Lamb Steak

Lamb steak

Lamb steak is a steak dish made up of lamb meat. Lamb steak is a piece of meat cut from the shoulder or back leg of the lamb.

How to cook lamb steak

Lamb steak is a tender and succulent meat. Unlike, beefsteak, lamb takes less time to cook. Best method to cook lamb steak is to put a little oil on cast iron frying-pan and keep the meat into it. Keep turning the meat to avoid over cooking.

Lamb steak recipes and its nutritional value

Lamb steak is a best meat for grilling, broiling and making stew. Protein and unsaturated fat contents are very high in lamb steak. Some of the European lamb steak recipes are lemon lamb steak, pan-fried lamb steak, lamb steaks Veronique and lamb steaks with garlic rosemary and redcurrant.

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