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Pork Jja Jang Myun

This korean noodle dish is perfect for the wintry months. It's a comfort food that will warm you up. The thick, dark and rich gravy that coats the noodles, pork and vegetables is not very pretty but who said that for something to taste good it should look... - 120.927

Korean jang Ban Guk Su

Do you have a favorite cold noodle dish for hot summer days? If not try this one! James shows how to make a Korean spicy noodle salad, with lots thinly sliced raw vegetables and a hard cooked egg dressed with a sweet and spicy sauce made with red chili paste,... - 115.995

Korean Kimchi Bibim Guksu

Summer is the time for cool, nutritious and light dishes that need little or no cooking. This kimchi bibim guksu recipe is Korean cold noodle salad with spicy kimchi. Thought noodle salads are an anytime favorite, this cold one is great for lunch on a hot day... - 113.684

Korean Dak Dori Tang

Add another gourmet style recipe to your repertoire of Asian dishes with this Korean Dak Dori Tang. This sweet and spicy Korean chicken stew is easy to make and it is a great dish to prepare when you have a lot of people to feed. Watch this video and you will... - 101.651


Do you have a favorite noodle dish for hot summer days? If not try this one! Cathlyn invites Merl Kellog, Sunrider International distributer, to join her in her kitchen which she shows you how to make a very quick, easy and traditional Korean stir-fried dish... - 95.5202

Pasta With Korean Kkaenip (perilla) Pesto

A former ESL teacher from Chuncheon, South Korea, demonstrates a Korean-American pesto, made from kkaenip, rather than basil. - 94.1575

Chap Jae (jap Chae)

This is one of my favourite dishes and it is very healthy! The noodles are yam noodles and do not contain wheat or flour. Jap Chae is a fabulous Healthy Choices meal. - 49.5875

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