Korean Dumpling Soup Recipes

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Korean Food: Sujebi Dumpling Soup

"Sujebi", a rustic "poor mans" dish. Tender hand torn dumplings swimming in a comforting broth with lots of fresh veggies. - 115.617

Rice Cake And Dumpling Soup

If you are fond of Korean dishes, here is an interesting recipe for you. Rice cake and dumpling soup makes a heavenly meal and can be made easily in a less time. So why not try it??? - 114.111

Korean Food: Fried Dumplings & Dumpling Soup (만두 튀김 & 만두국)

Dumplings are so versatile and can be prepared in so many ways. Watch this video to learn how to cook dumplings in two different ways. The chef makes fried Kimchi stuffed dumplings and serves is with two dipping sauces. She then boils the other dumplings and... - 104.331

Korean Dumpling Soup

Cook fresh bean sprouts in boiling water 3 minutes; drain and chop. Cook cabbage in boiling water 5 minutes drain, chop. Drain bean cake. Heat salad oil in a frying pan, then brown meat quickly with 1 of the chopped green onions; add soy sauce and simmer 2... - 40.6362

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Korean Food: Kimchi Dumpling (김치 만두)

Kimchi Dumpling (김치 만두)is one kind of Korean dumplings. Depending on what kind of ingredients you use for the main ingredients such as beef, garlic chives, kimchi, you can make various kinds of Korean dumplings. If you are a vegetarian, use tofu... - 98.2453

Making Mandu (korean Dumplings)

How to make Korean mandu (dumplings) and mandu guk (dumpling soup). - 86.9224

Chinese Soup Dumplings

Join me and the Aimless Cook (aka MrJingJong) as we make these ultra delectable Chinese soup dumplings! - 126.844


First make the dumpling dough. Put the flour into a mixing bowl and make a well in the centre. Gradually pour in the water, beating with a wooden spoon until the mixture forms a smooth dough. Turn the dough out on to a lightly floured board and knead for 5... - 41.7468