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North Indian Sandwich

The North Indian sandwich is a chicken and vegetable sandwich that is a wonderful quick bite. An easy breakfast option, the sandwich is both great looking and appetizing. Try it for a delicious bite that is truly beyond words. - 45.152

Veg Masala Sandwich / Indian Snacks

Learn how to make Indian style vegetarian Masala sandwiches. Pretty easy to make and taste good with tea/coffee and mint or tamarind chutney. You can adjust the spices to suit your taste. - 102.976

Low Calorie Vegetable Sandwich

Sandwich is a great filling dish that offers lot of energy and can be made with low-calorie ingredients. This super fast sandwich is made with vegetables such as cabbage, carrot, red bell pepper, tomatoes, and zucchini. It is comfortable to make and much... - 37.0284

Vegetable Sooji Sandwich

Have you been looking for a flavorful and easy to prepare snack recipe? This video might just come handy. Watch the chef share her personal recipe to prepare this innovative snack. This recipe is sure to fetch you a lot of appreciation. - 131.685

Sizzling Vegetable Sandwiches

1 Brush eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash, sweet pepper, and onion with some of the olive oil. Place onion slices on a long metal skewer. Grill onions on rack of uncovered grill directly over medium coals for 5 minutes. Arrange remaining vegetables on grill... - 33.6929

Vegetable Sandwiches

Vegetable Sandwiches combines the richness of eggs, sweet and sour pickles and mayonnaise. This is another favorite of mine for its flavor and the easeness in preparing it. Why don’t you give this vegetable sandwich recipe a try. - 31.8205

Vegetable Sandwiches

Combine ground vegetables; add salt and pepper. Blend mayonnaise and cream cheese together; add to vegetable mixture. Refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours. Spread on bread slices; top with remaining bread. - 32.4811

Grilled Sub Sandwich

If you enjoy making different kinds of sandwiches then you must try this one . It is a vegetarian sub sandwich. You can always use your own favorite filling. The chef's recipe is easy and very healthy to eat. This can be made in a few minutes. If you're... - 105.473

Hot Vegetable Sandwiches

Cut thin slice from top of each bun; reserve. Remove center from each bun, leaving 1/4 inch wall. Mix cheese, mayonnaise, salt and basil; spread about 1/4 cup in bottom of each bun. Mix zucchini, tomato, onion and olives; divide among buns. Top with reserved... - 37.8102

Open Faced Crab And Tomato Sandwiches

Open Faced Crab And Tomato Sandwiches has two dimensional tastes. The seafood with vegetable gives the Open Faced Crab And Tomato Sandwiches a mouth watering taste. Open Faced Crab And Tomato Sandwiches is love by many across the world. - 36.6082

Bacon Cheddar And Tomato Sandwiches

1. Preheat oven to 350°F. 2. In medium bowl, combine all ingredients except hamburger buns. 3. Arrange buns cut sides up in 13-by-9-inch baking pan. Spoon equal amount of bacon-cheese mixture onto each bun half. Bake 15 minutes, until cheese is bubbling. - 27.5386

Tomato Date Sandwich Spread

Grind the tomatoes and the dates together in the blenderiser. Heat the oil in a thick bottomed pan and pour the mixture into it. The oil is only to prevent the mixture from burning. Add the salt and the chillie powder and cook till it thickens to a jam like... - 31.8308

Easy Vegetable Sandwich

There can be nothing as tempting like the popular snack vegetable sandwich that you can bite on anytime you want to take a break and munch on something healthy and spicy. The best thing about this vegetable sandwich is that it comprises different variety of... - 105.614

Dairy-free Vegetable Sandwich

A simple sometimes always tastes better than an elaborate one. A simple sandwich is always welcome! In this recipe, you can learn how to make a dairy-free sandwich. Filled with the goodness of vegetables, these go great with some chips! - 109.155

Baked Garden Salad

Prepare Vinaigrette Dressing. In a medium bowl, combine zucchini, carrot, peas, tomatoes and sprouts. Using a sharp knife, shred spinach. Add shredded spinach and cheese to vegetables; toss until combined. Remove garlic from Vinaigrette Dressing. Pour... - 43.8804

Open-faced Turkey Asparagus Sandwiches

Place asparagus in a medium saucepan with a small amount of boiling water, cover and cook 6 minutes or until tender. Drain well. Coat a large skillet with cooking spray; place over medium heat until margarine melts. Reduce heat to low, and add turkey, cook 3... - 45.1668

Eggplant Sandwiches

1. Heat water or both in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add onion and garlic. Cook and stir until onion is soft. Add more liquid during this process if necessary. 2. Add oregano, basil, eggplant, and tomatoes. Cook over medium-low heat for 15 minutes. 3.... - 43.8553

Summer Salad Sandwiches

MAKING 1.In a large bowl, combine onion, cucumber, red bell pepper, and tomato. 2.Put salami and cheese in bowl. Toss it well. 3.Add basil, sea salt, pepper, sherry vinegar, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil to it. Mix it well. FINALIZING 4.Spoon mixture... - 125.418

Carrot Sandwich

cut the edges of bread and keep aside spread egg mayonnaise on one slice of bread add carrot,cheese and put another slice of bread now keep inside the sandwich maker and allow it to become brown colour both side and serve with tomato sauce. - 29.3885

Italian Bread Sandwich

All those who are looking for a perfect Indian sandwich, then do try this one. The combination of cheese, cilantro chutney and vegetables gives a great taste to the sandwich. Watch the video for the recipe of this crunchy sandwich. - 100.046

Watercress Sandwiches

Cream butter and cream cheese together until well blended and fluffy. Stir in horseradish and watercress. Put sandwiches together in the usual way, using a heaping tablespoonful of the watercress mixture for each 2 slices of bread (do not butter bread... - 29.0209

Sandwich Pakora

This sandwich pakoda is a delicious snack that you can make with the left over veggies and bread. This batter fried snack is a wonderful treat for teatime and is sure to be a lunchbox favorite too. - 23.4213

Vegetable Puree Sandwich

1. Trim the carrots, peel the turnips and potatoes, and cut the vegetables into large chunks. 2. Bring 1 inch of water to a boil in a pan that will accommodate a large vegetable steamer. Place the vegetables in the steamer and cook, covered, 10 minutes, or... - 30.9239

Fried Green Tomato Sandwiches

In 12 inch skillet, cook bacon over medium heat until browned. Remove bacon to paper towels to drain. Meanwhile, in pie plate, beat egg white and salt. In another pie plate or on waxed paper, combine cornmeal and 1/4 teaspoon pepper. Dip tomato slices in egg... - 46.7789

Toasted Sandwiches With Vegetable Samosa Filling

Heat extra virgin olive oil in a frying pan, add the onion and garlic mix in the spices and fry until soft. Add the vegetables, seasoning and stir well until coated. Add the stock, cover and simmer for 30 minutes until cooked. Visit... - 34.7621

Herbed Cheese And Watercress Sandwich

1 In a medium-size bowl, combine the cottage cheese, pimientos, cucumber, green onion, dill, lemon rind, and pepper. Spread an equal amount of the mixture on 4 slices of the bread, then top with the watercress. Place the remaining bread slices on top and cut... - 32.2017

Indian Street Sandwich

GETTING READY For The Chutney 1. In a blender put all the ingredients for the chutney and blend till smooth. Transfer into a bowl and set aside. MAKING 2. Spread all the bread slices with butter. Apply the prepared chutney on them. 3. Arrange the potato... - 138.083

Vegetarian Hye Rollers

Place chopped cucumber in colander in sink and sprinkle lightly with salt. Let drain for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare dressing and vegetables. To Make Dressing: In a small bowl, stir together tahini, 3 tablespoons water, lemon juice, garlic, and salt to... - 47.6976

Royal Tomato Sandwiches

Cream butter and cheese well; add Worcestershire sauce. Beat until smooth. Spread filling on 3 bread slices; top with tomato slices and lettuce. Place remaining bread slices over sandwiches. Cut into quarters to serve. - 30.526

Hot Bacon And Tomato Sandwiches

MAKING 1. In a large skillet, tip in the bacon and sauté till crisp. 2. Place tomatoes and bacon on toast slices and cook Heat soup; pour over sandwiches. SERVING 3. Serve sandwiches immediately. - 31.6164

Cheese Bacon Tomato Sandwiches

Butter bread on both sides. For each sandwich, top 1 slice of bread with a cheese slice, a dollop of sour cream, chopped onion, and tomato slices. Sprinkle with oregano and seasoned salt. Add 2 slices bacon; top with another bread slice. Place sandwich,... - 40.6797

Cheese And Tomato Sandwiches

MAKING 1.Lay the slices of bread, and apply butter on them 2.Now on each slice, a slice of tomato, cover with grated cheese, and add a slice of bacon. 3.In a broiler, toast the sandwiches, until the bacon is crisp SERVING 4.Serve with a sauce of your choice... - 31.7477

Bacon And Tomato Sandwich

Cook bacon until crisp; pour off drippings. Set aside. Stir soup into skillet. Add milk, lemon juice, and pepper; blend until smooth. Heat slowly; stir often. Meanwhile, make open face sandwiches by placing tomato and bacon on toast; pour hot sauce over. - 32.1381

Grilled Eggplant Sandwiches

Cut 2 (1/2- inch-thick) slices lengthwise from opposite sides of each eggplant; reserve for another use. Cut each eggplant lengthwise into 4 (3/4-inch-thick) slices; set aside. Cut red peppers in half lengthwise; remove and discard seeds and... - 44.8383

Samosa Stuffing Sandwich Or Bread Samosa Pie

When it comes to preparing Samosa stuffing, most of you think about potato or meat stuffing but I love onion cauliflower peas (with paneer sometimes) filling. So here is my stuffing recipe - 113.418

Sportsman Sandwich Bacon Lettuce And Tomato Sandwich

Using scissors, remove the rind from the bacon. Grill for 2-3 minutes on each side until crisp. Toast each side of the bread. Put the toast on to a board and spread one side of each slice with mayonnaise. Arrange two rashers of bacon on 1 slice. Repeat with... - 38.7286

Korean Tomato Sandwich

One of the wonderful ways to enjoy fresh summer tomatoes is to cut them and squeeze them inside a sandwich. Just add dollops of mayo to it and you are done. Big Bear Ron shows how to make this simple sandwich at home. - 60.7222

Hot Ham And Asparagus Sandwich

Hot Ham And Asparagus Sandwich is a delicious side dish recipe which I always love to have. I bet, once you have this Hot Ham And Asparagus Sandwich, you will always crave for some more. - 30.4063

Pan Bania

Cut the bread in half lengthwise and rub the cut sides with garlic. Arrange the cucumber, tomato, pimentos, anchovies and olives over half the loaf. Sprinkle with oil and vinegar. Top with the other half of the loaf and press with a heavy weight thirty... - 34.1391

Watercress Sandwiches

MAKING 1.Place the cress, and sprinkle with salt, paprika, and lemon juice or mix with mayonnaise 2.Between slices of brown bread, place the cress SERVING 3.Serve with a sauce of your choice - 26.7003


To make a sandwich all you need is some bread and something to put between the bread. You can put anything you like inside a sandwich. - 94.1507

Asparagus Spear Sandwiches

MAKING 1)Trim crusts from bread and spread softened butter ,parmesan cheese on each slice. 2)Place an asparagus spear diagonally across each bread slice and fold in opposite corners of bread, securing with a wooden pick. 3)Use a baking sheet and place... - 41.0761

Tomato Sandwich Hors D'oeuvres

Combine the deviled ham, mayonnaise and minced onion. Cut the tomatoes in 1/4 inch slices and spread some of the ham mixture between every two slices. Serve on individual plates. Chopped chicken may be substituted for the deviled ham. - 25.029

Asparagus Sandwiches

Combine cream cheese, onion, mayonnaise and capers; mix well. Spread on toast. Arrange asparagus spears on top and garnish with egg. Drizzle a little dressing over each, if desired. Serve at once. Makes 4 servings. - 36.4215

Deviled Tomato Sandwiches

GETTING READY 1.Start by preheating the oven and also cut a slice from the stem end of each tomato MAKING 2.Place the tomatoes and sprinkle salts, pepper, and bits of bacon over 3.Finally bake the tomatoes until they turn tender 4.Place them on the slices of... - 36.1208

Tomato And Lettuce Sandwiches

GETTING READY 1.Start by peeling the tomatoes and slicing into thin slices MAKING 2.Chill the tomato slices in the refrigerator 3.On thin slices of buttered bread, spread mayonnaise and cover it with a crisp lettuce leaf along with thin slices of... - 32.1754

Cheese And Asparagus Sandwich

Toast bread lightly. Place toast in small glass utility dish. Top each piece with slice of cheese. Arrange asparagus spears on cheese. Beat egg white until stiff. Beat yolk; add mayonnaise, salt, pepper, and mustard; fold in beaten egg white. Spoon mixture... - 41.5136

Open Faced Cheese N Tomato Sandwiches

1. Preheat microwave browning grill for 5 minutes on HIGH. 2. Place bread slices on preheated grill. 3. Microwave for 1 minute on HIGH. Turn bread slices over; spread each slice with mayonnaise. Top with tomato and cheese slices. 4. Microwave for 1 1/2 to 2... - 26.3693

Tomato Sardine Sandwiches

Mash sardines. Add shredded cheese, eggs, celery, catsup, and lemon juice. Set aside. Spread margarine on bread slices. Spread sardine mixture on 6 slices of the bread. Top with lettuce and remaining 6 slices of bread. - 38.4846

Cheese And Tomato Sandwich

Combine first 5 ingredients; mix well. Divide mixture among 8 muffin halves. Broil for 2 to 3 minutes or until cheese starts to melt. Top each muffin with a tomato slice and a dot of butter. Return to broiler until butter bubbles. Makes 8 servings. - 38.4753

Ham And Watercress Sandwiches

Ham And Watercress Sandwiches is an easy to make snack. Try these really tasty Ham and Watercress sandwiches in your own kitchen. - 42.3133

Mediterranean Grilled Sandwich

GETTING READY 1. Sprinkle salt liberally on eggplant slices, and set aside for 15 minutes. Rinse it with cold running water. 2. Brush olive oil on pepper and eggplant slices. 3. Sprinkle salt and black pepper. Set aside. MAKING 4. Place vegetables on grill... - 107.321

Bacon And Tomato Sandwich

MAKING 1) In a skillet heat drippings and cook bacon until crisp. 2) Pour out the drippings from skillet and keep aside. 3) Add soup into the skillet and stir to mix. 4) Blend in milk, lemon juice, and pepper and stir until smooth. 5) Heat gently stirring... - 41.6919

Marinated Eggplant Sandwiches

Marinated Eggplant Sandwiches is a delicious recipe that you will simply love to serve to your loved ones. I am sure, once you try this Marinated Eggplant Sandwiches, you will always crave for some more. - 46.5852

Tomato Cheese Sandwich

Here is a product review of Galaxy Foods new vegan cheese shreds. We make a grilled cheese with it. - 117.05

Shrimp Artichoke And Sun Dried Tomato Sandwiches

Cook the shrimp in boiling water for 2 minutes, or until they turn pink. Drain; rinse with cold water. Cut in half lengthwise. In a large bowl, combine the shrimp, tomatoes, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes and olives. In a small cup, whisk together the vinegar... - 42.3948

Turkey Asparagus Open-face Sandwich

1. Mix French dressing, onions, and pepper. 2. Cook and drain asparagus. Pour French dressing mixture over asparagus and refrigerate for 2 hours. 3. Use a slotted spoon to remove asparagus and set it aside. 4. Cut English muffins in half and toast them.... - 34.0855

Tomato Rarebit Sandwich

In saucepan, melt butter; blend in flour, garlic, and mustard. Gradually stir in milk. Cook, stirring constantly, until thickened. Add cheese and stir until it melts. Pour a small amount over egg; blend well. Return to pan and cook about 1 minute. In... - 41.8234

Summertime Tomato Sandwich

1. Line a colander with a coffee filter or several layers of clean, dry cheesecloth. Place the yogurt in the colander in the sink and allow liquid to drain for 3 hours. 2. Combine drained yogurt, cream cheese, garlic, thyme, cilantro, chives, and basil. 3.... - 41.295

Eggplant Sandwich

GETTING READY 1. Slice the eggplants and brush it with olive oil, brush the mushroom as well. 2. Prepare the grill. MAKING 3. Grill the eggplants and portabella mushroom on the grill for 5 minutes on both the side. 4. Once done remove and place it on a... - 110.761

Mozzarella, Bacon And Roasted Tomato Sandwich

If you want to make a tasty and filling sandwich, but in an effortless way, then this recipe is the right choice. Packed with the goodness of mozzarella cheese and tomatoes, this sandwich is ideal to be relished as a lunch or as a snack. Watch out how simple... - 128.897

Open Faced Watercress Sandwiches

GETTING READY 1) Keep handful of watercress leaves for garnish. 2) Chop remaining watercress finely to measure 1/2 cup. 3) Wash nasturtium flowers and pat dry. Clean and discard bugs if any. 4) Keep aside 8 flowers for garnish and put in plastic bag, blow in... - 46.3287

Mozzarella In Carrozza

GETTING READY 1. In a bowl, add egg and milk. Beat together, and keep it aside. MAKING 2. On counter top, place 4 slice of bread. Top it with mozzarella. 3. Place tomatoes slices on it, and again put mozzarella over it. 4. Cover it with remaining bread... - 122.085

Sandwich Rolls

Here's how to make yummy and tasty sandwich rolls. You can make this for breakfast or snacks or carry them for picnic or can pack as a lunch for kids... - 114.426

Whole-grain Veggie Sandwiches

1. Place cottage cheese and yogurt in a blender or food processor and process until smooth. 2. Combine cottage cheese-yogurt mixture, carrot, green pepper, celery, and scallion. 3. Combine mustard with horseradish. Cut rolls in half lengthwise. Spread... - 40.7075

Tricolor Frosted Sandwich Loaf

For Vegetable Curry 1. Heat Oil in a heavy pan. 2. Fry onions and green chilies, when brown add ginger garlic paste and stir 3. Add Vegetables for 1 minute 4. Add Potaoes, salt, chili powder, and garam masala, mix well. 5. Remove from flame and cool the... - 48.6662

Old Time Tomato Sandwiches

From lemon, grate 1/2 teaspoon peel and squeeze 1 teaspoon juice. In small bowl, stir lemon peel and juice, mayonnaise, coriander, salt, and pepper. Cut eight 1/2 inch thick slices from center of bread loaf. Reserve ends for use another day. Toast bread if... - 38.6046

Toasted Cheese Sandwiches

Lay the two slices of bread on a plate. Butter them, with as much or as little butter as you like. Also spread over them the tomato sauce and mustard. Sprinkle over some pepper. Slice the cheese with the slicer or knife. Lay on one slice of bread. Top with... - 38.1171

Watercress Sandwiches

Beat cream cheese in large bowl until smooth and creamy. Add watercress and blend well. Add horseradish and salt to taste (mixture should be spicy). Trim crusts from bread. Spread slices with cream cheese mixture, covering thinly and evenly. Cut slices into... - 30.4031

Famous Bombay Sandwich

This name, famous Bombay sandwich tells its entire story by itself as it is the most famous sandwich in Bombay, but to give you a better idea it can be called a vegetarian's club sandwich. The video shows how easily it can be made with the simplest... - 127.165

Hot Ham And Asparagus Sandwich

In 3 individual casseroles, place toast, two half-slices to a casserole, cut edges down. Top with ham, then bundles of hot asparagus. Ladle hot Cheese Sauce over. - 23.6209

Watercress Sandwiches

Have cream cheese at room temperature. Trim crusts from bread; flatten slices with rolling pin. Beat Cheese until fluffy; fold in almonds, watercress, and salt. Spread 1 teaspoonful cream cheese mixture on each bread slice. Roll, jelly roll fashion; place... - 31.2204

Bacon Flavored Lettuce And Tomato Sandwich

MAKING 1) In a bowl, mix the mayonnaise and Bakon yeast. 2) On each slice of toast, evenly spread 1 tablespoon of this mixture. 3) On the toast slices, arrange all except 4 tomato slices evenly. 4) On each, lightly sprinkle pepper. 5) On top of each sandwich,... - 43.4988

Avocado Cheese And Tomato Sandwich

Melt the cheese over IQW heat with the butter and mix in other ingredients. Warm well and serve over wholewheat toast or rice. - 21.7471

Cheese Tomato Sandwich Spread

Combine first 5 ingredients in the top of a double boiler. Cook over hot water until cheese is melted, stirring occasionally. Combine next three ingredients and add some of the hot cheese mixture, mix well. Return to double boiler and continue to cook for 2... - 39.5675

Italian Syle Grilled Eggplant Sandwich

With summer round the corner what else would be the best way to celebrate it? Yes Grill, B-B-Q. hmmm yum. Try this pure veggie Grilled Eggplant sandwich. - 107.332

Sardine And Tomato Sandwich

GETTING READY 1. Draining the sardines, remove the bones and mash with the lemon juice. MAKING 2. Spread the bread with the slightly salted butter or herb butter. 3. Cover half the slices of bread with the sardine mixture. 4. Spread over the slices of tomato... - 37.1496

Grilled Eggplant Sandwiches

Cut eggplant into 12 (3/8-inch-thick) rounds; sprinkle both sides with salt and pepper. Top each of 6 eggplant slices with a slice of cheese, a slice of meat (fold or tear to fit) and a few basil leaves, if desired. Cover with a slice of eggplant. Brush one... - 39.553

Cheese And Tomato Sandwich

Combine the cheese, butter, mustard and Worcestershire sauce. Peel the tomatoes, cut across in halves and then cut each half through again, making 8 slices. Place 2 slices on each slice of bread and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cover with the cheese mixture... - 28.5267

Grilled Double Cheese And Tomato Sandwiches

1. Spread 1 teaspoon mustard on each of 4 bread slices; top each of 2 bread shces with 1 Cheddar cheese slice, 2 tomato slices, and 1 fontina cheese slice. Top with remaining bread slices. 2. Melt butter in a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Lightly... - 25.8626

Beef And Tomato Sandwich

Up to 6 hours before mealtime, in a clear plastic bag combine beef, tomato, and cheese; seal. In 2 separate clear plastic bags place the bread slices or pita half and the lettuce; seal. Pack meat mixture, bread, lettuce, and a paper towel to take along in an... - 33.3632

Sardine Egg And Tomato Open Sandwich

Finally an interesting and good recipe of Sardine Egg And Tomato Open Sandwich has arrived. Total time you have to spend on preparation and making of dish is only 30 minutes. If you have a lot of egg on hand then dish is the recipe you should opt for. I... - 52.1988

Grilled Eggplant And Fontina Sandwiches

GETTING READY 1. Prepare a baking tray by covering it with absorbent paper towels. 2. Wash the eggplant and then slice it crosswise into slices that are ½ inch in slice. You should have 12 slices in total. 3. Sprinkle each slice with salt and then spread out... - 44.8879

Watercress Triangles

Combine all ingredients except bread; mix well. Spread mixture on 6 bread slices; top with remaining slices. Cut each sandwich intoquarters. To serve, stand sandwiches on end. Makes 6 servings. - 31.4859

Carrot And Cabbage High Fibre Chutney Open Toast By Tarla Dalal

Carrot and cabbage are a wonderful combination due to their contrasting colors, which look good against each other. Here is a sumptuous sandwich made with this super duo supplemented with a tasty high fibre chutney. The veggies and whole wheat bread, all... - 118.798

Tofu Sandwich

If you like trying out different types of sandwiches then you got to check this out. This is one yummy sandwich you will ever come across, as it's made with an Indian twist. It's super easy to make but still delicious. Do check out the video for the recipe... - 94.4936

Rice And Onion Torta

1. Preheat oven to 350°. In a medium saucepan, bring water to a boil over high heat. Stir in rice, cover tightly, reduce heat to low, and simmer until rice is tender, about 20 minutes. Set aside. 2. In a large frying pan, melt butter in 1 tablespoon olive... - 33.4871

Veggie Melt Sandwich

In small bowl combine mayonnaise and mustard. Spread half of mixture on each slice of toast. Top each with 1 slice onion and tomato, then 1/4 cup alfalfa sprouts. Arrange 4 strips cheese over each sandwich. Place on paper towel lined plate. Microwave at 50%... - 34.4702

Asparagus Spear Sandwiches

Trim crusts from bread; spread each slice with softened butter, and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Place an asparagus spear diagonally across each bread slice; fold in opposite corners of bread, securing with a wooden pick. Place sandwiches on a baking... - 23.2876

Caprisian Sandwich For My Niece Suchiben & Her Family

Start your day with Italian Caprisian Sandwich and follow with Tomato soup for lunch. Bale Dave prepares this sandwich specialty from Italy and is made using basil, mozzarella cheese and tomato and also 3 colors of Italian flag. There was no better way to... - 77.7046

Veracruz Veggie Sandwich

MAKING 1) Spread the mayonnaise on one side of each bread slice, keep 2 bread slices aside. 2) Mash the avocado with lemon juice, spread over 2 bread slices and sprinkle with the parsley. 3) Top each with a cheese slice, then place 1/2 bell pepper, cucumber... - 40.2101

Fried Mozzarella And Tomato Sandwich

GETTING READY 1) Trim the crusts from the bread and cut out circles from the slices. MAKING 2) Prepare two sandwiches with the cheese and tomato slices, seal edges together. 3) In a bowl, add the egg, milk, dried... - 43.0917

Asparagus Grill Sandwiches

MAKING 1.In a container, put mashed banas, crushed pineapple, cherries, orange juice, lemon juice and sugar and stir them all well. 2.Freeze the container. FINALISING 3.Before serving thaw the mixture, and add ginger ale. SERVING 4.Serve cold in punch bowls. - 37.249

Grilled Eggplant Sandwich

1. For the sauce, combine the tomatoes, mushrooms, vinegar and fennel seeds in a small nonreactive saucepan. Cook, covered, over medium heat 10 minutes, or until the juices are rendered. Uncover the pan and cook another 15 minutes, or until the sauce is... - 34.4318

Warm Asparagus Sandwiches

Position knife blade in food processor bowl; add cottage cheese, 2 teaspoons Parmesan cheese, green onions, and lemon juice. Process until smooth; set aside. Snap off tough ends of asparagus. Remove scales from stalks with a knife or vegetable peeler, if... - 43.8187

Violet Or Purple Yam - Ratalu Or Garadu (purple Yam Or Potato Sandwich)

If you're looking for some interesting recipes, then do check this out. Chef Bhavna makes violet yam in an Indian style. This is a very tasty appetizer. I'm sure your family and guests will love it. Do try out this recipe and don't forget to watch the video. - 103.18

Cabbage, Carrot And Paneer Grill Sandwich By Tarla Dalal

A quick and satiating breakfast with vegetable, paneer, and cheese stuffing! A glass of milkshake is just perfect to round up your morning meal. - 122.808

Curry Chicken Sandwiches

A taste of India comes to you in this sandwich with a curry and yogurt dressing. - 37.264

Celery Pinwheels

GETTING READY 1) Clean the celery and separate the branches. MAKING 2) Blend together Roquefort with softened cream cheese. 3) Add mayonnaise and drizzle Worcestershire sauce. 4) Spoon the branches with the cheese mixture and press the branches back into... - 38.9923

Veggie Paneer Sandwich

Sandwich made with paneer(Cottage cheese) filling. - 99.3842

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