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Japanese Christmas Cake

The Japanese celebrate Christmas a tad differently from the rest of the world. Christmas is more a commercial festival where everyone gets to gift a little more and receive gifts also . But the most appealing thing about a Japanese Christmas is the   ... -

Strawberry Sponge-cake, Great Desert For Mom!

What's good about this recipe is that you can get the kids in on making a dessert for Mom on Mother's Day. There are no knives used in this preparation. The sharpest thing we used was a grapefruit spoon. If you use biscuits its called Strawberry... -

How To Bake Sponge Cake

Baking sponge cake is now simpler. Read the ifood comprehensive guide on how to bake sponge cake to make this versatile cake as and when desired.                        ... -

Japanese Wedding Food – Traditional Way To Celebrate

Japanese wedding food – traditional way to celebrate Japanese weddings is fun to know about. You will be amazed to know about the different types of food which are prepared during Japanese weddings and how they are served. Normally, foods which indicate... -

How To Organize A Japanese Girl’s Day Party

I learnt how to organize a Japanese girls day party during my stay in Japan for a year. Japanese Girl’s day is celebrated on March 3rd – it is a day when people love to display hina dolls and related props in their house. This day is also known as a... -

Japanese Restaurateur Buys Bluefin Tuna For Record $1.76 Million

A Bluefin Tuna, weighing 488 pounds, was sold for $1.76 million recently in Japan. The buyer is a Japanese restaurant owner, Kiyoshi Kimura, who is the owner of the ‘Sushi Zanmai’ restaurant chain. With this purchase, Kimura has set the record for... -

These Japanese Cats Are Too Cute To Eat!

  Japanese have a great liking for cats! Remember they celebrate Cat Food Day dressed like cats and eating delicacies made from cat food? Now, here’s a housewife who created traditional sweets which look like cute cats! She makes ... -

Japanese School Lunch Ideas

Is your child bored of eating the same old boring sandwich and salad for lunch everyday? We bring you a slew of yummy Japanese school lunch ideas that your child would just love to gobble. When it comes to Japanese lunch, it’s hard to think beyond a... -

Japanese Food For Kids

Whenever we think of Japanese food, the very first dish which comes to our mind is sushi. But there is more to this Asian cuisine, and the varieties of  Japanese food for kids  available is the right testimony. Japanese cuisine offers plenty of... -

Japanese Foods For Kids

  We usually rem ember sushi when we think about Japanese food but there are lot of other tasty Japanese foods for kids to try.  Beautiful presentaion of Japanese foods makes it more appealing to kids.More over every Japanese food for... -

Top 10 Japanese Cook Books

Cook books on Japanese food are selling like hot cakes due to the continuously growing popularity of Japanese cuisine all over the world. But how do you find a book that serves as a perfect guide for cooking delectable Japanese food when the market is loaded... -

How To Eat Mochi?

It is believed that a person who knows how to eat mochi has a lot of patience and endurance in him or her. While most of such beliefs are wiped off as mere superstitions, this one has quite a bit of logical reasoning behind it. Mochi is a kind of Japanese... -

How To Eat Youtiao?

It is strange at times to find out how a single item can have different names and different processes of eating it - you tiao probably being the biggest example of this. If you are trying to figure out how to eat you tiao , there is a high possibility of... -

Tsukimi Moon Viewing Festival

Festive occasions are celebrated as a mark of respect we give to Mother Nature who has blessed us with her bountiful blessings. Each blessings of her has a story, an occasion, a festival or a happy moment where we rejoice for what nature has done to us......... -

How To Prepare Easy Sushi Rice

With the increasing popularity of sushi it is no wonder that many want to recreate the flavors of sushi rice right at home and trust me, it is not such a difficult task.  I have been trying to make sushi rice at home since I first tasted it and here are... -

How To Roll A Cake Roulade

Roulades  or rolled cakes are fun indeed! Sure, you love the look of the beautiful jam or cream centerpiece as you slice it out, but rolling the sponge cake around your favorite filling is also a great activity , especially, if you happen to... -

Easter Cakes Ideas

  Easter is celebrated with great fervor throughout the world, especially by Christians.  It is the day when Lord Jesus resurrected.  Easter is celebrated two days after Good Friday.  Like all the festivals, Easter also has some traditional... -

5 Best Kosher Cakes To Serve At Hanukkah Party

Hanukkah season is here, you might be fiddling with various kosher cake ideas and here are 5 best Kosher cakes to serve at Hanukkah party . Lot has been said about Latkes, beef preparations, sufagniyot, and Loukomades, so let’s concentrate on Kosher... -

Gift Cake: How To Tips & Ideas

  Cakes form the perfect gift for ceremonial occasions, such as anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays. Find out preferences of the receiver before you decide to gift cake to the person. A unique and nice packaging can make any gift look... -

Easter Cakes Pictures

    Easter is celebrated with great fervor throughout the world, especially by Christians.  It is the day when Lord Jesus resurrected.   Easter is celebrated two days after Good Friday.  Like all the festivals, ... -

Gift Wedding Cake: How To Tips & Ideas

  When you gift wedding cake to a friend, you tend to make his/her wedding reception extra special. Before presenting a cake, you must find out preferences of the receiver, if any, and customize your gift correspondingly. A... -

5 Simple Recipes For National Cake Day

Foodie fans its National Cake Day on November 26 .  You may not be much of a baker but baking a simple cake does not require much of an expertise. Here are a few recipes that are not too complex either. Try them out on D-Day and surprise your loved ones... -

Top 10 Ideas For Valentines Day Cakes

  Valentines Day is made special with Valentines Day cakes and chocolates. There are varieties of cakes that can be made or ordered during Valentines Day. One can order special cakes or can make them at home. Whatever option you choose, the cake... -

Chocolate Easter Cakes

Chocolate Ester cakes are traditional hit menu for Ester brunch. You can serve in Easter chocolate cake even in breakfast or in evening snacks. Making chocolate Easter cakes are easy and besides planning these cakes for... -

Angel Or Devil: Who Gets Your Cake?

Good always triumphs over evil! But that happens in a utopian world and has to be taken with a pinch of salt when it comes to reality. But can cakes be good and evil too? Well, the terminology seems to suggest so. Why on earth should one be known as an... -

This Cake Revives Your Passion For Astronomy

  If you have lost all your appetite for cakes from seeing those utterly terrifying Halloween versions last week, then here is something that will bring back your appreciation for the same. This is an awe-inspiring astronomical... -

Kate Becomes Cake Middleton

Kate Middleton has been in the spotlight ever since she said ‘yes’ to Prince Williams. The birth of the royal baby enhanced her prestige and endeared her to the British people even more. Now it is the turn of the charming Duchess to be depicted in... -

How To Make A Faux Flower Cake - Learn It Here

A cake is a mark of celebration no doubt, but the effect and the associated joy with the event becomes even more apparent when you make a faux flower cake, and place it as a centerpiece. Making a faux flower cake is definitely not too much of work. It is... -

How To Decorate Cakes With Fruit

Cakes are delicious treats that no one is ever able to resist. They add cheer and joy to any occasion be it a birthday celebration or an anniversary. Cakes add a sparkle to any party or even the holidays. Even a basic sponge cake’s appeal can increase ten... -

Perfect Tips For The Perfect Fridge Cake

Offering a ‘no bake’ chocolate cake made with digestive biscuits is perhaps the best way to warm a kid’s heart on a hot, summer day. The adults are worse actually as most of them relish it without ever admitting their love for it. So, is it... -

How To Decorate Cakes Using Fondant

Whether you are a professional chef or a cook by hobby, if you love making cakes, you need to know how to decorate cakes using fondant as it is one of the best ways to make your cake more delectable and attractive. Fondant is a mixture of sugar and water,... -

Top 5 Cake Ideas For Father's Day

Father’s Day is here and you definitely have your plans in place already. A hearty breakfast for Dad, a hike or a swim together and a laid back lunch while soaking up the sun. Sounds perfect, isn’t it?  Well, we do not think so. What about a special cake... -

How To Decorate Damask Cake At Home

  Decorating damask cakes at home has become the latest trend. Damask cakes, the original black and white cakes, are characterized by intricate design and creating these cakes has turned into an art form usually practiced only by... -

Lose Weight With A Cake Made Of Chillies

Do you know, you can lose weight with a cake made of chillies?  Now an ingredient called dihydrocapsiate (DHC) derived from chilli peppers can help in losing weight. Dihydrocapsiate (DHC): Dihydrocapsiate is a tasteless substance and at the same... -

Top 5 Easter Cakes To Bake!

  Easter is a time for celebration, and what’s a celebration without a cake? With such an important occasion coming up, we are sure you’d want to bake one too. While you may have your own traditional versions that you make... -

Kids Easter Cakes

  Baking Easter cakes for kids used to involve a lot of hard work but not anymore. It is now a fun-filled activity because after baking the cake in its usual manner, you can involve your kids to join in to decorate the cake, based on various... -

Coffee In A Cake!

There is nothing more comforting than a steaming mug of milky, sweet-yet-bitter coffee after a long and tiresome day. And what better accompaniment to this mug of refreshing brew than a light airy cake, topped with whipped coffee flavoured cream? No... -

How To Bake Cake

You no longer have to run to your confectioner to get fresh cakes and no more calling them up to deliver your cakes on time. Learn how to bake cake and enjoy cakes whenever you feel like. You do not have to wait for any special occasion or season to enjoy... -

Wanna Have A Pork Pie Wedding Cake?

Have you had your wedding yet? If not, here is one of the most unusual wedding cakes , an idea for you to pick up for your party. Well, there are couples, married recently, who have very bravely ditched the traditional icing and cake in favor of the pork... -

How To Bake Ice Cream Cake

Do you want to impress you near and dear ones with a tastefully home-baked ice cream cake ? Then, you are the right place. Ifood offers you a chance to learn how to bake ice cream cake . Read on to know more about baking ice cream cake.   -

How To Bake Black Forest Cake

If you do not know how to bake black forest cake at home, then you ought to read this blog. This ifood guide on baking black forest cake is easy to understand and follow. Read on…               ... -

Talented English Designer Creates Full English Breakfast Cake And More

Is it a cake or is it a full English breakfast? The people may be confused but then that is what the 38-year-old cake designer, Paul James, set out to achieve through his maverick, interesting, flabbergasting, and delicious cakes. For instance, one his cakes... -

Chocolate Bar Billboard Contends For World Attention

  A gigantic chocolate bar billboard has been put up in front of a confectionary factory in Takatsuki, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. This gigantic chocolate bar billboard idea has created a stir in the advertising world. No one has ever created such huge... -

How To Eat Gâteaux?

A yummy gateau is simply the best treat you can get on your birthday. Once you get your hands on this yummy French dessert you wouldn’t think twice about how to eat Gateaux, you will just gobble it down. I have always been a big fan of all kinds of... -

Top 10 Decorating Ideas For Petits Four

  You have always enjoyed them but have you ever known any d ecorating ideas for petits four ? Those tiny little pieces of desserts and can be made to look amazing if you have good decorating ideas. This article will... -

Sushi Gets A Sexy & Sweet Makeover

  Sushi, the delicious Japanese dish had has us fascinated for ages. While it referred to a dish of pickled fish and vinegar prepared with compressed rice in the medieval times, the tastes have changed along with its growing popularity and... -

Basic Baking Course

INTRODUCTION There are many baking tips, technique and skills one needs to understand before attempting to bake for the first time. Although it might seem simple, baking requires precise measurements, skillful techniques, and most... -

How To Eat Madeleine

It would be great to learn about the interesting origin of Madeleine, before knowing, how to eat Madeleine. Also, before I tell you how to eat Madeleine, I would like to share with you briefly, its wonderful recipe, which has made this French delicacy... -

Healthy Indulgences For Dessert

  Cakes are, well, cakes. We all love them. We all devour them as soon as they arrive on a plate, we slather them in sinful chocolate sauce and eat them morning, noon and night – without a qualm. It is only when we are cycling away in gym,... -

Can You Sit On A Jelly Roll?

  The Danish Design studio, KiBiSi gives shape to fantasy but it seems that Bjarke Ingels, the senior partner has been dreaming of jelly rolls when he thought of designing a sofa. The roll on furniture looks exactly like a jellyroll and has... -

Tips To Remove Banana Stain

Banana stains are not very stubborn and can be removed easily if stain-removing process can be started as soon as possible. However, once they are oxidized and turn brown, it might prove a bit of an effort to get rid of the stains completely. So, with no... -

Tips To Remove Chili Stain

Chili leaves stubborn stains on whatever it comes in contact with and the faster one gets working on it, the higher would be the success rate in getting rid of it completely. Chili stains often occur when chili containing gravy stains surfaces, clothing etc.... -

Tips To Remove Cherry Stain

The dark red to purple stains of cherry are quite difficult to deal with if prompt action is not taken. In fact removeing old caked out stains can cause permanent damage to the fabric. So, read on to know how to remove cherry stains without harming your... -

Persimmon Health Benefits

  Persimmon health benefits were used to treat many ailments in China.  The persimmon health beneifts can be reaped from the dark-colored and sweet fruit with  non-astringent nature. They have to be consumed before they get soft. A native... -

Top Restaurants In Manila

If you are planning to visit Manila, then this list of top restaurants In Manila will be a handyone.  This Filipino city has few great hotels to stay and eat.  The selection greatly depends on what food you like, kind of atmosphere looking at and... -

Don't Get Fooled By This Ramen Noodle Soup

  If you’d like to fool someone with a delicious treat, then here’s just what you can do. Take a look at the picture. It is a ramen noodle soup with a piece of pork, nori seaweed, and fishcake on top of it , right? Well, not so! ... -

Low Diet Menu

  Low Diet Menus implies to those kinds of food that are low in calorie and fat but are highly nutritional and fiber rich. With low diet menus you can enrich your health with protein and vitamins while cutting down on carbohydrate, sugar... -

Nochebuena Menu

La Noche Buena is the Spanish word for the Christmas Eve, which when translated into English means The Good Night. Why not make this beautiful night a more enchanted and exotic one with a delicious  Nochebuena Menu ? We bring to you some exclusive Spanish... -

Review Of "a Collection Of Fine Baking"

 Cook Book Review of A Collection of Fine Baking by Young Mo Kim A top notch baking book that fuses European pastries with Asian ingredients: Imagine the richness of French desserts mixed with... -

Chinese Food - Youtube Song Draws Severe Criticism

  Ark Music Factory , the makers of the pop song “Friday,” are now back with yet another much criticised song - this time sung by 14-year-old Alison Gold.   The song is about the young girl liking ... -

Top 5 Candy Corn Recipes

Come Halloween and bags of yellow, orange, and white candies start making their journey from the ‘trick or treat’ bowls to the mouths of the kids. While there may be a huge debate ranging right now about how chocolate is preferred over these age old... -

How To Serve Trifle To Your Guests

Trifles are prepared using layers of cake, custard, fruits and whipped cream in a clear glass bowl. How to serve trifle to your guest is answered here? Most people know how to prepare tasty trifle but fail to present it in the right manner. Serving... -

Dublin's Little Asia (san Francisco Bay Area)

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area affords us unlimited culinary choices. No mater where you live there are dozens of ethnic choices within minutes of your home and workplace. The world's largest office park is situated in Pleasanton, and the... -

Foodie Thoughts For 1 February - National Baked Alaska Day

Foodie fans today is National Baked Alaska Day.  You don't see this too much anymore, but it's a good dessert...   Baked Alaska Ingredients: 3 egg yolks 6 tablespoons sugar, divided 4 egg whites ... -

5 Easy Lemon Cupcake Ideas

If you are in search for some delicious, buttery cupcakes with a little texture, then lemon cupcake ideas are the best options. While these are some really offset cupcakes to make when compared to the more popular chocolate and cheese cupcakes, the lemon... -

Easter Menu

Easter is a special gathering when families and friends join together for fun and to enjoy  traditional food according to the Easter Menu with  roast, lamb, cookies, rolls and other goodies. Here is a sample of a mouthwatering, menu, which you can plan... -

How To Prepare Food For Chocolate Fountains

  If you want your party or get-together to be memorable not only for your bouncing, cascading chocolate fountain with its aroma wafting through the guests, invitingly, but also for the choco-accompaniments, it would do well to pick some... -

How To Celebrate National Pastry Day?

Pastries with their ‘fluff’ and ‘oomph’ quotient can be hailed as the crème of bakes. How to commemorate the origin of this bake?- By knowing the best way showing you how to celebrate National pastry day . National pastry day is... -

A Simple Dinner Menu Makes The Emmy Awards Night Come Alive

  The Emmy Awards were handed out on Sunday amidst gaiety and glitter while the hopeful nominees managed to  look unconcerned during the nail biting moments of suspense. While Hometown and Modern Family headed right for the top of the list,... -

What Can I Eat In Phase 1 Of The South Beach Diet?

The South Beach Diet was started by Dr. Arthur Agatston. This type of diet allows even forbidden food like chocolate sponge cake and other food that are restricted in other types of diets. There are three phases of South Beach Diet. First phase of this diet... -

How To Clean Dutch Oven

Wondering how to clean Dutch oven ? Cleaning a Dutch oven is actually easier than other pots and pans, once it has been seasoned well. Proper cleaning and care will make it last longer and work better. It needs to be cleaned instantly after use. ... -

Tips To Remove Blueberry Stain

You no longer have to worry about stubborn blue stain each time your child digs into his favorite blueberry pie. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to remove blueberry stain. So, now enjoy and let others enjoy the blue treats without the fear of  blueberry... -

What Are The Various Uses Of Mascarpone Cheese

  Mascarpone cheese is unsalted and has a delicate flavor. Made from fresh cream of cow’s milk, there are many uses of mascarpone cheese. The texture of this cheese is smooth and it resembles a pudding. Being neutral in... -

Twinkies Made This Man Lose 27 Pounds!

Twinkies made this man lose 27 pounds! It is perhaps the most happening news for the junk food loving people of the nation. Mark Haub, the professor of Human Nutrition at Kansas State University, has lost around 30 lbs body mass in 10 weeeks just by... -

Peanut Free Snacks

  Peanut free snacks are not a rarity. In fact, you are likely to come across quite a few of them if you just look around. Keeping your allergic child healthy will certainly not be a problem. But you do need to avoid... -

English Gift Basket Ideas

An English gift basket is the perfect gift for occasions, such as New Year or Christmas. It will be one of those memorable gifts for those who love this cuisine. Find out about any specific preferences or dietary limitations of the recipient.  This will... -

5 Weirdest Philadelphia Snacks

Philadelphia has a wonderful fleet of street food trucks, all of them yielding  tasty  snacks. Along with food trucks, the nibbles from Tastykake have also become synonymous to this city’s food culture. Now to talk about weird snacks,  Philadelphia also... -

You Can Opt For An Inexpensive Christmas Dinner Despite Food Inflation!

  The festivities are about to start this year as families across the world look forward to a mouthwatering traditional fare replete with stuffed Turkey and plum cakes. A bottle of the best red to wash it all down is mandatory too as is the... -

How To Celebrate Hanukkah

Hanukkah is celebrated in memory of the victory of Maccabees over the Greek and Syrian armies at the temple of Jerusalem.  If you are pondering over the ways of celebrating Hanukkah at home , then this blog can serve as your home guide.   Many... -

10 Delicious Breakfast-in-bed Recipes For Mother's Day

Make this Mother's Day truly memorable by serving your mom a delicious breakfast in bed. This blog will provide you with 10 great recipe ideas that you can choose from to surprise the your mom with a homemade gift this Sunday.       ... -

Tips To Make Chocolate Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Chocolatiers make several versions of chocolate balls that are usually served as snacks or desserts. These delicious balls may seem complex and difficult to make but they really aren’t all that difficult.   To impress your dinner... -

Green Tea- For A Healthy And Green Lifestyle

Green Tea, might taste different for first timers, but it does wonders for your health. It is made solely from green tea leaves that has undergone minimal oxidation during processing. I included Green Tea in my diet a few months back and today, I can vouch... -

How To Use Panko Crumbs In Your Daily Diet

Panko is the Japanese work meaning bread crumbs. Pankos are Japanese versions of our usual bread crumbs and tend to be lighter, crunchier, and crispier and I will guide you on How To Use Panko Crumbs In Your Daily Diet . Pankos are bigger than the... -

5 Best Annapolis Restaurant

Annapolis has many world class restaurants so if you ever visit here, you won’t have any difficulty in dining. Nonetheless it’s better to have a brief idea on best Annapolis restaurants. So I would like to share with you the list of 5 best Annapolis... -

Cold Valentines Day Desserts That Are Easy To Make

  The day of love is fast approaching and we are almost at our wits’ end deciding upon how to celebrate, what to make, try something new or go with the tried and tested, to dine out or stay at home? Well, well, well, so many questions and so little... -

When $ 70 Bread Is Just Worth It

When $ 70 Bread Is Just Worth It ?! You may think $70 bread is it really worth its price? Then the answer is that the bread in question is not normal bread but panettone-Italian Christmas bread from Milan. The texture and aroma of the bread will bowl you... -

Top 5 Fun Halloween Food Ideas

From creepy cupcakes to sinister snacks to ghoulish goodies, Halloween is indeed the time to indulge in spooky, tricky treats. And our top 5 fun Halloween food ideas just ensure that you have maximum fun bingeing on these frighteningly fun foods.... -

Test Your Nutrient Knowledge

Chefs from around the world participated in an International Food Fair Contest. Each chef created their favorite recipe from their home-land. In this contest, there are six Nutritent Awards, and it just so happens that the six chefs created six different... -

Irish Whiskey Town Becomes Fake Village

Brightly colored stores which depict an obvious sign of prosperity are bound to fill you with joy as you enter the Irish town of Bushmill. However, this quaint town, known for its 400-year-old whiskey has put up a false façade in order to lure tourists... -

Best 5 Traditional New Years Day Meal

New Year is a new beginning in many ways, and everyone wants the coming year to be prosperous and lucky for them. And what could be a better way of welcoming New Year with food products that bring in fortunes, therefore presenting you a quick list of the Best... -

Top 10 Traditional New Year Foods

A variety of trends and customs are followed across the globe to welcome the New Year. People eat different traditional foods, each one having its own significance. If you want to know more about it, here are the details.   ... -

Australian Menu

Australian Menu consists of a variety of tasty dishes representing the culture of indigenous and colonial societies who lived here for decades.  Meat is considered a staple and barbecued meat in the open air is a treasured tradition in Australia. Seasonal... -

How To Use Leftover Flour That Has Turned Sour

How to use leftover flour that has turned sour ? I think this question haunts all of us at some point of time. We always scout for some easy ways to make use of flour that has turned sour. I have experienced theseis situations many times in life and... -

Top 5 Dessert Destinations In Sacramento

  When the night looks sweet against a star-lit sky , there is the urge to allow your senses to feast upon the celestial wonder, over  dollops of creamy, lavish desserts.(you would love to do away with the meals) ... -

10 Christmas Foods To Avoid For Better Health

Food is the centerpiece of Christmas celebrations and it also adds an extra allure to the fun filled atmosphere of the occasion. Your merry making time goes up if you generously choose to stay away from a handful of rich and creamy Christmas delights. Some of... -

Isn't This Hello Kitty Inarizushi Cute?

  Hello Kitty, the cartoon character, has been one of Japan’s cute obsessions for several years. You can find her on several products, including foods such as doughnuts, cakes, sushi, buns, and just about everything else. The... -

Reese Witherspoon Has A Sweet Time In Atlanta

The filming of “Devil’s Knot” seems to be a hungry affair! Well, actress Reese Witherspoon certainly seems to have worked up a huge appetite as she first chomped her way through a plateful of desserts than settled for the more filling quiche Parisienne... -

Top 7 Black N Beautiful Dishes

A short black dress is absolutely necessary in order to make an impression at a party. But why should black colored foods be frowned upon when it comes to party eats? From mains & sides to desserts black rules, even when it comes to the culinary world ... -

High Tea Menu

  High tea menu is a part of the English meal where you are served with a cup of tea and few light food items. High tea used to be known as meat tea as hearty dishes like meat pie and cheese sandwiches used to be served as... -

Hungarian Menu

Hungarian menu primarily reflects the culture of its ethnic group, who lived here centuries ago. The dishes here are rich and spicy because of extensive use of paprika. The cooking style of Hungarian dishes is still based on their old preparation method,... -