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Modern Kitchen Gadgets

Smart new gadgets for the kitchen make cooking fun. From a unique garlic peeler to a garlic press, Prepare makes cooking easy. Peel tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables with the Prepare Tri-Blade Peeler or crush 6 garlic cloves with the Prepare... - 131.286

Hot Soups - Blendtec Vs. Vitamix - The Blender Babe Reviews

The Blender babes show you how the Blendtec and Vitamix blenders compare in heating up soup. Both blenders are able to cook soup with the friction of the blade, but which blender can do it faster. In this video our blender babes are going to show you how the... - 128.566

Juicing Whole Foods - Blendtec Vs Vitamix - The Blender Babe Reviews

Learn how to make juices with a Vitamix or Blendtec commercial blender using whole foods. While they are not traditional juice EXTRACTORS, meaning they do not squeeze/extract only the juice from the fruit or plant, they make a "wholefood juice" by pulverizing... - 128.557

Mixing Batter And Bread Dough - Blendtec Vs Vitamix - The Blender Babe Reviews

Learn how to make banana bread in a Vitamix and Blendtec blender. Watch as our lovely Blender Babes review and compare the two commercial blenders as mixers; in this video our 2 beautiful Blender Babes make us a delicious Banana Bread. You get to see the... - 127.918

The Basic Kitchen Essentials

A 3-door refrigerator, a fancy mixer, a microwave – these are, unarguably, quite important part of modern day kitchens. However, there are certain equipments which make up the essential tools. If you are stepping into the kitchen for the very first time,... - 127.46

Getting The Fridge And Pantry Basics Right

Having the right things at the right place at the right time simplifies your life. The rule remains the same with the ingredients of your refrigerator and pantry. There is no thumb rule, but watch this video as Adam takes you on a virtual tour of his fridge!... - 127.356

Dry Chopping - Blendtec Vs Vitamix - The Blender Babe Reviews

Learn how to chop onions with a Blendtec and Vitamix blender. Both the Vitamix and Blendtec blenders are considered to be food processors. With their powerful sharp and dull blade designs they are able to dry chop vegetables, fruits, meats and much more. In... - 127.225

Kitchen Equipments That Make Life Simpler

The kitchen equipments of modern day have definitely made lives simpler an easier. This video talks about some such equipments that you can rely upon everyday to enjoy an even simpler life. Learn from Adam hat he likes and try them in your kitchen! - 126.965

What Equipments Required For Baby Food

Video talks about the various simple equipments, which can be made use to smash up, and make baby food recipes. You do not need much of heavy equipments, but a smasher will do the proceed for you easily. - 126.824

Milk Substitutes - Blendtec Vs. Vitamix - The Blender Babe Reviews

Learn how to make fresh Almond milk using a Vitamix or Blendtec blender. The Blender Babes compare how to make Nut milk and other milk substitutes using a Vitamix or Blendtec. Milk substitutes are difficult to do in most blenders. These two high powered... - 126.762

Wet Chopping - Blendtec Vs. Vitamix - The Blender Babe Reviews

Learn how to use your Vitamix or Blendtec blender as a food processor. In this video the blender babes show you how to wet chop ingredients using the Vitamix and Blendtec blenders. Both blenders can be used as food processors and are able to dry chop, wet... - 126.233

Grinding Or Milling Grains - Blendtec Vs. Vitamix - The Blender Babe Reviews

The Blender Babes show you how to grind pop corn into corn meal using a Vitamix and Blendtec blender. In this video we get to see the Vitamix dry goods jar go up against the Vitamix regular jar which also goes up against the Blendtec standard jar. We compare... - 125.668

Ice Cream - Blendtec Vs. Vitamix - The Blender Babe Reviews

Learn how to make fresh Ice Cream in your Blendtec or Vitamix blender. The Blendtec and Vitamix are high powered blenders that are able to replace 8 or more appliances in your kitchen. In this video our Blender Babes compare the two amazing blenders and show... - 125.549

Radish Flowers

High Quality Carving Tools, Melon Scoops are in stock. Chef Tools and Knife reviews. Chef tested knives are rated for you. Our USA made chopping blocks are sweet to chop on, these are all in stock. - 120.049


The Pampered Chef's latest kitchen technology is here, and versatility is its middle name. This one-pot wonder goes straight from the stovetop to the oven, broiler, microwave and even the grill. Consider your cooking revolutionized. - 120.049

Heart Shape Scoop

High Quality Heart Scoops and Melon Scoops are in stock. Chef Tools and Knife reviews. Global knives are rated at the top. Our USA made chopping blocks are sweet to chop on, these are all in stock. - 119.828

Knife Sharpeners

Ceramic knife reviews and sharpeners. Kyocera ceramics are rated #1, these stay sharp longer than most knives. USA made Chef blocks and chopping boards. Knife sharpeners and more. - 119.219

Bagel Slicer

This video will show you how to slice the bagel easily with a slicer. Check out now. - 118.314

Custom Pepper Mill

Baseball and other Pepper mill reviews, 1000 pepper grinders in stock, fresh peppercorns, in stock, free shipping. - 117.682

Cooking And Mixology With Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen freezes at -340 degrees and is like frying things in reverse. In this video, Clint and his chef friend demonstrates how the liquid nitrogen is used to convert cocktails into delicious sorbets. Watch on to know more about this amazing new... - 116.98

All About Stainless Steel Rice Cooker & Steamer Basket

Do you want to know all about stainless steel rice cooker & steamer basket? The rice cooker has health advantages over aluminum and non-stick coated surfaces which pose health problems. If you are interested to know more about the kitchen equipment, get the... - 116.458

Blendtec Total Blender : A Better View

2 total blendtec total blenders are compared, and the latest model seems to work better. Vitamix blender is also compared with total blender. Take a look at some of the facts which support the result. - 116.133

Welcome To My Youtube Channel

Welcome to the YouTube channel for a1angiem. To introduce you to my content, here is a quick video with my top 5 must haves for the kitchen. These 5 tools will give you a good start when baking or cooking. - 115.642

Collapsible Cooler

Our durable new cooler holds 32 cans or 16 12-oz. bottles. Zip closure and leakproof lining let you keep beverages chilled with ice. Includes a bottle opener. Collapses for easy storage. - 115.382

New Batter Bowls

We get it — you love 'em. And we do, too. That's why we've redesigned our classic Batter Bowls to make them even more functional. Think improved mixing, an easier-to-pour spout and compact storage. - 115.155

Bamboo Adjustable Drawer Dividers

These spring-loaded drawer dividers will help organize that messy junk drawer into two or three separate sections. And, installation is easy — no tools required. - 114.865

Oiling Cutting Board

Our Hardwood cutting boards and oils are NSF certified. The right choice for professionals. - 113.134

Norwalk Juicer : Best Juicer

Malt demonstrates the quick reasons for which makes the Norwalk juicer the best available juicer. The assumptions holds the truth that, it provides loads of churned in fibers, and nutrients to provide you with best nutrition. It opens the cells of vegetables,... - 112.962

Gifts For Cooks: Jordan Winery Chef's Best Kitchen Gadgets

Jordan Executive Chef Todd Knoll recommends gifts for cooks -- the best kitchen gadgets and affordable kitchen tools for home cooks, chefs and foodies. The Prepara Roasting Laurel promotes air circulation for even roasting and is heat resistant to 500... - 112.397

How To Hamburger

Burger Press, Grinders, Sausage Making Tools. Knife Sets.Great knives, razor sharp, in stock, made in Seki City, Japan & Germany. Our USA made chopping blocks are a pleasure to chop on. - 111.809

Cedar Plank 101

Try this age old cooking technique using planks made from cedar and taste the rich flavors that emanate from it while cooking. A slow and long process but a definitely good cooking technique. Watch this video and see how home Cook Brian Reeve, prepares his... - 111.596

Huron Juicer Wheatgrass Test

Malt is about to find out whether huron juicer does efficient wheatgrass juicing. He also finds out the work function of huron juicer to make banana ice cream recipes. - 111.281

Global Shears

Some of the best kitchen shears and knives. Razor sharp amazing shears & knives, made in Japan. Chopping blocks, made in USA. Enhance your kitchen with these quality tools. - 111.232

Hand Blenders Testing Part 1

How to use hand blenders of different types. Here comes stick, and motion blenders. The usage of blenders can be multipurpose, these blenders ought to be used delicately. - 111.188

Treatment Oil For Butcher Block

Our Hardwood cutting boards and oils are NSF certified. The right choice for professionals. - 110.111


Improve your oven with our bread stones. Great crispy bread and pizza with style. - 110.067

My Fullyraw Kitchen Essentials

The FullyRaw Kitchen Essentials! Is your kitchen ready for the 21-day challenge? - 109.948

Raw Food Kitchen Essentials

Planning to be a raw foodie??? If yes, watch this video to know about some kitchen essentials which you might need often. Mason jars, juicers, strainers, blenders; Kristina shows you all. Just have a look at this video and follow your raw food diet easily... - 107.642

Best Manual Grain Mill: Wondermill Junior Deluxe

Milling grain at home, by hand, does not have to be a cumbersome task. Watch the video to know of a manual grain mill that is easy to use and does not require you to slave and sweat in the kitchen for hours. This easy to use mill will ensure that you have... - 107.093

Cut Gloves

Special cutting gloves for butchering purpose is shown in the video. Gloves should be used for protection, and preventing oneself from any sort of infection. - 106.99

Cajun Injector

Inject your favorite flavors, brine, herbs, butter, sauces or marinades in turkey, beef, pork, chicken, strawberries for added flavor, juicy products. Injecting is easy & quick, results increased flavor & juiciness. Ergo designed handle. Simply insert... - 106.494

Best Bbq Tongs

Tongs are an amazing tool to use especially when you are trying to move around hot stuff or are in need of pulling out something which you cant use any other tool for. There are various types of tongs, the known ones exist in most of our homes, the new modern... - 106.483

Best Cutting Board

If you prefer plastic cutting board over the wooden ones, then this is going to be the best choice for you. These plastic cutting boards are NSF certified color coded, durable and dish washer safe, flat cutting boards. These good quality boards wont damage... - 106.451

Heart Scoop

Heart Scoops and Melon Scoops are in stock. Chef Tools and Knife reviews. Our USA made chopping blocks are sweet to chop on, these are all in stock. - 105.692

Circulon - See What's New

Sneak Peek from the International Home and Housewares Show - we're coming to you live and getting a personalized tour of the latest kitchen products. - 105.47

Checking The Purity Of Kinetico Water

This video of Checking the Purity of Kinetico Water shows some important visuals to help us know the difference between tap water and purified water. Make sure you and your family is drinking clean water. This video will also tell you how this machine works. - 104.799

Insulated Tumbler : A Demo

These are the perfect insulated tumblers. They are of perfect size and is totally sweat proof. You can use these insulated tumblers for ice-cold drinks or piping hot beverages. They also have a double-wall construction with a stylish pattern. Take a look at... - 104.755

Micro Steamer : A Demo

Now no more waiting for a big pot of water to boil. MicroSteamer uses a fraction of the water, cooks in a fraction of the time and saves energy. It even cooks evenly without sticking and won’t boil over. Check out the video for demonstration. - 104.706

Huron Juicer Vs Green Star Juicer

Malt and Monarch are on venture of bringing out the facts about which juicer works efficiently, huron juicer, or green star juicer. They juice out some veggies, and fruits to clear the doubt. - 104.355

Food Rings

These great stainless steel food rings and Garde Manger supplies are in stock. Chef Tools and Knife reviews. Our USA made chopping blocks are sweet to chop on, these are all in stock. - 104.288

My Top 10 Favorite Kitchen Items For A Raw Diet

It can be confusing when you start a raw diet and you might feel like you need to buy every raw kitchen gadget out there. These are some of the items in my kitchen that I use the most and love :) - 104.171

Life History Of Phil Costner - Part 4

In this multi-episode video, we get a sneak peek into the life and dreams of the dynamic chef and leader Phil Costner. If you are interested to know more about Costner’s life history, get hooked up with the video! - 104.005

How To Select Cutting Board

Video will help you select te right cutting board. Our Hardwood cutting boards and oils are USA made and NSF certified. The right choice for professional Cooks and Chefs. In stock, ships fast. Solid counter tops and islands too. - 103.956

Tips To Choose The Right Whisk For Your Recipe

Whisk is the most essential equipment for your kitchen. It helps in blending the ingredients smoothly. Follow these simple tips to choose the right whisk for your recipe. - 103.788

Sausage Maker

Want to make "Great Sausage" ? Order the Stuffers, Grinders and Sausage Making Tools. Great knives, razor sharp, in stock, made in Seki City, Japan & Germany. - 103.741

Going Green & Back To Basics - Manual (hand Cranked) Grain Mill

Milling grain at home ensure that you have fresh grain at all times. Most of us prefer electric grain millers but once in a while, it is good to go green and use a hand cracked milling machine. The task may be more cumbersome when done without electricity,... - 103.683

Spring 2013 Products: Bean Slicer

Our Test Kitchen experts demonstrate tips and tricks for using the new Bean Slicer. - 103.64

How To Make Fruit Look Pretty

Inspirational video helps you make fruit look great. Chefs Tools, free shipping.Quality Garnishing Carving Tools in stock. Pro Chef Knife reviews. Chef tested knives are rated for you. - 103.638

How To Make Homemade Solar Oven Cooker

Do you want to know how to make a solar oven cooker at home? If you are interested to know more about the homemade solar oven cooker, get pitched up with the video. - 103.626

An Overview Of Hotpot Solar Cooker

Are you looking to buy solar cooker? Solar cooker is the most essential equipment of kitchen. Check out the video right now. - 103.387

Hush Puppy Dispenser

The fastest and easiest way to make hush puppies. Some call it a hush puppy tool, hush puppy machine, hush puppy dropper, hush puppy maker, batter dispenser, hushpuppy tool. - 103.188

Taylor Infrared Laser Thermometer

Laser Thermometers;BBQ Tools. Great grilling tools for your patio and backyard BBQ. Our tools are used by professional Chefs around the world. Chef tested Laser Thermometers: - 102.851

Swiss Diamond Pans

Chef demo saute vegetables in Swiss Diamond pan. Up to 200,000 diamonds on each pan ! - 102.726

Best Kitchen Tools & Gadgets

In this video, Joy Houston gives us a detailed overview on what are the basic kitchen tools and gadgets required in any household. She also lists out reviews on which item can be used for what purpose and how effective they are for certain recipes. - 102.55


How to select the correct sharpening steel and Butchers steel reviews. - 102.293

Cuisinart Burr Coffee Mill

Here are the features of the model I want: Supreme grind auto burr mill can select between 8 different grind positions, from ultra-fine to extra coarse Uses wheel type burr plates, which provide much better grind consistency Slide dial allows you to select... - 101.86

Can Opener

If you are interested in buying a good can opener, here is the review of E-series can opener from Tupperware. These can openers are sleek, ergonomically design and no sharp parts! Moreover it is easy to clean. Check out the video for more detail. - 100.746

The Kitchen Hacker - Coffee Press Basics

When you are traveling, its easier to buy yourself a cup of coffee but it could get expensive. So carrying a coffee maker is always cost effective. While you can take any coffee maker on a road journey, a French press is something that can give you that extra... - 100.258

Fish Poacher

Poaching fish in a pan or baking dish can be difficult. But, if you poach fish very often, Chef Victoria from Bitesizecooking advises on investing in a fish poacher. In this short video, she tells every important information on this equipment, how it helps... - 99.8556

Tips To Buy Pots And Pans Set

Want to buy pots and pans set? Watch this video and learn some easy steps to buy a perfect pot and pan set within your budget. - 99.7477

Bread Bins By Brabantia

Brabantia kitchen bins are not only stylish but practical as well. These products are manufactured from the best quality materials and coated with beautiful and attractive hard-wearing finishes. With the sensor kitchen bin from Brabantia you do not need to... - 99.3828

About Yoghurt Maker

In this video, I answer a question from Roni about whether or not a yogurt maker would be useful for almond milk and other yogurts. - 99.3427

Fast, Easy Cooking In A Rice Cooker

Rice cooker is like a portable kitchen, so make easy meals with less mess to clean up and get out of the kitchen quicker! - 99.2061

Vegetable Carving

Garnishing Tools for Chefs. Great knives belong in your kitchen. - 98.9752

About House And Water Filter Systems - Part 6

Renowned doctor of osteopathy Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Houston, a water filtration expert, about whole house and shower water filter systems. (Part 6 of 6) - 98.959

Chicago Cutlery Reviews

Make your Chicago Cutlery knives sharper in only seconds. Amazing knives, whetstones, strops, made in USA. - 98.7434

Cutting Board Reviews

Our Hardwood cutting boards and oils are USA made and NSF certified. The right choice for professionals. - 98.7163

Shake Demo

Are you looking for a good shake? Try this Tupperware quick shake. This will easily blend and mix in style. It is easy to maintain and clean. It's embossed scale helps in accurate measurement of ingredients. If you want to know more about the usage idea,... - 97.4385

Mandolin Skills

Learn some professional skills of slicing, cutting, and dicing the wedges, and make it your own professional entry. Worth watching video for lovely homemade snacks is here to go. - 97.3989

Thai Granite ( Stone ) Mortar And Pestle

Mortar and Pestle is a great kitchen tool to have in the kitchen. Easy to use and easy to clean. This solid, hand-carved Thai granite mortar and pestle is hefty and rock hard, its matte surface creates friction for grinding but is also smooth enough to wipe... - 97.0728

Gas Stove Blow Torch

A quick trick to turn the trusted gas stove into a blow torch if you do not own one already. Extremely dangerous technique and the mustang chef does warn any kid from trying it. Never the less a novel technique to get some perfectly charred red peppers... - 96.9737

Tupperware Chip N Dip : A Demo

This Tupperware is an unique Chip Bowl, which provides easy access to dips and salsa. This large-capacity serving set has a stylish, innovative bowl that can hold lots of chips or a crowd-pleasing salad. Check out the video for more detail demonstration. - 96.5739

New Spring Products

With 46 new products comes a multitude of ways to make mealtime even better. From on-trend tea products to the newest breakfast staple, it's time to welcome the brand-new, "something for everyone" product line-up. Your spring 2013 all-stars are here! - 96.5551

Culinary Design Project: Building An Outdoor Wood Fired Oven (the Journey Blog 6.22.10)

Our latest design project: building a Mugnaini outdoor wood fired oven for the Jordan Winery chef. How to process highlights include: drawing a sketch, building the base and structure, selecting materials and preserving old-world craftsmanship. - 95.9672

Stainless Steel Bowls

Stainless Steel Bowls, Razor sharp Global knives, perfectly balanced functional art, ours are authentic GLOBAL knives, all made in Japan. Chopping blocks, made in USA ans Steel bowls made in India. Enhance your kitchen with these quality tools. - 95.8487

Buying A Toaster

Toasters are one of the most common and practical small appliances. If you're in the market for a new toaster here's a few things to consider. - 95.6403

How To Turn A Smoothie Maker Into Food Processor

In this section, you will be introduced to a smoothie maker, which can even act as food processor. It is effortless and simple to use, with just some tricks being applied. - 95.4491

Butcher Block

Butcher block islands and wooden counter tops are all made in USA. We can help you design your dream kitchen. Add function and style with beautiful butcher block islands and wood counter tops. - 95.4076

Top 5 Advanced Kitchen Tools

No kitchen is complete without these simple but essential kitchen tools. These tools not make your kitchen worth but also make work easy. Derek Allen will help to enlist them. - 95.0024

How To Make Homemade Pizza

How to make really good homemade pizza. Making pizza has never been so easy. Follow the Step by Step demo from the Chefs. - 94.8306

Clover Coffee Machine

This coffee machine is a wonderful way of making cappuccinos, espresso, and many other coffee drinks. Now you can have the world class café experience in the comforts of your home. - 94.7469

About Woks

The earliest woks weren't woks at all, but cast-iron pans with sloping sides great for tossing and stirring food easily. - 94.6948

Kerf French Presses

French Press is a simple coffee brewing device and by using this you can make your daily chores of making coffee much easier. But most of us don’t know how to use it properly for a classic coffee. Watch this video and become a master in making coffee and... - 93.4609

Copy Of Breadtopia Reviews Grain Mills - Part 1

A Breadtopia review of some of the more popular grain mills. - 93.435

Three Essential Kitchen Gadgets

By popular demand, here is a quick 2-minute video highlighting a few essential kitchen gadgets that you should have on hand. Look for more videos like this in the near future, and let me know if there is anything specific you’d like me to feature. - 93.323

Kitchen Equipment & Getting Started On A Raw Food Diet

Getting started on a raw food diet can be daunting, especially when you look through raw food recipe books that list 10+ ingredients for just one dish and you have to use all sorts of equipment you have never heard of or seen before! Trust me, I’ve been... - 92.4341

Salad Spinners

Wet salad leaves mean undressed salads because the dressing slides off the leaves and into the bottom of the bowl. Unless you wash and dry the leaves, you might as well not use a dressing. One of the best kitchen inventions is the salad spinner. Here's the... - 92.101

Mortar And Pestle

A mortar and pestle is a piece of kitchen equipment which can be easily touted the mother of the modern food processor. It is definitely a nifty and inexpensive tool which helps to pound ingredients to a fine consistency and is a great thing to have around... - 91.5316

Tips To Buy A Blender

Do you know, what all functions do you need to check for when buying a kitchen blender? A quintessential kitchen gadget, a blender should be your secret sous chef. Watch the video for tips and updates on kitchen blenders. - 90.6917

Norcold Rv Refrigerator Factory Tour

Ever wondered how an RV refrigerator works? Take a tour of the Norcold RV Fridge Factory in Sidney, Ohio. Norcold is the only American RV refrigerator manufacturer in America. Watch the step by step process to assembling the RV fridge. Also, know about the... - 90.2594