Kielbasa Appetizer Recipes

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Slow Cooker Bourbon Glazed Kielbasa - Super Bowl

Lynn demonstrates an easy make ahead appetizer that would be great for the Super Bowl, Slow Cooker Bourbon Glazed Kielbasa. - 101.828

Kielbasa Kabobs

This is as easy as it gets on the grill Kabobs. - 80.2361

Split Pea Soup With Kielbasa

Split Pea Soup With Kielbasa are simply delicious. This is my husband's favorite soup and so I serve it often on weekends when he is home!. They are just too yummy. Try this Split Pea Soup With Kielbasa recipe for yourself! - 48.7732

Kielbasa And Chicken Gumbo

Cook bacon in large Dutch oven over medium-high heat until crisp. Remove bacon; drain and crumble on paper towel. Set aside. Cook and stir kielbasa and chicken in drippings over medium heat until chicken is lightly browned. Remove kielbasa and chicken; set... - 45.6892

Kielbasa Kabobs

Soak 6 (10-inch) wooden skewers in water for at least 30 minutes. Blend steak sauce, mustard, molasses, vinegar, oil, garlic and cornstarch in small saucepan. Cook and stir over medium heat until sauce thickens and begins to boil; cool. Alternately thread... - 33.4237

Kielbasa Soup

MAKING 1. In large slow cooker combine all ingredients except parsley and cook with cover on Low for 12 hours. SERVING 2. To serve, garnish individual servings with fresh parsley. - 32.3682

Kielbasa And Kraut

1. Mix sauerkraut with basil and celery seeds in a 6-cup baking dish.' 2. Remove skin from the sausage and make several deep cuts, 1 inch apart, in the meat; push it down into sauerkraut mixture to cover it halfway. 3. Dissolve brown sugar in hot water in a... - 28.7084