Japanese Bread Recipes

The signature Japanese bread is called ‘anpan,’ which is a kind of small bun bearing a resemblance to bagel or hamburger, but small in size. Anpan is extremely soft and fluffy as compared to other breads ... More »
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How To Make Chocolate Cornets チョコレートコルネ(コロネ)の作り方

Attention chocolate lovers!! Here is something you should not miss out on. These Yummy Chocolate Cornet Oriental Style is an absolute treat. Surprise your family this weekend with this Japanese delicacy. - 115.721

Taiyaki - Fish Bread

Taiyaki is a Korean fish shaped bread with a fabulous taste.Taiyaki is a popular street food in Japan and Korea. Join James in his kitchen and see how to cook Taiyaki. - 107.545

Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Mushipan

GETTING READY 1. Make the ¼ inch slices of sweet potato and further cut into cubes. Place the sweet potato in a bowl of water and allow it to sit for 5 minutes. 2. Place the cup cake liner into each cup cake tin and keep them aside. MAKING 3. Start by... - 103.244

Fluffy Rice Cooker Bread

If you find baking bread a time consuming process, try making it with a rice cooker. This is the Japanese method of making bread. This saves on time as well makes a delicious and fluffy bread. This is a basic bread recipe; you can add your own flavors as per... - 102.508


Recently I met a woman in Niseko who makes the most delicious bread. It's called Ramacipan. She kindly agreed to show me how to make it one day. The week before filming this I'd tried some of her pecan and maple syrup bread which was amazing - so I decided... - 100.203

Tempura With Bread Crumbs

All those who think cooking scrumptious tempura at home is not an easy job, this video is a must watch. This video is in Filipino Language. Do not miss out some quick tips the lady chef shares to make a perfect dipping to go with it. - 83.3233

Traditional Japanese Style Bread

This is a non-English video - 33.5881

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