Korean Rice Cake Recipes

Korean Rice Cake is a festive food preparation native to Korea. Rice flour is used as the main ingredient in preparing Korean Rice Cake. The rice flour is kneaded into a dough and is filled with various types of ... More »
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Korean Mugwort Soup And Mugwort Rice Cake

Maangchi is making two springtime recipes using mugwort. She makes the mugwort soup deliciously with clams, anchovies and many spices. And the mugwort rice cake she makes is super easy to prepare. Mugwort is a herb and its flavor in soup and cake is sure to... - 143.734

Korean Food: Oyster Rice Cake Soup (굴 떡국)

The rice cake soup called “tteokguk” in Korean is not only an all time favorite Korean stew but is the traditional soup eaten on the Korean New Year’s day. There are many different versions of this delicious thick glutinous soup with different kinds of... - 126.607

Korean Sweet Rice Cake With Red Bean Paste

MAKING 1. In a bowl combine sweet rice flour, sugar and salt, stir everything. 2. Gradually add the water and stir until all ingredients are blended well. 3. Cover with plastic wrap, cook in microwave for 3 minutes. 4. Remove the plastic wrap and check if the... - 125.844

Easy Recipes : Tteokbokki (spicy Korean Rice Cake Recipe) : Korean Food : Asian At Home

GETTING READY 1. In a bowl, soak the rice cakes. 2. Using a sharp knife, cut the red cabbage in thin strips. 3. Cut the green onions, diagonally in thin slices. 4. Cut the fish cakes, diagonally in half and set aside. 5. Finely chop the garlic. MAKING For... - 118.182

Vegetarian Rice Cake Soup

In this video I'm going to show you how to make Korean Rice Cake Soup - Vegetarian version! YAY! 10th FEB 2013 was Lunar New Year (Chinese new year) and Korea also celebrate! Normally Korean rice cake soup made with beef bone broth(sagol), beef... - 116.209

Rice Cake And Dumpling Soup

If you are fond of Korean dishes, here is an interesting recipe for you. Rice cake and dumpling soup makes a heavenly meal and can be made easily in a less time. So why not try it??? - 114.111

Rice Cake For Chuseok (songpyeon)

How about some sweet dish or dessert from Korean cuisine? Maangchi is making a festive dish, Songpyeon or sweet balls with two types of filling, one with sesame seed powder and another with mung bean. Pine needles is a very interesting ingredient used to... - 111.034

How To Make Korean Rice Cake Soup

A simple but hearty and comforting soup with chewy rice cakes and special garnishes. - 107.74

Korean Food: Sticky Rice Cakes With Cake Crumbs (경단)

Sweet sticky rice cakes are a must-have for the Lunar New Year in Korea. Watch this video to learn how to turn the traditional Korean dessert into a modernized sticky rice cake. These chewy, sticky rice cakes are bejeweled with walnuts and coated with cake... - 105.909

Korean Spicy Rice Cake

If you love spicy treat, you can't really get over this street food delight easily. Anna Kims shows us how to prepare spicy rice cakes at the close confines of your kitchen, easily. Now you don't really have to fly to Korea to savor its spicy street food.... - 103.158

Holiday Party Korean Appetizers - Mungbean Dip, Rice Cake And Pork Bossam Wrap

Looking for some unique appetizers for your holiday party? Go Korean this year! If your guests are as adventurous as you are, and like to try new cuisines, watch this video and learn three fantastic and very unique Korean appetizers fit for your holiday... - 100.343

Traditional Rice Cake Soup

Whether you are looking for a healthy snack or something to kick start your feast, rice cake soup will make for a viable choice. Anna Kim shows you how you can whomp up this traditional Korean Lunar New Year soup that comprises of pillow-soft rice cakes and... - 95.0537

Japanese Style Mochi Sweet Rice Cake

Add an oriental kick to your dessert with this luscious Japanese cake. The glutinous mochi sweet rice cake often comes stuffed with sweet, flavorful filling. Try replicating this dish at home as prepared by Anna Kim and we bet you will be stuck to this... - 92.2675

How To Make Traditional Korean Rice Cake (gyung Dan)

There are many different kinds of rice cake, but I'm going to introduce gyung dan to you. On special occasions, the first thing my mom and grandmother did was to prepare rice cake, so this is what I'm going to show you. - 89.1395

Korean Rice Cake Soup

For direction, please watch the video. - 77.8539

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