Kahlua (also commonly referred to as Kahlua cocoktail) is a very popular Mexican liqueur flavored with coffee, which is dark in color with rich and smooth texture and tasting sweet. Vodka is another important ingredient that goes into making Kahlua, so are sweeteners, corn syrup, vanilla bean etc. The liqueur is available in different varieties, especially those varying in the alcohol content and sweetness. Kahlua is an extremely versatile liqueur that can be blended in a variety of ways and hence is used in mixing cocktails, in flavoring desserts, ice creams, cakes and even sometimes as dessert toppings!

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Hurray! It Is National Kahlua Day

Hurray! It Is National Kahlua Day On : 27-Feb-2013 By : seasonal_foodie

Kahlua is a rich, creamy liqueur made from coffee and rum in Mexico. It is enjoyed straight up, on the rocks or is put into cocktails or coffee. In fact, people even use it to flavor ice creams and other desserts like cheesecakes. Besides coffee and rum,...

Types Of Drinks Made With French Vanilla Kahlua

Types Of Drinks Made With French Vanilla Kahlua On : 02-Nov-2010 By : eatyaty

  Kahlua is a Mexican coffee-flavored liqueur, which is prepared using sugar, vanilla bean, and corn syrup. Initially, it was offered only in coffee flavor, but today you can enjoy the drink in a variety of flavors like French vanilla,...

Tia Maria

Tia Maria On : 17-Oct-2007 By : alokskumar

Tia Maria   A rum based , coffee-flavored Jamaican liqueur made from blue mountain coffee. It’s drier and lighter than kahlua.                             ...

10 Best Hot Drinks To Have During Holidays

10 Best Hot Drinks To Have During Holidays On : 25-Nov-2010 By : chockyfoodie

Here are 10 best hot drinks to have during holidays. These drinks keep you warm and boost your energy levels.   Hot Cherry Chocolate Beverage This is a perfect indulgence during holidays. Irish are very fond of...

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