Jaggery Recipes

Jaggery, popularly known as ‘gur’ in India, is a light golden to dark brown colored un-refined non-centrifugal cane sugar that generally contains around 50% of sucrose, 20% inverts sugars, 20% moisture ... More »
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Jaggery Malpuas By Tarla Dalal

A classic recipe from a by-gone era that continues to rock the charts! Replace sugar with jaggery in your daily diet wherever possible to get enough iron. - 123.689

Tilgul Vadi

Warm up your tummies during this winter with this healthy packed with lots of iron and protein and very simple tilgul vadi! This is one of the simplest, quickest and easiest recipe. Happy Makar Sankranti, Pongal and Uttarayan! - 118.052

Sankranti Special Til Gud Poli

Sankranti Special Til Gud poli is a Maharashtrian delicacy which beautifully blends the flavors of jaggery and sesame seeds in this dessert. The dish is usually prepared for the occasion of sankranti, which is a kite flying festival in India. Watch this video... - 109.773

Gur Ki Roti

If you're looking for an Indian specialty then you must try this recipe. The bhakri is eaten for breakfast and is famous in Gujarat. The roti is made of jaggery. It is really very tasty. Check out the video for the detailed recipe. - 105.02

Sesame And Jaggery Snack Bars

Here's a simple recipe of Sesame and Jaggery Snack Bars which makes for an excellent quick bite. These bars are easy to make and the combination of jaggery and sesame seeds impart a great taste to them. Watch the video and try these Sesame and Jaggery Snack... - 104.889

Jaggery Paratha

MAKING 1. In a bowl, mix the wheat flour with salt, water and make dough out of it. 2. Take one roundel of dough and spread jaggery and ghee on top. 3. Place another roundel on top and seal edges as shown in the video. 4. On hot tawa, place the paratha and... - 96.1142

Adirasam ( Sweet ) Making Made Easier

Are you cooking a full South Indian meal for your family the first time? This traditional south Indian sweet is made for festive occasions especially Janmashtimi and Diwali and is an ideal sweet preparation for beginners, requiring almost no secret... - 84.6959

Jaggery Carrot Halwa

Put the milk in a thick bottomed pan ana add the grated carrot to it. Cook uncovered, stirring continuously, till almost all the milk has been absorbed. Then add the jaggery and continue stirring. When the jaggery melts, the mixture will turn a darker shade... - 40.9939

Aval Vilayichathu Puffed Rice In Jaggery

1. Heat ghee in a pan. Lightly fry coconut slivers, sesame seeds and roasted gram. Set aside. 2. Dissolve jaggery in 3 cups water. Heat over low flame to make 6 cups syrup. Strain. 3. Bring this syrup to boil in a heavy vessel. Add grated coconut and cook... - 38.9231

Gur (jaggery) Ki Kheer.

Its my husband's favourite sweet dish. If use Khajoor ka gur it will be more delicious. The Khajoor ka gur called in Begal" PATALI GUR". In BANGLADESH kheer of PATALI GUR is very famous. My husband spend the major part of his child hood in... - 38.5941

Jaggery Cooler

GETTING STARTED 1. Take a bowl fill it with water and soak jaggery in it and leave it overnight. MAKING 2. Take out the jaggery and strain it. 3. In another bowl combine lime juice, coloring, cardamom powder and strained jaggery. 4. Chill it and serve with... - 37.8918

Mango Jaggery Chutney

1. Wash, peel and slice the mangoes to the desired size. Sprinkle some salt, and leave aside for 4-5 hours. 2. In a thick-bottomed saucepan, mix the vinegar and jaggery. Simmer till the jaggery dissolves. Remove from fire, strain to remove grit, and put back... - 36.7459


Adirasalu is a popular Andhra sweet dish, which is also made in other South Indian cuisines such as Tamil and Karnataka. This is made with jaggery, which is a rich source of iron. However, since the adirasalu are deep fried in oil, over eating them can add... - 32.7593

Aval Kuzhachathu (beaten Rice Mixed With Jaggery And Coconut)

This is a sweet snack that is usually serve with hot tea or coffee. It is made up of beaten rice. Many times jaggery is replaced with sugar. - 32.4571

Gul Poli

I cannot go for too long without having maharashtrian food.As staying far away from my home-town, i crave for such delicious dishes one of which is Gul Poli.This stuffed chapati with jaggery tastes yummy! - 31.8911

Ground Nut Jaggery Laddu

MAKING: 1.Roast the ground nuts and coarsely grind it and set aside. 2.Pound the jaggery and put it in a thick bottomed vessel and add water. 3.Heat the thick bottomed vessel with jaggery and water and keep stirring it continuously until it comes to a one... - 30.5777

Jaggery Tekeli Pitha

Carefully knead the flour with little water to form fine bread crumbs and sieve it. Mix the dry and grated jaggery with the fried Til seeds. Boil water in the vessel and place a muslin cloth at the mouth. Put one layer of rice powder, then another layer of... - 29.4582

Jaggery Dosa

1. Soak and drain rice. Grind well. Add flour and broken pieces of jaggery with enough water to make a batter of pouring consistency. 2. Add grated coconut and mix well. Heat pan. Spread a tsp. of ghee over. Pour batter and spread lightly. Turn carefully.... - 29.1656

Pressed Rice With Jaggery And Coconut

1. Mix together and serve immediately. - 25.0977

Mango Jaggery Chutney

Mix all ingredients and cook very gently till jaggery has dissolved and mangoes are just cooked. - 23.3219