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Japanese Shrimp And Egg Salad

MAKING 1. Cook and drain the rice 2. Add the chopped onions, French dressing, shrimps, and 2 diced eggs and mix well 3. Set aside to chill 4. In a large bowl, place the greens and sprinkle the pickles on top of the bowl 5. Grate the whites and the yolks of... - 44.0077

Japanese Scrambled Eggs

Slice mushrooms and scallions; saute in butter or oil for 2 minutes. Beat eggs, add a few sprinkles of soy sauce, and scramble in skillet with mushrooms and scallions until sufficiently cooked. If desired, add 1/2 teaspoon sherry to the eggs before cooking. - 22.2338

Japanese Egg Nog

Combine ice, Cointreau, Midori, milk and egg white in cocktail shaker; shake well. Strain into martini glass. - 19.5269

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Japanese Spinach And Egg Soup

Japanese Spinach And Egg Soup is an easy to make recipe. The egg lovers can try Japanese Spinach And Egg Soup. The wine venegar adds up the taste of Japanese Spinach And Egg Soup. - 39.0234

Japanese Inspired Eggs Benedict Recipe

A recipe for Japanese Inspired Eggs Benedict with onigiri and a wasabi hollandaise. That is what we are making today. I will show you a quick and painless way to make a classic hollandaise without the double boiler or low heat water bath. We are gonna make... - 122.937

Japanese Spinach And Egg Soup

MAKING 1) Remove any tough stems and rotten leaves from the spinach. Coarsely shred the spinach. 2) Into a saucepan, pour in chicken stock. Let it come to a boil. 3) Remove any skin that has gathered at the surface. 4) Into the boiling stock, add in the... - 43.0676

Japanese Omelette

Would you like to treat your family to a delicious breakfast? Watch this video to learn a fabulous Japanese Omelet which is indeed very impressive. The dish is simple and scores high on taste...take a look. - 81.9078

Japanese Chicken And Egg On Rice - Oyakodon

Gourmet's delight...if that's what you are looking for, try this video. It prepares a fine variety of chicken with a rich sauce made from dashi granules and soy sauce. It gives an authentic taste to this comforting dish. Serve with brown rice and get a touch... - 93.9284

Japanese Dashi Tamagoyaki

Snacks in Japanese cuisine are varied as well as palatable. Catch up with this video showing how to make Dashi Tamagoyaki meaning "Rolled Egg Omelet" in a basic or simple style using eggs and regular omelet ingredients. An omelet with a twist! - 78.645

Onsen Tamago - Japanese Hot Spring Egg

Another simple yet tasty egg dish. Yes, Onsen Tamago is a Japanese Hot Spring Egg dish, which is quite simple to make. Garnish the dish with your favorite ingredients and enjoy!!!! - 115.156

Japanese Egg Custard Soup

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to 300° F. MAKING 2. In a bowl, mix chicken or shrimp, water chestnuts, mushrooms, scallions, and sherry together. 3. Divide the mixture evenly in 6 custard cups. 4. In a separate bowl, beat together eggs, salt, and... - 45.4091

Japanese Heart Shaped Layered Omelette

A heart shaped layered omelette bet would be the first attempt for some! This video shows you exactly how to get this omelet done to perfection with the exact shape of the heart intact! See this video for more on how to make this awesome heart shaped dish! - 57.9537

Japanese Chicken Meatballs

Jean journeys to Izakaya 10 for some Japanese-style bar food. These chicken meatballs are easy to make and tasty. And you get to learn how to make homemade teriyaki sauce. - 13.8461

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