Italian Omelette

Italian omelette is an open-faced thick omelette that is known as ‘frittata’ in Italian cuisine. The Italian word ‘frittata’ is derived from ‘fritto’ that is basically meant as ‘to fry’. Italian omelette is generally fried in skillet, therefore ‘fritto’ is the best word suitable for the dish.


Frittata is also considered the alternative to ‘Spanish Tortilla’ or ‘Spanish omelette’ that is also a fried egg dish consisting of beaten egg and mashed potatoes. There are several ways of preparing Italian omelette and egg is generally enriched with different ingredients such as vegetables, meats and even pastas.


Italian Omelette Recipe Overview

Italian omelette is a perfect breakfast dish that requires beaten egg and other ingredients that are filling as well as nutritious. Herbs and seasonings are also largely used to flavor the omelette.


In Italy, the most commonly used herbs are oregano and thyme that find special place in most of the Italian omelette recipes. Italian sausages and cheeses are also fondly added to make the omelette heartier. Some of the popularly used cheeses are Polvorone, Mozzarella, Cheddar and several other Italian cheeses.


Among the vegetables, zucchini, peas, beans, green onion and potatoes are some of the most popular omelette ingredients. Frozen spinach and sweet corn may also be included. The cooking time involved in making Italian omelette is generally very less therefore it is necessary to cook the ingredients beforehand. Vegetables should be cut into small pieces or dices for even and fast cooking. Meats and sausages used  should also be cut into small pieces. Both vegetables and meats are required to be either boiled or sautéed before being included in the beaten egg.


Pasta, one of the most common ingredients in Italian omelette, should be cooked prior to omelette preparation and it should be cut into 1-inch pieces. Leftover pasta may also be included.


All the cooked or sautéed ingredients are added to the beaten egg. A skillet or a cast iron pan is heated for frying the egg. Olive oil is the best form of fat used for Italian cooking. However, butter or vegetable oil may also be used in absence of olive oil. The traditional frittata is prepared by slowly frying the beaten egg over low heat and finished off under a grill for proper cooking from the top. However, the omelette can be flipped in the pan for proper cooking at other side as well. Once the omelette is fried from both the sides, the shredded cheese is sprinkled over the top and dish is served.


Serving of Italian Omelette

Unlike other omelettes, frittata is served flat without folding and it is cut into slices or wedges.

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