Japanese Potato

Japanese potato dishes are quite popular all over Japan and throughout the world. In Japan, there are a number of recipes, which make use of potato as an essential ingredient. Among various recipes, potato salad, potato chips, and potato cake are a few popular ones.


A Few Popular Japanese Potato Recipes

Potato is used in various recipes in the Japanese cuisine. A few recipes which suggest the use of potatoes are discussed hereunder:


  • Japanese Potato cake- Japanese cake made of potatoes is very popular in the country. This recipe suggests adding potato flour or corn to boiled and mashed potatoes, dividing the entire mix into several small portions, shaping each portion into round and flat form, frying all the portions in a pan containing melted butter, and coating all the portions with a sauce prepared by combining together soy sauce, sugar, garlic clove, and water.  The cakes are turned around during the frying process, so that they are coated evenly with the sauce.


  • Potato & Corn Korokke- this is one of the well-admired Japanese potato recipes which suggests boiling peeled and cutting potatoes in water, mashing them thereafter, and combining with a mix of sautéed onions and corn.  Pepper and salt are added to the mix and the entire mixture is divided into various small portions, which are made into oval shape, with each portion coated with flour, dipped in egg batter, covered with panko, and fried until brown.


  • Roasted Japanese Sweet Potatoes with Scallion Butter- small-sized Japanese sweet potatoes are taken and placed in an oven on a baking sheet, after pricking the potatoes several times with fork. Scallion, butter, and miso are combined together in the mean time, and placed in the centre of each potato after creating a slit when cooked properly.


  • Japanese Potato salad- potatoes, carrots, and eggs are boiled in water, peeled, cut into small pieces, tossed with pepper and salt, and mixed with onions, cucumber, and mayonnaise. The salad is covered with a plastic wrap, placed in refrigerator for around an hour and then served.






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