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Kulfi is a traditional Indian ice-cream prepared with condensed sweetened milk and various flavorings such as kesar pista, malai, rose or fruity flavors like orange, strawberry, chickoo and apple. It takes a longer ... More »
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Indian Kulfi Ice Cream

Learn a classic Indian dessert watching this video- Indian Kulfi Ice Cream. This is a simple recipe and you can make a great dessert by following the instructions closely. Happy Cooking! - 128.6

How To Make Kesar Badam Kulfi - Indian Ice Cream (kulfi)

Learn how to make Indian icecream (kulfi) at home. This popular frozen dessert is perfect for hot summer days and requires only few ingredients. - 114.03

Mango Kulfi - Popsicles

If you're fond of eating Indian ice cream, then this recipe is for you. Chef Bhavna shows how to make this delicious sweet dish and it's so easy that it just takes a few minutes to make. In India it is called Kulfi. It tastes so yummy. So do try out the... - 98.2649


For recipe directions, please refer to the video - 85.2525


For MAWA- 1. Boil 1 cup of full cream milk in small non stick pan, add pinch of bi- carbonate of soda. 2. Stirring constantly, simmer on low till it reduces to 1/4 cup. Keep aside in bowl to cool. Save saucepan. 1. Grind sugar, cardamom, almonds, pistachio in... - 46.8356


MAKING 1 In a pan, boil the milk with crushed cardamoms. 2 Add in the khoya and stir until it becomes a little thick. 3 In a small bowl, blend cornflour with a little water,. 4 Gradually stir into the milk. 5 Remove from the heat. 6 Add in the sugar,... - 41.0827

Quick Easy Badam Kulfi

This is a perfect summertime treat for children. It is high in energy and calories, which are very much needed for the ever-active kids. Milk is a great source of calcium and aids in stronger bones and teeth. Almonds (aka badam) are rich in vitamin E and B... - 40.5585

Kulfi Ilaichi Pista 2

Kulfi Illaichi Pista! You will love the flavor od this yummy frozen dessert. The cardamom flavor makes this delightfully addictive Kulfi Illaichi Pista iressistable! Try it at home..its quiet easy to prepare! - 40.3493

Mango Kulfi

I love this Mango Kulfi recipe.Mango Kulfi is a very popular Indian dessert .It is extensively used during summer . It makes your summer more delightful. You should try this mango kulfi recipe. - 40.308

Kulfi Ilaichi Pista

Open the tin of a milkmaid in a heavy bottomed pan. Dissolve cornflour in 1/4 cup milk. Add the rest of the milk gradually to the milkmaid, stirring continuously. Mix well. Add illaichi. Keep on fire. Boil. Add the cornflour paste to the boiling milk,... - 40.1003

Creamy Nut Kulfi

MAKING 1. In a heavy bottomed sauce pan, combine milk and cardamom. Bring to boil. 2. One boiled, reduce flame and simmer for 60 minutes or till milk has reduced to half, while stirring occasionally. 3. Add sugar and mix well till dissolved. 4. Remove off... - 40.0687

Mango Kulfi

In a saucepan pour the milk then add the custard powder and sugar. Whisk together until no lumps remain then put to the boil on a low heat. Continue to whisk as the mixture warms up making sure that no lumps are present. Bring to the boil and let the mixture... - 39.4591

Mango Kulfi

MAKING 1 In a pan, boil the milk with khoya. 2 Cook, stirring until it becomes a little thick. 3 In a small bowl, blend cornflour with a little water. 4 Gradually blend into the milk mixture and cook until it becomes thick. 5 Add in the mango... - 38.535

Pista Kulfi

MAKING 1)Using an electric blender, grind the pistachios in milk. 2)Take a pan, pour it and add remaining ingredients. Cook for 10 minutes. 3)Turn off heat and cool. Pour it in molds and freeze them. SERVING 4)Serve the kulfi in a plate and sprinkle some... - 37.1272

Kesar Kulfi

Are you looking for simple way to make kesar kulfi ? This recipe is perfect for you. Kulfi is a popular Indian flavoured frozen dessert made with milk .It is generally taken during summer as a dessert. Cook,share and enjoy this kesar kulfi recipe. - 37.0619

Pista Kulfi

Scald milk and reduce to 3/4 quantity. Mix sugar and flour, add a little warm milk and make a smooth paste. Add paste to milk, stir and cook on a low fire till thick. Add crushed pistachio, cook a little while and remove from fire. Cool milk mixture... - 37.0613

Simple Kulfi

In a very heavy-bottomed pot, boil milk down to 2 cups. This may take up to 1 1/2 hours. After the first hour, lightly crush 2 of the cardamom pods and add them to the milk. When the milk has boiled down to 2 cups, turn off heat. Remove and discard cardamom... - 36.1032

Malaidar Kulfi

Mix cornflour in 1/2 cup milk till smooth and add to the remaining milk. Add sugar and cook gently till the mixture is creamy. Cool, and add the cream, blending it well. Add the nuts, saffron and the cardamom powder. Beat with an egg-beater for 2 minutes... - 35.2104

Incomparable Kulfi

Put the milk into the karhai and bring it to simmering point. Stirring almost continuously, which is essential to prevent lumps forming and also to prevent the milk sticking and burning, cook till the milk is reduced by at least 1/2. Keep stirring the skin... - 35.1697


Heat milk gently and cook, stirring constantly till reduced by half. Add sugar and continue simmering, stirring till dissolved. Cook for another 3-5 minutes. Remove from fire, cool and add remaining ingredients. Semi freeze in a freezer. Spoon into kulfi... - 35.0001

Mango Kulfi

Peel and puree mango. Combine all ingredients, mix well, semi freeze in a freezer, spoon into kulfi moulds and freeze overnight. To serve, unmould. - 29.702


1. Whisk the milk and milk powder together, add the cardamom seeds and bring to the boil. Stir in the sugar, then leave until cold. 2. Strain the milk into a rigid freezerproof container, then stir in the almonds and all but 1 tablespoon of the pistachios.... - 29.2286

Kulfi That Makes You A Little Less Guilty

A Kulfi is the quintessential Indian dessert and is usually prepared using full cream milk, condensed milk and plenty of sugar. This is my attempt to try and cut back on the calorie count, while retaining the taste of the final product. - 26.2277

Dahi Kulfi

1. Combine all the ingredients in a liquidizer and blend to a smooth mixture. 2. Pour into plastic lolly moulds and freeze for 6 to 8 hours till they are firm.. 3. Insert wooden ice-cream sticks into the frozen lollies and unmould. . 4. Serve... - 25.7986


Put all the ingredients into a deep, heavy-bottomed (preferably nonstick) pan and blend with a plastic whisk (to avoid scratching the pan). Cook on a medium flame till the milk mixture is thickened and reduced to 75 per cent of its original volume. fill in... - 25.1485

Kesar Pista Kulfi ( Saffron Pistachio Kulfi )

1. Place milk, sugar and condensed milk in a heavy bottomed pan. Place over a medium flame and stir with a wooden spoon till the mixture becomes almost half the original amount. Add the crushed pistachios and remove from heat. Warm the saffron on a tava and... - 21.5068

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