Inside Dish


Inside Dish is a food based show that aired on Food Network in 2004. Rachel Ray, the host of the show chats with a number of celebrity guests at a particular location which is often a restaurant. It cannot strictly be termed as a cooking show as the guests do not indulge in showcasing recipes in each and every episode.


The show is more of a hybrid as Rachel finds out all about the favorite dishes of stars. The secret of healthy recipes as well as the mode of relaxation via food form the common topics of discussion as Rachel Ray lines up an impressive array of celebrity guests for Inside Dish.


Origin of Inside Dish

The show premiered on the 5th of November 2004 and was discontinued after being aired for 19 episodes. The very first episode of the series showed the host Rachel Ray visiting The NYPD star, Dennis Franz, at his home where he reveals the names of all his favorite dishes while his daughter demonstrates how to cook crab cakes. The second season went on air in April 2005 but the entire show wrapped up after a month on 13th May 2005. The last episode of the show featured Ryan Seacrest, the host of American Idol.


Format of Inside Dish

It is a reality based talk show where Rachel Ray engages her celebrity guests in conversation. A number of important events in the life of the guest are discussed within the show which does not remain confined to food alone.


Noteworthy Episodes of Inside Dish Show

Some of the most popular and notable episodes have been:-

  • Ryan Seacrest- The American host Idol talks about his job as he takes Rachael Ray to the kitchen of Katana Sushi and Robata Bar, Los Angeles where he shows her his favorite dishes being prepared.
  • Tony Danza- The talk show host shares his experiences as he lunches with Rachel at the Frankie’s on Melrose Avenue, LA.
  • Joe Perry- Rachel meets the chef of the rock and roll group Jamie Laurita who describes her job that involves cooking for the musicians. Perry, the lead guitarist of Aerosmith also reveals the recipe of his own brand of hot sauce.


Inside Dish: Trivia

Ross Crystal, a radio show host claimed $150,000 in damages from the Food Network for airing a stolen recipe in the show.  The lawsuit was filed with the Los Angeles Federal Court. 

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