Kosher Parmesan

Kosher Parmesan is Parmesan cheese produced according to the Jewish Dietary Laws called Kashurat using Kosher ingredient. This straw-colored festive cheese is loved by many for its tempting taste which may be the basic salty to one with slight fruity flavors.


Serving Kosher Parmesan Cheese

Kosher Parmesan cheese is one of the most versatile cheeses which can be enjoyed in a number of ways as discussed below:


  • It can be served with aperitifs or as a part of an antipasto


  • Pastas, risotto or salad topped with gratings or shavings of this cheese taste very good than those without.


  • The cheese can be included in pesto or in Alfredo sauce


  • This is ideally paired with red wines like Lambrusco


  • As dessert, chunks of Kosher Parmesan  served with balsamic vinegar makes a tremendous festive food


  • This delightfully tasty cheese can be enjoyed as a snack with a number of condiments like tomato sauce, parsley sauce, fruit chutney, tapenade or pesto. The cheese also pairs up well with a number of fruits   and nuts like pear, kiwi, figs, walnuts, apples and peaches.


Commercial Providers of Kosher Parmesan

A number of producers from Italy produce Parmesan cheese but authentic Kosher Parmesan is produced by only a few. The one produced by third generation cheesemaker, Fanticini of Parmigiano Reggiano region of France, is considered to be authentic as the family is a certified producer of Kosher Parmesan.

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