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Lemon Jello Whip

Lemon Jello Whip is quite a deal and is served best with baked pie shell. You just require a handful of ingredients to prepare this rich tasting and yummy Lemon Jello Whip. Just give it a try, you will love it for sure. - 24.6062

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Whipped Lime Jello Dessert

Make jello, eliminating 1/2 cup water. Put into refrigerator and let it start to get firm. Take out and whip in mixer until milky in color. Then put in cream and whip. Pour in remaining ingredients, mix. Put into refrigerator and jell. - 32.0166

Whipped Jello

Prepare Jell 0 Gelatin (any fruit flavor) as directed on package and chill until very thick. Then beat with rotary beater or electric mixer until mixture is fluffy and thick about double in volume results in the best eating quality and flavor. To shorten the... - 24.1315

Jello Cottage Cheese Salad

1. Dissolve jello in boiling water. 2. Add pepper, onion, and carrot. 3. Whip cream. 4. Add cream, dressing and cheese and-combine well. 5. Stir in oelery, then pour into a prepared mold. 6. Place in refrigerator. - 34.606

Jellied Prune Whip

Dissolve gelatin in boiling water. Add cold water, salt, and orange rind. Place bowl of gelatin in a larger bowl of ice and water. Stir until slightly thickened; then whip until fluffy and thick. Add sugar to prune pulp and fold into whipped gelatin. Pile... - 35.0402

Double Orange Whip

Bring ginger ale to a boil. Add gelatin; stir until dissolved. Add orange juice. Place bowl of gelatin in larger bowl of ice and water, stir until slightly thickened. Whip with rotarybeater or electric mixer until fluffy and thick, and about double in... - 29.968

Strawberry Yogurt Whip

Dissolve gelatin in boiling water. Add cold water. Chill until slightly thickened. Add yogurt and beat with rotary beater until mixture is light and flutty. Pour into punch cups or individual serving dishes. Chill about 2 hours. - 27.8148

Fruit Whip

How fruity you think your dessert can get? For all the fruit lovers out there, this Fruit Whip is just an amazingly delicious dessert, made using fruit juices and fresh/canned fruits. Give this a try and I am sure everyone is sure to love it. - 37.7276

Milk Whip

Be it a holiday dessert or a quick party pick, this Milk Whip is definitely going to satisfy any palate, however discrete it may be! Great would be when you realize that gelatin used is suger free. Give it a try and you have a great milk desserts that can be... - 35.0904

Apple Vodka Jello Shot

There is no one of making Jello shots,the only difference is that you add liquor instead of cold water in making a Jello shot. - 26.1653

Cherry Jello Cottage Cheese Pineapple Dessert

MAKING 1. In a stand mixer bowl whip the heavy whipping cream with sugar and vanilla extract. 2. Whip until stiff peaks have formed. 3. In another bowl using electric mixer, whip cottage cheese and jello, whip until well blended. 4. Combine the whipped cream,... - 113.89

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