turning vegetarian, why... -

One Day Menu

Having to cook even for a day, especially when dealing with both a busy home and work life, can be extremely exhausting. Planning the menu for each day makes our jobs easier and helps bring stability in life. Also, making one day menu plans makes it easier to... -

Tarragon Leaf Benefits

Tarragon leaf or dragon’s-wort, as it is commonly known as is a native of the Northern Hemisphere. Hence, it can be found in Europe, Central Asia, India, Northern Mexico, and Western USA. Tarragon leaf is broad and glossy green in color. The herb is... -

Top 10 Recipes That Use White Zucchini

  There are many recipes that use white zucchini to make great dishes. You can make recipes that use white zucchini  to make use of the rich contents of  vitamin C, potassium, fiber, folate, riboflavin and phosphorus. The blog gives you an... -

The Best Italian Christmas Menu

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } The Best Italian Christmas Menu – When it comes to Italian food, I am often reminded of one my favorite American movies set in Tuscany, Italy; Under the Tuscan Sun. Right now, I am thinking about San Lorenzo, the... -

10 Mardi Gras Food’s You Should Avoid

  Sugar coated, deep fried, bacon wrapped, cream filled Mardi Gras food . Do such Mardi Gras food items make a healthy choice? Obviously not but that doesn’t mean that the entire Mardi Gras food choices are unhealthy.... -

Austin Becomes The Top Vegan City In America

“People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals,” or PETA has come up with its list of top 10 vegan cities in America this year. Surprisingly, Austin, Texas has found its place at the very top, beating health-oriented spots like Portland and... -

Care For Some Placenta?

Hey, calling all new moms out there ... care for some placenta ? Wait..did I hear a gasp of surprise, I sure heard mine when I found out about how women are actually eating their own placenta just to ward off that post labor depression! P lacentophagy ... -

What Are The Uses Of Red Wine

  Uses of red wine have remained prominent for over the years. Uses of red wine have been considered even while preparing anti-ageing creams. Most anti-aging creams contain harmful chemicals that can irritate the skin. The main antioxidant,... -

What Main Dishes To Serve At A Pre-wedding Party

Food, particularly the main dishes to serve at a pre-wedding party turn into a nagging thought that keeps recurring especially when you are trying to organize a grand party for your friend. It is no surprise that you want it to be a success and would love to... -

Top Restaurants In Calgary

  If you are a food lover then good restaurants must be the place you always look for in a new city. Here, we are listing the top restaurants in Calgary to make it easy for you when you visit the city. These restaurants are perfect combination of... -

How To Eat Fresh Cheese?

  Are you planning to eat cheese? Then the first thing that you should do is to buy some fresh cheese from the market, and get all the flavors depending on your budget and recipes that you are planning to the make with... -

How To Eat Semi-soft Italian Cheese?

        Are you wondering having right in front of you a block of semi-soft Italian cheese and not knowing what to do with this yummy treat, then do not worry. Go ahead and read this article and you... -

How To Eat Stilton Cheese

  Stilton cheese is not the kind to be loved by everyone who tastes it. It is slightly crumbly in texture, extremely creamy but with a very definite salty, strong, and rich flavor. This is a type of English cheese well... -

How To Eat Goat Cheese ?

    There are countless ways to eat goat cheese . Goat cheese, as the name suggests, is a cheese made from the milk of goat and is highly nutritious and good for health. Goat cheese is characterized by its distinct tart... -

How To Cut Eggplant

  Learning how to cut eggplant would make it easy to use this delicious vegetable in many different recipes . Eggplants can be cut, peeled , sliced, diced etc. The type of recipe can decide, to a large... -

Two Day Menu

Planning three square meals for a family has to be done carefully as well as well in advance so that whether it is a two day menu or a two month menu, we make things convenient. Taking the case of a two day menu, one can think up of options ranging from... -

How To Organize A Meal Train

        One of the best ways to help exhausted parents of a newborn or families coping with illness or death is to organize a series of meal deliveries, also known as a “meal train.” To make meal giving... -

Uses Of Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan cheese is a hard, sharp and dry Italian cheese which is prepared from cow's milk. Parmesan is generally aged for a period of 12 to 16 months. It is made by blending together two different types of cow's milk. The full cream milk which is... -

How To Use A Pampered Chef Stone

If you are planning to buy any baking utensil from Pampered Chef Stone for the coming holiday season, you should learn about – how to use a Pampered Chef Stone . You have to take some extra care for using these Pampered Chef Stone items as they are... -

Top 10 Most Difficult Dishes To Make

Once you know about the top 10 most difficult dishes to make ; you will either not think of making them or will be more careful to handle the total procedure. However, this is a known fact that the dishes which are difficult to cook; are normally fabulous... -

List Of Popular Recipe Sites

Recipes AllRecipes.Com Andy's Italian Recipes Antico Martini's Recipes Antipasti Arielle's Recipe Archives The Artisan Aussom Aussie Bangkok Cooking Beef and... -

How To Eat Spinach - The Underrated Green

You don’t have to eat spinach the way Popeye does! Spinach is a rather underrated green and disliked for its pungent flavor but it is indeed a superfood, low calorie but high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients. It is the greatest of the... -

French School Lunch Ideas

Is your child’s fussiness over lunch leaving out the essential dietary requirements behind? Then worry not for we have assembled a few exciting French school lunch ideas to ensure that your child draws maximum nourishment and taste from his lunch.... -

Jillian Michaels Diet Menu

If you wish to be ‘the biggest loser’, then you have to try out Jillian Michaels diet plan . This weight-reduction diet regime that has been devised keeping in mind the unique metabolic makeup and body type of each person, primarily involves a healthy,... -

How To Use Panko Crumbs In Your Daily Diet

Panko is the Japanese work meaning bread crumbs. Pankos are Japanese versions of our usual bread crumbs and tend to be lighter, crunchier, and crispier and I will guide you on How To Use Panko Crumbs In Your Daily Diet . Pankos are bigger than the... -

10 Best Italian Restaurants Nyc

NYC is currently witnessing a harvest of new restaurants sprouting up everywhere. These restaurants include pizzerias and Italian food outlets. Let us take a look at the some of the best Italian restaurants NYC is home to.       ... -

The Working Woman – Juggling Work And Cooking Delicacies

The increasing number of opportunities has made it possible for women to pursue the career of their choice. Women are turning from stay at home moms to full time career women or even work at home moms. This has however, increased the pressures on a woman  ... -

How To Eat Rosemary?

To know how to eat rosemary , you first need to know what rosemary is. Rosemary is a perennial herb with evergreen needle-like leaves. The fragrant leaves are the main reason for its popularity. The name rosemary is derived from the Latin word rosmarinus... -

History Of Macaroni & Cheese – Comfort Food For All

Macaroni and cheese is one of the most popular foods in today’s world. While making this great dish is no more a secret, looking back at the “ History Of Macaroni&Cheese – Comfort Food For All ” still reveals some interesting facts. Origin... -

How To Choose Funeral Food Gifts

Choosing funeral food gifts is really a critical issue for many of us. You never know, what exactly will give relief to the grief-stricken persons. However, funeral food gifts could be a nice idea, as it can be shared with the family members along with... -

How To Identify Italian Pasta & Macaroni?

The moment we hear about pasta and macaronis, we think of Italy. Yes, pastas and macaronis are the staple food for the Italians. But what is so special about Italian pasta and how to identify Italian pasta and macaroni ? While there are no hard and fast... -

Healthy Dishes To Be Made With Fruits & Vegetables

  Health is a major concern these days with more and more people wanting to eat healthy and stay healthy. In agreement with the current feel of health, let us take a peek at the various healthy dishes to be made with fruits and vegetables .... -

Best Italian Restaurants In Las Vegas

The entertainment capital of the world – Las Vegas, offers multitude of dining options in diverse cuisines. For Italian dining the options are tremendous but I present to you The Best Italian Restaurants In Las Vegas based on the local public polling... -

10 Best Restaurants In New Jersey

Here is list of the top 10 restaurants in New Jersey. It is time for some eating out.    Edwards Steakhouse, Jersey City NJ:  They serve some of the best steaks in NYC. Their chops, seafood and meat is all very popular, and their... -

Top 5 Kosher Soup Ideas For Hanukkah Dinner

Game to discover the top 5 kosher soup ideas for Hanukkah dinner that can spice up your Hanukkah party? If yes, here lie the secret soup ideas exclusively for you, my dear friends…   Top 5 Kosher Soup Ideas for Hanukkah Dinner – Cabbage... -

5 Best Restaurants In Georgetown Washington Dc

Georgetown Washington Dc’s most of the restaurants serve excellent food, great service at affordable prices. Pick any of these 5 Best Restaurants In Georgetown Washington Dc and enjoy! Harmony Café: Harmony Café in neighborhood Georgetown... -

Best Wines For Valentine's Day Dinner

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion which often involves a romantic, intimate dinner with your love. A great wine can make your Valentine's day dinner even more romantic. You can always find a wine to match whatever you’re eating! The range of... -

5 Best Italian Restaurants In Los Angeles

Looking for some Italian restaurants, here is the list of 5 Best Italian Restaurants In Los Angeles. Enjoy! Angelini Osteria: Owned by Gino Angelini, Angelini Osteria offers dazzling dishes like salt-crusted branzino and a Proustian experience... -

How To Use A Dutch Oven

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } You can 'go dutch' and buy a dutch oven or let some one else to buy you a dutch oven. The choice is yours but this post is more like the 'uses of dutch oven' for dummies. If you know everything about... -

How To Get The Most Out Of Aluminum Sheet - The Do's & Don’ts

Aluminum foils have made kitchen life better in many ways. So if you are using this silver colored foil in just a couple of ways, here is how to get the most out of aluminum sheet – the do’s and don’ts .   How to use aluminum foil in... -

What Are The Types Of English Cheeses

In Britain 98% of the population eat cheeses from about 450 types of  English  cheese varieties available . So what are the types of English cheeses and how to use them? While there are a myriad of English cheese varieties , learn about the... -

How To Eat Parmesan Cheese

        Parmesan cheese  is a hard Italian cheese that is prepared from cow’s milk. It is usually aged for 6 to 12 months. Parmesan cheese may be prepared from full cream or skimmed cow’s... -

Selena Gomez Diet Secrets

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }   Here comes the Selena Gomez diet for all her fans! I first noticed Selena Gomez in the movie, Another Cinderella Story. The girl did pull off some serious dance moves very well in that... -

How To Eat Polenta

Polenta  has been popular in European and Italian cuisine but slowly the United States has also come to realize the goodness of polenta and learnt how to eat polenta. Polenta is one dish which is so versatile that it can be boiled,... -

How To Eat Aged Cheese?

  Well, many of them turn their face at all angles to give that awkward look that they hear that today’s recipe will include cheese and much greater angles if I spell out aged cheese . I find that many prefer butter than cheese, as butter... -