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Italian Pastries are exquisite varieties of sweet pastries that are not just enticingly delicious but are also visually appeasing with their truly exotic decorations and toppings. Made in many different shapes, forms, mix of ingredients and in varying level of easiness, Italian pastries are often served as sweet desserts, some of which are reserved for special occasions alone. From the very simple and common Italian pastry type called biqne to some of the very exotic and complicated ones like cappuccino pastry, pasticiotti, tiramisu etc, there are quite a number of Italian pastry varieties that can be really indulging for a sweet tooth.

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Tainted Pastries Cause Outbreak In Rhode Island

Tainted Pastries Cause Outbreak In Rhode Island On : 28-Mar-2011 By : chockyfoodie

    Tainted Pastries Cause Outbreak in Rhode Island , suggests some newspaper reports. The investigation to unravel the mystery of food borne illness is underway because it is...

Top 5 Jewish Pastries For Kids

Top 5 Jewish Pastries For Kids On : 01-Dec-2010 By : chockyfoodie

It is generally found that during festive occasions kids are largely forgotten, but during this Hanukkah season you can make up for all those slips by serving them traditional Jewish pastries. Jewish Pastries are perfect Hanukkah food kids .   ...

How To Make Italian Buttercream?

How To Make Italian Buttercream? On : 10-Nov-2010 By : olivia

Italian buttercream, also known as meringue-type buttercream, is pastry chef’s delight as this light-textured cream gives stability while icing cakes and cupcakes. This kind of buttercream is popularly used in making wedding cakes as well as the pastries...

An Italian Breakfast Menu

An Italian Breakfast Menu On : 17-Apr-2009 By : Menu Master

An Italian Break fast menu is light, simple and refreshing! I have always had a penchant for all things Italian and it is no wonder that I have a thing for Italian Cuisine. The pastas, spaghettis, gnocchi, all make my mouth water. Let me introduce the...

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