Japanese Cream Puff Recipes

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Creamy Wasabi Pastry Puffs

If you love your Japanese food, then you are simply going to love this unique dish. Wasabi cream rolled into a puff pastry makes for delectable bite. In case, you are in a mood of experimenting with Asian cuisine, you can try preparing some of these wasabi... - 95.0172

Japanese Hina-arare Coated White Chocolate And Cheese Truffles For Hinamatsuri

Though Hina-arre, the traditional Japanese confection of popped rice coated with sugar, is eaten during Hina-Matsuri (Doll Festival or Girls’ Festival), these pretty, colorful, rice-puff coated chocolate and cheese truffles are perfect as any party sweet... - 103.047

Spanish Polvoron

Would you like to treat your family to something special this weekend? Try out this Spanish Polvoron recipe. The dish makes for a great dessert and can even be served as a snack. - 98.6496