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Coffee - Deconstructed For You

How much coffee do you down every day? Nothing surprising if your reply is 2, 3 or 5 cups or you even go up to double digits. The thick black liquid remains as addictive as ever despite numerous warnings by the health gurus on the effect of caffeine intake.... -

Top 10 Whole Fish Recipes

I have put together 10 whole fish recipe ideas , which I feel tops the dishes made using fish. Fish, as you know, is one of the healthy and tasty foods available and what better way to do justice to fish than using some whole fish recipes for a sumptuous... -

Which Oils Are Suitable For Fondue Cooking

      Even the thought of making fondue leaves my mouth watery.  For fondue lovers, this blog talks   about oils suitable for fondue cooking .      This popular Swiss dish fondue means, “to... -

10 Things To Know About Sake - Which You May Not Have Known

What are the things to know ab out sake ? Did you know sake is a Japanese drink? If you’ve seen Akira Kurosawa movies, sake will make more sense to you since this was the only drink available in the feudal era. Now, do you want to know more... -

Learn The Truth About Spaghetti Tacos

  Ever wondered what made ‘Spaghetti Tacos’ a special topic of discussion that even big names like New York Times, New York Magazine, the Atlantic and Gut Check fill their columns with an article on it. Well, then read on and find... -

Which Cheeses Are Lower In Fat

  Cheese is a favorite food for most people and added as an ingredient to several foods too.  They are fatty and has saturated fat in it so lets take a look at which cheeses are lower in fat. Cheese has saturated fat in it and... -

What Are The Various Ways To Eat Granola

Granola is a tasty snacking option for health and fitness freaks. These people always keep looking for new ways to eat granola. Granola is an assortment of oats and nuts, roasted and mixed with delicious and healthy honey. A wide variety of choices are... -

Learn These Four Tips For Healthy Soup Recipes

  Soups are an all-time favorite, but the worry of empty calories, with the amount of added cream and butter, can make us think twice about indulging.  However, by following the four tips for healthy soups listed below, you can enjoy this... -

Top 10 Anticancer Salads

You can beat cancer blues with the help of these top 10 anticancer salads . These salads are stacked with powerful vegetables, and fruits, which have exhibited strong cancer fighting properties.  Here is our take on top 10 anticancer salads:   ... -

Camomile Tea Health Benefits

Camomile tea is a caffeine free herbal tea that helps you to relax and unwind. Camomile tea health benefits are not restricted to just soothing of nerves and mind, rather the tea is one of the safest medicinal herbs used in traditional and natural... -

How Cinnamon Becomes A Treasure For Green Nanotechnology

    We are going to tell you about how cinnamon becomes a treasure for green nanotechnology ? We all know that nanotechnology is one of the greatest wonders of the modern science. The gold nanoparticles are so tiny that we... -

5 Must-have Seasonings For Your Kitchen

A kitchen needs to stock up many spices that can be used for seasoning to enhance flavor and quality of food prepared. The 5 must-have seasonings for your kitchen should include the basics which are absolutely mandatory where food is concerned.  ... -

10 Things You Can Do With Kimchi

A traditional Korean vegetable side dish, kimchi is made by fermenting vegetables especially cabbage. Kimchi is also spelled as kimchee and gimchi. It pairs well with fried rice and a usage of garlic, chili and ginger seasoning makes kimchi taste awesome.... -

Comparison Between Krill Oil & Fish Oil

Krill oil and fish oil, both are daily supplements used by people all over the world for reducing weight, improving heart conditions and getting relief from joint pains and inflammation.   Both these supplements are beneficial for... -

What Are The Ingredients In White Vinegar

White vinegar is a multipurpose, distilled form of corn alcohol. White vinegar can be found in almost every household because of its versatile uses. It has a distinct smell and is used as salad dressings, pickling, canning, coloring Easter eggs, removing... -

Difference Between Heavy Cream And Whipped Cream - Which One To Choose

The top most layer on the milk before the homogenization takes place, is the cream. There are many varieties of cream available, heavy cream and whipped cream being the most common ones and let me explain to you in detail the Difference Between Heavy Cream... -

Black Walnut - The Black Hand Of Death

The black walnut story reveals a lot. The properties of the innocuous yet exotic fruit is considered to be delicious as well. The wild form of nut growing in North America has long and illustrious tales told about it. The origin, history and significance of ... -

Do You Have These Spices In Your Kitchen

  A kitchen without spices is bereft. I realized years back that stocking the kitchen with all the essential spices is a must. That way while I am in the middle of cooking something I don’t discover that I am missing the key ingredients. Any... -

Top 7 Spring Harvest Salads

  The bounty of fresh green vegetables is splendid this harvest season! Here’s presenting the Top 7 Spring Harvest Salads that offer you the benefits of vitamins and essential flavonoids! These spring harvest salads are a must to boost... -

6 Ingredients Necessary To Make Gujarati Food

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Gujarati cuisine rocks, che; especially if you are a vegan or a vegetarian. In this post, I'm going to tell you about the 6 ingredients necessary to make Gujarati food. But first I'm going to burst your bubble... -

Couscous Confused With Whole Grain

By: Donna Miller Couscous (pronounced kuskus or kooskoos) is a typical North African food that has become popular in many countries. Couscous is often confused with being a grain, but in fact is more of a pasta and not a whole grain at all.... -

How To Make Yeast-free Pizza Dough

Baking pizzas are commonplace as are their recipes but do you know how to make yeast-free pizza dough? Now why on earth should you do that?  Well, we all know that the pizza dough can be made quite easily by sifting flour with the required amount of yeast;... -

10 Recipes To Make With Pomegranate

  My cousin came running to me enquiring about the " 10 recipes to make with Pomegranate ". My cousin said that everyone at his school seems to have gone crazy about pomegranate because they are all set to celebrate the... -

Vinegar Boosts Good Cholesterol - Its True

New research says that “ A spoonful or two of vinegar boosts good cholesterol “– it’s true too.   The Daily Mail reports that clinical trials were conducted on 120 people, by the researchers at University of Minnesota. Half of the people... -

Chocoholics, Here Is How To Make Chocolates Healthy!

Chocolate is a ‘cannot-be-turned-away’ food item, which appeases taste-buds of all ‘cadres(the young and the old, the male and the female, the rich and the poor). This is one ‘delicacy’, which is rich in all makes and flavor and melts down with a... -

Cilantro Can Curb Chitlins' Foul Odour

  Scientists say that Cilantro can curb chitlins’ foul odor . This is good news for all those who are fiddling with the idea of cooking chitlins for the Thanksgiving, X-mas, and New Year Day menus, but are... -

The Best Techniques To Marinate Steak

Marinated steak is meat lover’s favorite recipe. Follow the best techniques to marinate steaks to get tender, flavored steaks at your home. Marinating steak is very popular because it tenderizes hard chunks of meat making it pleasant to eat and it also... -

How To Find Wild Honey - Follow The Bees

We all have a fascination for wild honey and try to look for ways of finding wild honey. How to find wild honey ? It is believed that in 60 AD people followed bees to find wild honey and honey hunters spent days in the jungle, looking for the right honey.... -

Wine Flour Adds Kick To Your Cooking

The newly invented wine flour adds kick to your cooking, in a much better way than bottled wine. Rachel Klemek, a well known baker, started using this flour made out of left over grape skins from a winery and to everyone’s delight recipes like pasta,... -

Check For Hidden Animal Ingredients In Food

" How to check for hidden animal ingredients in food?" roared a newspaper headline. Being a vegan I have always ensured that the food that I eat is free from traces of animal ingredients. But, that newspaper heading was a sort of an eye opener for... -

A Fistful Of Spices - Ambassadors For Centuries

Tonight you might use pepper powder to spice up your omelet or to perk up your Caesar salad, but many people don’t know that pepper (also known as vegetable gold) was once used for paying rents.   The origin of spice dates back to the beginning... -

Essential Dried Fruits & Nuts To Keep In Your Pantry

  Dried fruits and nuts are essential ingredients in desserts, pancakes, muffins, spreads and dips. Here is guide of essential dried fruits  and nuts to keep in your pantry so that you don’t miss them while preparing dishes. While... -

The 5 Hottest Peppers In The World

The hotness of the pepper is measured in Scoville heat units. This scale was developed in 1912, by Wilbur Scoville. This heat unit is now widely used to ascertain the hotness of the peppers. The soaring SHU’s determine the hotness of the peppers.  Here are... -

Difference Between Mediterranean & Himalayan Salt

The two widely known varieties of salts – Mediterranean and Himalayan – though made up of the same component (sodium chloride) – vary widely from each other. Be it the color, the usage or the benefits, the differences between Mediterranean and... -

Get Blue With Blue Cheese

Do you love to get blue with blue cheese ? Here are some interesting ways  to use blue cheese  in foods other than just salads and sandwiches. Today use of blue cheese is not limited to only one recipe, blue cheese gourmets have innovated ways to... -

Top 10 Antioxidant Spices

We all know that spices are added to the food for enriching their taste, color and smell.  Could there be anything more to these spices other than their taste, color and smell enhancing properties? Yes, there is more to it. But what are those extra values?... -

Top 10 Fabulous Summer Salads

  There is something about salads, which are succulent, juicy and filling in a wholesome way. What’s more, they are a nutritious and healthy way to satisfy your hunger. So when summer is at its peak and you feel like splashing into... -

Difference Between Baking Soda/baking Powder

There are many people who do not know the difference between baking soda/baking powder – do you know their difference? The difference arises because both of these have similar functions and are added to products  before they are cooked. Both baking soda... -

Top 10 Foods Containing Sugar

Sugar might be something that you avoid most of the time but on some occasions like when you are extremely exhausted and need energy or when you need to raise your blood sugar due to a medical condition you really need to know which food contains sugar.... -

Top 10 Food Containing Testosterone!

Men!!! What worries you most?? Your underdeveloped muscles or your not so impressive libido!! I guess you really need some testosterone rise and for that you need to get familiar with the Top 10 Food containing testosterone or that helps in increasing... -

Top 10 Food Containing Wheat

Wheat being one of the healthiest ingredients, all of us are aware of its numerous benefits. But when asked about the top 10 food containing wheat , are we really so well informed? May be not! So here’s a quick account of the most common foods that... -

What Is Beef Wellington?

If you want to know what is Beef Wellington, then, let me tell you that, it is nothing but a special beef preparation. Beef Wellington is prepared with fillet steaks that are coated with duxelles and pâté. These coated fillet steaks are then wrapped... -

What Is Beef Carpaccio?

You have often heard about this beef Carpaccio delicacy, but, you could never actually find out exactly, what is beef Carpaccio! Well, before I tell you what is beef Carpaccio, I would like to tell you, what is the meaning of the word ‘Carpaccio’.... -

What Is An Artichoke

Artichokes are a very popular vegetable grown in Mediterrean type climates (Italy, Spain, France, Greece, California, etc).  However they are available frozen (hearts) and in jars or cans world-wide.  Artichokes is called " Sharifa " or "... -

Commendable Facts About Ash Gourd

Ash gourd, also known as petha in hindi , is generally cultivated for its nourishing and medicinal values. It contains calcium , phosphorous, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin C .           Here are... -

London Broil

I use to make London broil flank steak when I was a souse chef at Guthrie’s Digs back in the early 80’s. It was one of my favorite entrees while I worked there. We usually served as a lunch special, but it would be great for dinner too. You... -

Cooking On Salt Slab Cookware??!!

I always believed that salt is the supreme flavoring agent that brings out the flavor in every food. Now you can not only cook with it but cook on slabs of it directly over your stove!  These new slabs of pink salt that are mined in Pakistan have... -

Fregola Sarda

Fregola Sarda ( freh -goh-lah sar -dah) Toasted breadcrumb-like pasta from the island of Sardinia In its March 2006... -

Ethiopian Lentil Salad (azifa)

My way of cooking Ethiopian Lentil Salad ( Azifa ) Ingredients: 2 cups lentils 1 tomato (minced) 2 scallions or green onions (minced) 1 hot green pepper (seeded and minced) 2 tablespoon fresh lemon or lime juice 2 tablespoon... -

Ethiopian Split Pea Mild Stew (yeater Keke Alicha)

  Split Pea Mild Stew ( Yeater Keke Alicha ) is  a  tasty dish for vegans, vegetarians and Lent observers Ingredients: 1 cup yellow split peas (washed) 2 red onions (diced) ½ cup olive oil or vegetable... -

Blackberry - An Ancient Fruit

The blackberry is actually an ancient fruit, prescribed by the Ancient Greeks for gout, the Native Americans for stomach ailments. There are lots of health benefits of blackberries. Blackberries have recently been recognized as a leading source of compounds... -


The fat is heated in a pot or pan melting it if necessary, then the flour is added. The mixture is stirred until the flour is incorporated and then cooked until at least the point where a raw flour taste is no longer apparent and until desired color has been... -

Wine Vinegars Of India

Far from the bottled, chemical vinegars sold in India is a world of home-produced, indigenous vinegars. Wine unless stabilized by suitable additives quickly commences to turn into vinegar. The regional cuisines and traditional medicine of India has long... -

Banana - My Favorite Fruit

  Pic courtesy: If you ask me to name my favorite fruit, the immediate answer you would get would be the “ banana ”. A specific explanation... -

How Safe Is Sugarcane Juice?

Sugarcane juice is a popular refreshing drink in many parts of Karnataka. It is extracted by crushing the sugarcane between roller drums and served with or without added ice. Often sugarcane juice is used as a remedy for jaundice in folk medicine. Hygienic... -

Chicken - For Your Dinner

  Chicken can be a great choice for any meal – fast to cook and good to eat – that’s what I prefer to refer to my favorite chicken as. For lunch or for dinner it turns out to be a handy ingredients when you do have your creativity flowing or... -

Homemade Honey Beauty Recipes

Honey is a natural "humectant" which means it attracts and retains moisture. Honey has the natural ability to attract and retain moisture Honey can be a great beauty product...   Types of Homemade Honey Beauty Recipes 1. Honey Cleansing... -

Can Any Ifoodie Tell Me What These Are ?

(Ingredient Details, NYC, Wrapping with the Tortilla Guy) -

Beautiful Ginger

Spiral Ginger The ginger family (Zingiberaceae) is made up of a large group of tropical herbs. Most gingers are native to the fields and rain forests of Indo-Malaysia. The family, ever changing, consists of about 45 genra and around 700... -

Kudampuli (garcinia Cambogia)

  Kudampuli Other names: Garcinia Cambogia, Garcinia gummi-gutta, Kerala Tamarind, Brindal berry, Malabar Tamarind, Gambooge. Kudampuli is a vital ingredient in Kerala fish curries. In olden days, during the weddings, the fish... -

Kokum (garcinia Indica)

    Kokum (Garcinia Indica ) Kokum is one of the lesser known spices of India. It is only found in western regions of India (Konkan, Malabar and Kanara regions) and is not... -

Pears In Calda

Ingredients - 8 pears - 4 xícaras of filtered water - 2 xícaras of sugar - 4 small sticks of cinnamon - 1 orange to cut in rodelas Way of preparation In a pan places the sugar, the water and the cinnamon. It has led to the fire, it mixes... -

Chiles - Scoville Ratings

  There are two ways of classifying chile peppers—by their heat and shape. In 1912, pharmacist Wilbur Scoville invented a test to measure the hotness of peppers by diluting the pepper until the heat was... -


Turmeric Turmeric,one of a very important Indian spices,also known as Curcuma Longa in LatinIt's said to belong to the Ginger family.It’s use is far greater than just being used for cooking.It is also used extensively in Ayurveda,as... -

Turkey Facts

Turkey Facts At one time, the turkey and the bald eagle were each considered as the national symbol of America. Benjamin Franklin was one of those who argued passionately on behalf of the turkey. Franklin felt the turkey, although "vain... -

Ready-made Mix Gulab Jamun

Ready-Steady-Go... with the mix..and enjoy the sweets .. GULAB JAMUN Though the Gulab-Jamun were made during Diwali Festival...i m still melting the sweet sugar in our mouths. Long back in my childhood my mother used... -

Bunge Prickley Ash Oil

When I was shopping the other day at 99 Ranch, a large Asian Market here in California (also Taiwan and Indonesia) I noticed a 250ml bottle of something called Bunge Prickley Ash Oil.  I picked one up and at the checkout asked the lady what it was.  She... -


Quinoa (pronounced “keenwa”).  is an easy food to prepare, has a light, fluffy texture when cooked, and its mild, slightly nutty flavor makes it an alternative to white rice or couscous.  Quinoa is a small  seed that in size, shape, and... -

Manni - The World's Most Exclusive Olive Oil

  Want to taste the world's most expensive olive oil? Shaved watermelon with balsamic pickled watermelon rind, sweet woodruff, Manni olive oil, yuzu honey, lime zest and maldon salt  Made in Tuscany, Manni... -

Wind Flower

Round-leaf thimbleweed, Windflower The white "petals" of the plant are actually it's sepals. White, 5 unequal petal-like sepals, 1-2.5 cm long on solitary stalk from centre of leaves; numerous stamens in the... -

Coriander And Cilantro: Combination Of Aroma And Garnish; Fragrance And Beauty

Coriandrum sativum (Apiaceae, parsely family) Name: Coriander or Cilantro (U.S.A.) Hindi Name: Dhaniya               The herb, Coriandrum sativum, gives us two distinctly different flavors for the... -

Hey Honey ....!!

Honey is"manufactured" in one of the world's most efficient factories, the beehive. Bees may travel as far as 55,000 miles and visit more than two million flowers to gather enough nectar to make just a pound of honey. The color and flavor of... -

Cooking With Mushroms

Fresh mushrooms are truly a cook's best friend you need just a little something to dress things up or add a whole new dimension of flavor, your answer is mushrooms Basic Preparation: There is no need to peel mushrooms. The only trimming they may need... -


Allspice photo by: The berry of the evergreen "pimento tree" and commonly used in Jamaican cooking. Allspice is one of key ingredients in "jerk spice" mixtures. The spice has a flavor of cinnamon, nutmeg... -

Cardmom Small

Descri ption Cardamom of commerce is the dried ripe fruit (capsules of cardamom plant) often referred as the “Queen of Spices” because of its very pleasant aroma and taste. Cardamom is a perennial, herbaceous, rhizomatous plant. Based on the... -

Indian Spices

India produce a wide range of spice. At present, India produces around 3.2 million tonnes of different spices valued at approximately 4 billion US $, and holds a prominent position in world spice production. Because of the... -

Balsamic Vinigar

Balsamic means 'like balsam’ - and balsam is an aromatic resin - balsamic vinegar simply refers to the fact that it is thick (resin like) and aromatic. Here is a short summary of Balsamic Vinegar, where it comes from and how it is made. The... -

Chinese Ingredient List


Honey Ur Honey

    Honey A jar of honey, shown with a wooden honey server and scones . A capped frame of honeycomb A honey bee on... -

Benefits Of Strawberry

This is the highly prized fruit for fascinating medicinal properties.strawberries have more vitamin C than citrus fruits. According to american food society food rich in vitC lowers the risk of gastrointestinal cancer.1 cup of strawberries provides 140... -

.you Want To Know "ajinomoto"

Ajinomoto is the other name of MSG. Most commonly known as MSG, monosodium glutamate is the sodium salt of glutamic acid, which is an amino acid also found in mushrooms. MSG has no flavor of its own, but it does enhance the flavor of other foods.... -

Interesting Facts About Cabbage

Its on my shopping list everytime I visit the supermarket, its used in my kitchen more often than I think I do... But still cabbage is not one of the most loved vegetable. Well to begin with cabbage is very high in fiber, it has tonnes of vitamin C... -

Know Your Single Malt

SINGLE MALT Single malt Scotch is a type of Scotch whisky, distilled by a single distillery, using malted barley as the only grain ingredient. This is in contrast to a blended Scotch whisky which consists of a mixture of single malt... -

Essential Spices

Hi everyone! New to cooking? Or maybe just moved into your first place with a kitchen?! Everybody remembers to buy the toaster oven and/or coffee maker, but do they remember spices and seasonings? Here's a short video detailing 5 Essential Seasonings you... -

The Wheat Story

The Pharaohs of ancient Egypt were entombed with jars of Barley grain to sustain their lives in the next world. The Greeks honored Demeter, the Goddess who gave (or didn’t give) an abundance of growing grain. The Aztecs built temples in which they stored... -

The Cheese Course

Legend has it that the first cheese was made accidentally from goats milk that an Arab merchant was carrying in his saddle bag. The jolting of his camel in the hot sun separated the milk into curd and whey. The fact that the saddle bag was made with animal... -