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Jamie Oliver School Dinner was one of the attractive documentary series, which focused on improving the nutritional value and quality of food in schools. The major spotlight of the food show was one of the British schools, Kidbrooke, in Greenwich, London Borough. The documentary series was broadcasted in UK on channel 4 from 23rd February 2005 to 16th March 2005. Jamie Oliver, a well known TV chef and cookbook author, acted as the host of the show “Jamie Oliver School Dinner”, where he came up with great quality food especially meant for school dinners. The attempt of Jamie Oliver to improve the quality of food at Kidbrooke School inspired other schools throughout Britain to improve their school dinners through a campaign known as “Feed Me Better”.

Jamie Oliver School Dinner recipes really helped in inspiring other chefs, and also gave cooking a great go.


History of Jamie Oliver School Dinner Show

Chef Jamie Oliver got the inspiration to develop the documentary series “Jamie Oliver School Dinner” from Kidbrooke School, where he saw children eating processed and junk foods all the time. The chef made an attempt to introduce healthy foods which was rebelled a lot by the school students. Also, the introduction of healthy food increased the budget of the school food. Adding to that, the unconventional meal ideas and unusual ingredients amazed the dinner ladies at the school, while increasing their workload.


Due to a hopeless beginning at the school, where the dinner ladies threatened to leave the school due to extra work, and students opposed eating healthy food, Jamie Oliver organized a boot camp for the dinner ladies, and later on came up with a documentary series by the name “Jamie Oliver School Dinner”, to lay emphasis on the importance of eating healthy and nutritious food. He also taught how huge quantity of food can be cooked in a quick way, without losing the nutritious values. A few popular Jamie Oliver School Dinner Recipes include almond cake with lemon and peppy seeds, all American pancakes, fish pie, chilli con carne etc.


Impact of the Jamie Oliver School Dinner Show

Jamie Oliver School Dinner recipes were opposed initially by the children. Thereafter, the chef motivated various children to cook in the kitchen where he taught them how to choose healthy vegetables and cook them in a proper manner. This campaign of the chef gained huge support from the public and the government, which helped in collecting huge funds for the healthy ingredients to be used in canteens of various schools.

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