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Egg Fry Sandwich

Instead of cooking eggs separately, eggs are cooked along with bread which is really healthy and easy to make it. Eggs are good source of protein and truly a healthy option for breakfast or lunch. - 138.987

Masala Puffed Rice / Masala Borugulu - Simple Indian Snack

Puffed rice is tossed with flavorful seasoning to make it a delicious snack for your tea time. Enjoy this guilt free snack!!! - 135.71

Mirchi Bajji - Mirapakaya Bajji - Mirchi Bonda

Mirchi Bajji is a very popular Indian snack . It is the stuffing that makes them differ from various regions. They taste great whether you make them stuffed with masala or just fry them as they are without any stuffing! Here is the recipe how I prepare at... - 133.191

Indian Peanut Snack

Would you like to try a spicy and easy to make Indian Snack? This video might just prove helpful. Watch the chefs share their secret recipe to make this yummy Indian Peanut Snack at home. You are sure going to love it. - 132.878

Spicy Dahi Vada

If you want to recreate the magical taste of popular Indian snacks - dahi vada, then you must watch this video. You can prepare the lentil dumplings in advance to serve the snacks on the table, real quick. Blending of the spicy yogurt and tempering the dish,... - 132.186

Veg Paneer Lollipops

MAKING For the Vegetable Lollipop 1. In a large bowl add all the ingredients of the vegetable lollipop except the carrot sticks. Mix them well till combined. Take portions approximately around 3 tablespoon and make smooth balls. 2. Take each carrot stick and... - 131.978

Mint And Masoor Tikki (low Calorie Snack) By Tarla Dalal

An interesting way of combining an unusual leafy vegetable like mint and a pulse like masoor. As I have used only 1 teaspoon of oil to cook these tikkis, they are really amazing being moreover relatively light in terms of calories as compared to the deep... - 127.656

Stuffed Corn And Paneer Footlong By Tarla Dalal

Stuffed Corn and Paneer Footlong is an irresistible snack (or meal!) of fresh footlong bread, crisped to perfection and stuffed with a combination of delicious ingredients like tomato for tang, capsicum for flavour, sweet corn for a refreshing crunch, and... - 126.651

Pani Puri

Watch this video, follow Bikramjit and satisfy your taste buds with this sumptuous Indian street food snack. - 126.647

Oats Palak And Sprouts Mini Uttapa (multi-nutrient For Pregnancy) By Tarla Dalal

Pregnancy is a time to be enjoyed. It's a golden period when you feel quite indulgent, and yet have to strike a balance between your sudden hunger pangs, changing tastes and good health. Here is a quick snack for such times! The Oats Palak Sprouts Mini Uttapa... - 125.528

Hariyali Paneer Potato Pancake By Tarla Dalal

The hariyali paneer potato pancake is a versatile preparation that is classy enough to serve at parties and tasty enough to please kids! it is a double-decker with one scrumptious paneer-potato pancake placed below a nutritious palak-methi pancake layer.... - 125.089

Baked Sev (low Calorie) By Tarla Dalal

How many times have you felt depressed yearning for your favourite foods but unable to indulge as you are on 'diet'? My dear readers, do not despair any longer, as I have conjured up a baked version of sev that tastes equally great! it tastes brilliant when... - 124.926

Stuffed Potatoes With Paneer By Tarla Dalal

A crispy outer and a soft interior, makes stuffed potatoes with paneer a perfect starter! roasted potato cases are stuffed with a delectable mixture of cottage cheese spiced mildly with green chilies and interspersed with cashews and raisins. Sour cream makes... - 124.92

Aloo Bonda

Yummy spicy potato balls wrapped in gram flour batter and deep fried. - 124.894

Masala Paniyaram - Appe Or Paddu - No Oil

MAKING 1. In a bowl mix all the ingredients till well combined. Add little water if required. 2. Place a non stick paniyaram pan on medium heat. Grease it with drop of oil and pour the batter into each groove. Cook for a few minutes till one side is done,... - 124.311

Spinach Cheese Cigars With Honey Chilli Sauce By Tarla Dalal

Crunchy Samosa patti rolls, filled with a spicy cheese and spinach mixture. Serve these immediately to enjoy the taste of the melted mozzarella cheese. Ready-made Samosa pattis are available at most provision stores. - 123.936

Sprouted Masala Matki (iron Rich) By Tarla Dalal

Sprouted Masala Matki is an ideal snack during post pregnancy days, as it helps to make up for the iron lost in blood during childbirth. Sprouted matki is a great source of iron, and the addition of vitamin C rich veggies like tomatoes and capsicum ensures... - 123.315

Ribbon Fritters

Ribbon Fritters: and easy snack that lasts for a month and goes great with tea! I made these for my son's school's fundraiser, and lots of people loved it, hope you do too!(: - 123.227

Crispy Potato Sandwich

If you have always needed something to go along with your tea, then, you'll love this Delicious & Crispy Potato Sandwich. Potato spread is topped on wholesome wheat bread and then shallow fried to form a crispy delight. Careful not to eat everything in one... - 122.999

Spicy Paneer On Toast (diabetic Snack) By Tarla Dalal

A zesty topping made from low-fat paneer and vegetables adds spice to nutritious whole wheat toasts. A great teatime snack, they make a good accompaniment to a hot, sugar-free beverage! Since low-fat paneer is high in protein, go easy on milk and milk... - 122.793

Spicy Diamond Cuts - Simple Indian Snack

Diamond Cuts are spicy and simple to make snack recipe. They go well along with the evening time tea or coffee. - 121.88

Chick Pea Tikkis (protein And Calcium Rich For Pregnancy) By Tarla Dalal

A traditional Indian snack made nutritious with the addition of protein and calcium-rich ingredients-chick peas and mint, which helps in the development of healthy teeth and bones of your baby. - 121.476

Indian Shakkar Para

The Shakkar Para is quite a popular Indian sweet that is made with semolina. If you like the sticky granularity of the semolina in your dishes, then you will enjoy this one for a fact. In this video, Manjula demonstrates how to make this snack. You are sure... - 121.238

Ragi And Coriander Uttapa (calcium And Iron Rich Snack) By Tarla Dalal

Ragi and Coriander Uttapa,calcium and protein rich ragi along with vitamin and iron rich coriander combine tastefully in this healthy snack! - 120.598


GETTING READY 1. In a mixing bowl, add besan, rice flour, turmeric powder, salt and baking soda. Mix them well to combine. 2. Pour water slowly and knead into a soft dough. 3. Wrap it in a cling wrap and set aside for 10 minutes. MAKING 4. In a deep frying... - 119.979

Masala Egg Toast Recipe- Quick Meal Ideas

Learn how to make Masala Egg toast in your kitchen within 5 minutes. It can be prepared with few simple ingredients present in your kitchen. If you are pressed for time and want to have a quick snack or a quick meal, then give this Masala Egg Toast a try. Way... - 119.092

Dahi Puri

Dahi Puri is a special chat recipe which has crispy and puffy puris filled with sweet and sour chutney, spicy potato, colorful green chutney, crispy thin savory noodles. Try this recipe and enjoy it with your family. - 118.644

Oats And Poha Chivda (diabetic Snack) By Tarla Dalal

Yet another variation of a favorite Indian snack! Use oats and poha to make this healthy chivda. Carry this snack in your bag to work or to the gym for an instant pick-me-up when you feel your blood sugar levels decreasing. - 117.676

Masala Boondi - Diwali And Tea Time Snacks

Masala Boondi is a crispy and spiced snack which is really very easy to make at home. - 117.42

Paneer Tikkis By Tarla Dalal

Ever popular paneer tikki, made richer with dry fruit stuffing and spiced up with green chilies. A popular Punjabi starter! - 116.81

Shakarpara Or Namakpara - Indian Snack

If you're looking for some tasty Indian snacks, you should try this recipe. This is called Shakarpara in India. This is a good snack for munching time. You can make more and store in an air tight container. Don't forget to watch the video for this amazing... - 115.777

Oats Lollipop (healthy Snack For Kids) By Tarla Dalal

Unlike candy lollipops, you wouldn't mind your children eating these. The oats, jaggery, nuts and sesame seeds all blend in nicely to make these lollipops crunchy and delicious. You can make them in advance and store them in air-tight containers. - 115.742

Samosas With A Chinese Filling

Samosas with a twist! Our ace chef whips out the world famous indian snack - samosa in two versions. The first with the traditional aloo filling and the second one with a jazzed up chinese filling. - 114.576

Oat Hearts

Tasty Continental Dish made of oats and potatoes spicy Indian gourmet curry cutlets shaped into hearts. - 113.724

Chakri Or Murukku - Rice Spirals

MAKING 1. Take a bowl, mix all the dry ingredients such as rice flour, sesame seeds, carom seeds, white chili powder, salt and sugar. 2. Once the dry ingredients are mixed well, add the sour cream and knead the dough and keep it aside. 3. Take the chakri... - 113.018

Chakri Or Murukku - Indian Snack

If you enjoy eating Indian snacks, then you will love this chakri. This is a mouth watering snack and you can serve it with tea. Watch the video before trying it at home. - 112.908

Bread Bonda/ Stuffed Bread Balls - Indian Vegetarian Snack

Bread Bondas are crispy dumplings stuffed with a very tasty simple to make potato masala. - 108.885

Healthy Bhel Puri (chaat)

Those who relish eating Indian snacks will definitely want to try this recipe out. This is a famous Indian junk food. The chutney added to the bhel gives it a good flavour. Watch the video to try out this tasty chaat. - 108.089

Shakkarpara - Indian Festive Sweet

MAKING 1. Place a pan on medium heat and add the salt, water, sugar and clarified butter. Stir well and bring the mixture to a boil. 2. Transfer the syrup to another container for faster cooling. 3. Add the sugar water to the all-purpose flour to make a... - 106.969

Makhania Biscuits From Bisquick Pancake Flour

Those who are keen on making Indian biscuits, then check this out. Chef Bhavna shows how to make yummy salted biscuits. They are also called Makhaniya biscuits In Gujarat. These biscuits are so easy and quick to make. You will really enjoy eating them while... - 105.463

Aloo Bhakarwadi (potato Pinwheels)

If you're looking for an Indian veggie delight then do try the aaloo bhakarwadi. This can be served as a snack to your family and guests. Vegetarians will love this snack. Watch the video as chef Bhavna explains the entire recipe in detail. - 104.332

Roasted Chickpeas Or Garbanzo Beans- Chhole Chana Garam

In this video, Bhavna shows us how to make this delicious, high fiber snack. These roasted chickpeas are a crispy, crunchy alternative to bland, mushy chickpeas. Indian snack food has never been this good and delicious. I'm gonna try it right away. Mazel Tov! - 104.095

Spinach Cheese Bites / Appetizer (indian Snacks)

Learn how to make spinach and cheese bites, Indian style. These make an excellent appetizer or snacks for get togethers as well as something to enjoy with cup of tea or coffee. - 102.022

Grilled Sandwich (using The Leftover Pav Bhaji)

Grilled Sandwich is a quick fix snack using the leftover bhaji. - 99.5257

Aloo Kurkure By Tarla Dalal

Poha coated potato and mint flavored starter. This couldn't be easier. - 96.9912

Veggie Cutlets

This cutlet has many vegetables in it that can also be added or replaced as desired. It is a vegan dish. A very good snack and it can also be used as appetizer in parties. - 48.28

Pressed Rice Mixture With Salted Cherry Tomatoes

Enjoy the quick and easy crispy rice flakes with tart flavored cherry tomatoes and you will find reason to make it more than once every weekend! - 48.0618

Crispy Fish Fingers

This is such a tasty snack that satisfies the fish craving yet not the usual curry or fry. It is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It goes well with tomato ketchup or hot and spicy sauce. - 47.3674

Balle Balle Dahi Bhalle

This is one tasty snack that everyone will love. Once put in the yogurt the bhalle turns very soft and the raisins make it much more interesting. Sweet sour and spicy, it makes the taste buds go crazy and craving for more. - 47.1172

Sweet Sweet Shakkar Para

Shakkar pare is among the most favorite sweet snacks in India. It is something can be made in advance and stored for a long time. They can be made in different ways like some people make the para and then put it in sugar syrup, while some make sweet paras.... - 45.4563

Paneer Open Sandwich

They're portable, easy to make, good for any time of day, and it's made in a jiffy. This open-face sandwich is just as delicious as it is adorable. This visually appealing open sandwich, with its perfect blend of spices, is sure to please everyone. - 45.2753

Aaloo Bonda

Bonda is a typical South Indian Snack. It is made of gram flour. In each region it is made differently. This is my take on this simple snack. It can be enjoyed warm on a rainy day or winter evenings. - 45.2413

Masala Aloo Sticks

Spicy potato sticks are ideal tea time snack, which are easy to prepare and quick to vanish from the plate. This very low budget snack or appetizer can be served at parties and occasions. A must have in kids party, but of course with lesser amount of spices. - 45.2284

Dahi Bade

GETTING READY 1 In a bowl, soak urad dal overnight. 2 Remove the husk by repeatedly washing it with water. 3 In a grinder jar, grind it finely. MAKING 4 In a bowl, mix the dal with green chillies, coriander, ground spices, chilli powder and soda... - 44.4119

Pav Bhaaji At Home

This is the number one street food that is eaten in India. Any street vendor will have this. It is a combination of a vegetable curry with toasted paav bread. The curry is spicy and usually loaded with butter. - 44.1931

Homemade Tangy Mirchi Bajji

GETTING READY: 1.Filling: Grind roasted peanuts, carom seeds, tamarind pulp, turmeric powder and salt in a blender into a fine paste and set aside. 2.Batter : Mix chickpea flour, baking soda, salt, pinch of chili powder,water in a bowl and make a thick... - 43.9567


GETTING READY 1)In a medium wok, heat oil to smoking point. MAKING 2)In a mixing bowl, add first 5 ingredients and make stiff dough with warm water. 3)Knead the dough the roll out into thin round disc. 4)With a sharp knife, cut strips crosswise into diamond... - 42.7231

Spicy Indian Snack

Spicy Indian Snack€¦.hmmm€¦spicy and a great combo as well. I am sure you even loved the sound of this Spicy Indian Snack. So enjoy cooking it. - 41.0786

Snack Time!! Namak Para

Namak Pare is a very simple yet tasty snack. It is dry and crispy. This can be made in bulk and stored in air tight containers for many days. Namak pare can also be used in salads and as garnishes. - 40.9449

Golden Fried Boondhi

Boondhi is a very versatile snack to have at home. From snacks to tasty side dishes it can be used in many recipes. It can also be had a snack by itself. - 40.6806

Sweet Crepe Rolls

This recipe is a sweet snack. Served hot with tea or coffee, this is a combination of crepe like dosa, with coconut filling. It is very tasty and easy to make. - 40.3787

Palak Pakodas (spinach Fritters)

This is a snack that is rich in iron. It is crispy and spicy so a very good addition to the tea time. - 40.1912

East Indian Snack

In mixing bowl or slow-cooking pot, mix together noodles, cashews, Rice Chex, and coconut. Sprinkle with curry and ginger. Add butter and soy sauce. Toss until well mixed. Cover and cook in slow-cooking pot on low 3 to 4 hours. Uncover the last 30 to 40... - 39.6362

Ulli Vada (onion Fritters)

Ulli vada is a very common snack in Kerala. It is best enjoyed during the rains with tea or coffee. - 37.7098


1 Combine the ingredients to make a firm dough. 2 Divide into 12 pieces and roll into balls. 3 Roll out very thinly on a floured board to 1.5 mm (1 /16 in) thick. To trim to neat circles, cut each with a 12.5 cm (5 in) cutter. Line a tray with paper, and... - 37.0797


Sift flour together with baking powder, salt, cumin, turmeric and chilli powder. Rub in ghee or butter. Add cold water to make a stiff dough similar to pastry. Roll out very thin on a floured surface. Cut into small attractive shapes and leave to dry for 10... - 36.1641

East Indian Snack

MAKING 1) In a slow cooker, add the noodles, cashews, cereal and coconut, mix well ; sprinkle with the curry and ginger ; lastly, drizzle the mixture with the margarine or butter and soy sauce, toss well. 2) Cook, covered on LOW for about 3-4 hrs; uncover... - 35.7435

Papadom Surprises

The tasty Pappadom Surprises is a unique and tasty dish which you can serve for your parties. I am sure that your guests will love it! I made this for my friends for my anniversary dinner and they loved it! Try the Pappadom Surprises for yourself! - 34.2696

Puffed Rice Savory Snack

As savory as you like it and and as spicy you like it, this snack is so versatile. It can be a very good addition to the snack table when entertaining. - 34.0769

Treat For Kids - Fried Bread Snack

This is an absolutely mouth-watering early evening tea-time snack that both kids and grown-ups equally enjoy! This is a perfect snack with a hot cup of tea or milk. They are crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside. Try this recipe and watch how your... - 32.7685

Healthy Cornflake Pufffed Rice Snack In A Jiffy!

Come evening, most of us start yearning for a snack, something to munch on, something that's tasty yet not heavy on the stomach. Traditional Indian snacks are typically fried and thus loaded with calories. It becomes difficult for a person who starts eating... - 31.4935

Chicken Stuffed Buns

This is a tasty and filling snack with hearty chicken stuffing. It serves for the burger and sandwich at the same time. Serve it with tomato ketchup and the fries on the side. - 31.3672

Namak Pare

Munch on this crispy snack on a cold or rainy day with ginger tea or coffee. Easy to make and you can even store them for a week. - 31.0672

Mom's Hit Bhapouri

Bhap + auri, the concept is steamed pakori. It is a yummy snack made with chana dal. Delight your guests by serving this wonderful snack. - 29.6119

Yummy Besan Snack

It is a wonderful mild spicy snack. A perfect option to flatter your tea time guests, especially those who have taste for Indian food. - 29.0624

Puffed Rice Chiwda

This is a crunchy snack that is easy to make and can be stored for at least a week. - 27.3517

Healthy Sprouts Tikki

Low cal or low oil tikkis are something I love to have as my breakfast or even as an evening snack. Moong dal sprout is an extremely healthy ingredients to experiment with and this recipe with it, is an awesome one!! - 26.2599

Crispy Rice Rings

These rings are made of rice flour. Its a crispy and yummy munch, perfect to be served as a tea time snack. - 24.9099

Crispy Rice Papdi

Its a chat papdi made of rice flour. You can serve these crispy and crunchy papdis along with tea or even use in chaat preparations. - 24.7532

Sprouts With A Spicy Twist

With all the things available at home this is the easiest snack you can have, which can satisfy your craving for something spicy, along with a crisp. - 24.5946

Tasty Crispy Aaloo Tikki

Tikkis are one of the most sought out snack items in India. It is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. This savory snack can be enjoyed as it is or in chaats with yogurts or with sev. - 24.3321

Special Cornflake Mixture

MAKING: 1. Heat oil on medium flame till it is ready to fry the cornflakes. The best way to check if the oil is ready is to drop a few cornflakes into the oil and if they puff up and come to the top, the oil is ready. 2. Fry cornflakes in batches till the... - 23.1558

Crispy Sev

Sev is a popular Indian snack. It is liked with uncountable number of combinations.. - 22.8701

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