Jeera Rice

Jeera rice or cumin rice is a very popular dish in Indian cuisine. It is quite simple to make and preferred in any Indian meal.


The flavor of cumin makes the dish quite palatable and being a rice dish it is very light on platter. Jeera rice recipe is liked by people of all age groups.


History and Origin

This  rice is originally perceived in Indian cuisine, but has gained immense popularity in other cuisines as well. Cumin is widely grown in India, hence used extensively in Indian cuisine. Basically, north Indians serve jeera rice in their daily meals.


Ingredients Used in Jeera Rice Recipe

Jeera rice is a very simple dish that is prepared with very minimal ingredients. Rice is obviously the main component used in making this dish. Jeera (cumin) is added to give flavor to the rice. Salt and vegetable oil are the other main inclusions in the rice.


In few variations, chopped onion and coriander leaves are also added to provide extra zing. Unlike, biryani, jeera rice does not contain any vegetables and other ingredients. Little turmeric may also be incorporated to add color to the rice.


Method of Preparation

Jeera rice is typically prepared with steamed method. The zeera is spluttered in vegetable oil before adding rice. If onion is being included, it should be chopped and stir-fried in oil until soft and transparent. The rice is washed thoroughly and soaked for at least half an hour before cooking. Once the onion is sautéed, the rice is added with turmeric and salt to taste. Enough water is added just to cover the rice.


It is recommended to adjust the salt by tasting the water before steaming. The taste of salt should be slightly higher in the water in order to give a perfect flavor to the rice. The rice can be steamed in a rice steamer or in a simple pressure cooker.


Serving and Eating of Jeera Rice

Like other rice dishes, jeera rice is also served as a side dish. It can fondly be eaten alone or can be accompanied with raita, curry dishes or semi-dry dishes. In Indian cuisines, it tastes best with rajma curry, chhole, mutton curry as well as with various dal recipes.


Raita and jeera rice is a very light meal that can be served either in lunch or in dinner.


Nutritional Facts Related to Jeera Rice Recipe

Jeera rice is indeed a nutritional dish that can be eaten by person from any age group. Cumin is highly nutritious as well as rice. People having digestion problems, may consume it in meals. Raita also adds to the health value of the dish.

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