Japanese Honey Cake Recipes

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Japanese Sponge Cake

GETTING READY 1) Preheat the oven to 350°. 2) Lightly grease an 8 x 8-inch brownie pan or 9 x 12-inch loaf pan and dust lightly with flour. MAKING 3) In a mixing bowl, beat the eggs until light, add the sugar and honey. 4) Beat until the mixture is thick... - 39.5032

Dorayaki (japanese Red Bean Pancake)

Dorayaki is Japanese confection. It is a pancake sandwich with Anko (sweet Azuki red bean paste). In this recipe, I will also show you how to make Dorayaki with nutella and banana. It was amazingly delicious. - 98.6403

Tea-time Cookies

Health food lovers are going to love this! This Tea-time cookies is made from matcha or green tea, which is a Japanese tea used for health benefits. Matcha reduces cholesterol level and boosts metabolism. Now snacking will be much more fun! - 101.373

Vegetable Sukiyaki

1 ln a large saucepan, combine the stock, water, and soy sauce and bring to a simmer. Add the cabbage, celery, pepper, and the white parts of the green onions. Simmer, covered, for 8 minutes. 2 Stirin the mushrooms. Submerge the block of noodles and gently... - 38.473

Teriyaki Chicken

Think teriyaki chicken is a tough dish to make? Well, then watch this video and change the way you think! The recipe detailed here is so simple that you would want to make teriyaki chicken at home over and over again! Watch to know more. - 116.859

All Time Favorite Dorayaki

Want to try something different this weekend for breakfast?? This one is an all time classic. Japanese Dorayaki makes for an excellent breakfast dish. The Oriental pancakes are sure to become an instant hit with your family. Watch the video now and learn the... - 142.896

Meikos Ginger Flavored Sweet Wine Cake

Preheat oven to 325F (165C). Line a 10-inch-square deep-sided pan with parchment or waxed paper. Lightly grease bottom of paper; do not grease sides. Reserve 1 tablespoon of sugar. In a medium-size bowl, whisk remaining sugar, honey, wine, ginger and lemon... - 45.9036

Hawaiian Favorite Spam Musubi - Part 1 Ingredient Measurement & Preparation

For all who can't stand raw fish, this Hawaiian style sushi is the ideal bet. Ono Grinds presents a lip-smacking no-fish sushi recipe, cooked a la the Hawaiian style. Yummy rice cakes stuffed with delectable stuffing, spam musubi makes for a real treat. This... - 116.804