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Secret Formula Of Smoothie Making

Smoothies are a great way of ensuring your daily dose of vitamins and antioxidants. They taste yummy, are filling and can be downed in a jiffy especially when you have to rush to work. However, buying the commercial varieties is not too wise. They may have... -

How To Know If Acai Juice Is Real

Acai juice, owing to its several health benefits,  is fast becoming a coveted drink across the country. However, due to logistics and lack of supply of fresh berries, commercial Accai juice is the only means of consuming the fruit in thid part of the wor -

How To Stop Beet Juice From Foaming - The Right Way

People looking for an alkaline and cleansing diet or people suffering from cancer are usually prescribed to drink beet juice. Here is How To Stop Beet Juice From Foaming - The Right Way, if you are preparing it at home. Introduction: Besides its... -

How To Use Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice is a refreshing drink but when you are not keen on drinking pineapple juice stored in your refrigerator, the best use of pineapple juice is in cooking. Here is a guide on how to use  pineapple juice to avoid wasting them. ... -

Verjuice Is Very In - Know The Benefits

Verjuice is very in – but what is this actually? This is actually an acidic juice which is prepared from unripe fruits – most commonly grapes. It can also be prepared from unripe plums, gooseberries and also crab apples. Benefits of verjuice have always... -

How To Extract Juice From An Onion

One of the essential knowledge of cooking is how to extract juice from an onion . Onion juice is required in several cuisines, so extracting onion juice is going to be almost a regular task when you enter into the kitchen. There are several... -

How Is Orange Juice Produced Commercially

Orange juice – the standard “liquid sunshine” consumed daily by almost the entire population of our country, is so popular that we gulp down around 1 million gallon of the juice every year! And obviously with the “on the go” lifestyle that we have... -

How To Make Jungle Juice

It is summer time – party time, but why stick to the traditional cocktails? Try to make something new…something special like Jungle Juice – Jungle juice is not just any cocktail but a fiery combination of the most potent drinks and juices. Here is the... -

How Do I Make Cherry Juice

Cherry juice is something really worth making, trust me on that. This cherry juice will always bring cheer to your table. Try making cherry juice , your family and friends will be bowled over by this tasty drink. Stock up on more and more cherries as... -

How To Make Apple Juice

Have you ever tried making apple juice at home? Through this article I will tell you h ow to make apple juice at home . It is very easy to prepare but make sure that the juice has a golden glow. Apple juice is not only tasty but it offers several health... -

How To Make Jelly From Juice? – Crystallize Your Ideas

If you are a juice aficionado, squeezing, pulping, deseeding and straining to get the best juice extract, then making jelly from juice is only a stone’s throw away from your juice recipe. Jelly with their wobbly, crystalline form add the... -

How To Make Beet Juice

If you wish to learn how to make beet juice, then the first thing you will need to get in place is a juicer. Since, beets are hard root vegetables; they are always juiced best in a juicer. The centrifugal juicers are amongst the most widely used equipments... -

How To Make Tomato Juice At Home

Juices made from fresh vegetables are always good for the health and if you love tomatoes, let me teach you how to make tomato juice at home. Tomatoes come loaded with Vitamin A and C. Moreover, they are also excellent storehouses of antioxidants like... -

How To Make Jamba Juice

Do you love to have juice ? It is very important that you learn how to make Jamba juice, because it is one of the most refreshing drinks you can make for yourself or include it in your parties. Making Jamba juice is very simple and can be done in some very... -

How To Make Juice - Popular Healthy Drink

We all love to have juice at any time of the day and most of us know how to make juice! So learning to make juice is nothing new – but, yes – there are ways by which you can make your health drink tastier and healthier. We all use different... -

How Do You Make Cabbage Juice At Home

You have heard a lot about the health facts of cabbage juice but then how do you make cabbage juice at home. Well, if you are really interested in this health drink I can give you the quickest recipe of making cabbage juice at home.  You will... -

How To Make Alcohol Out Of Orange Juice?

Alcohol from orange juice According to the ABV standards, natural fruit juice contains only 0.1% alcohol in it. Orange juice has a much lesser fraction of alcohol content when compare it with other juices. Still you can make alcohol from orange juice as... -

How To Make Fresh Cherry Juice

Even the question of making fresh cherry juice can be so scintillating to a larger mass of juice lovers. This article is dedicated to all such people to help them to know how to make fresh cherry juice . Indeed, it has been quite a while since cherry... -

How To Make Pineapple Juice

The tutorial below guides you on how to make pineapple juice quickly.  Pineapple juice  serves to be a delicious summer refresher. It is healthy yet tasty thirst quencher that works wonders on any hot summer day. It has several health benefits as... -

How To Extract Juice From Fruits & Vegetables

Juice is the easiest way to get instant nutrients, minerals and vitamins from various fruits and vegetables. However, it is imperative that the juice should be consumed fresh. So, below you will get to know the process of how to extract juice from fruits... -

How Is Orange Juice Made

Making orange juice is perhaps one of the easiest tasks that you'll come across. There is so little in order to enjoy a glass of fresh orange juice . Orange juice can be made in various ways and with varied ingredients or with only one... -

How To Make Carrot Juice

Carrot juice is a nutritious drink and I simply love to drink this vegetable juice. Believe me making carrot juice is the easiest thing on earth. Follow the simple steps and enjoy a delightful glass of carrot juice 1.    Clean carrots and put it in... -

Flax Seeds Juice (telba)

Nutritious and tasty juice Ingredients: 1 cup flax seeds 1 pear 1 mango 2 cups of water 2 teaspoons honey (optional) 6 ice cubes Preparation: 1st Step: Grind the flax seeds; 2nd Step:... -