K Cup Coffee


K Cups coffee refers to the coffee prepared in K Cups machines which can quickly brew single servings of coffee, and also tea and chocolate.  The K Cups machines are available in domestic and commercial models, and are often integrated with the water supplies of buildings having offices, etc. Advanced versions of the machines automatically remove the K Cups after preparation of the coffee. Different brands of K Cups are available in the market to suit various machines, and Kona coffee seeds are often used in a popular K Cups brand.


History of K-Cups Coffee

K Cups machine is manufactured by Keurig company of Reading in Massachusetts, which was founded in 1992. It became a part of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters in 2006. It claims to have a very large presence in North America. These machines come in different versions including those for home or small-office use and others used for commercial purposes.


K Cups Coffee Preparation Overview

A K Cup contains grounded coffee inside a coffee filter, and is sealed with a foil. To prepare the coffee, the machine is first warmed, then a K Cup is inserted in it, and a cup is placed at the spout. The coffee is ready in a time period between 20 to 60 seconds. A person can also collect hot water from the machine for instant soup or noodles, simply by omitting the K Cup in the above process.


K Cups Coffee with Kona Coffee Seeds

Kona seeds or Kona coffee beans are cultivated in the northern and southern Kona districts of the Hawaii Islands, and are known to be one of the most rare and hence expensive coffee beans of the world. They are hence often not packaged on their own but blended with other varieties like Brazilian or Columbian coffee, and such coffee often contains just 10% of Kona beans. Timothy's World Coffee company prepared K-Cups with Kona coffee blend, which is a much sought-after K-Cups coffee. It sells 24 K-Cups of Kona coffee, with two packages in a case, for Keurig K-Cups machines. The taste of Kona coffee is extremely refreshing, with tones of fruits and chocolate.


Serving and Drinking K Cups Coffee Drink

The K- Cup coffee is served hot, in the cup or mug in which it is collected from the machine.


K-Cups Coffee and Kona Coffee Seeds Trivia

  • A beetle called 'coffee berry borer' is a major threat to Kona cultivators, as it has the potential to reduce Kona yield by as high as 90%.
  • Several Kona farms in the Hawaii have become attractions for tourists in the recent times, and some roadside gift shops selling the coffee beans run on special permits here.
  • The Keurig company also offers an environment friendly version of the K Cups Coffee called 'My K-Cups', which contains a re-usable filter that can be used by the barista to brew their own fresh ground coffee.



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