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How To Make Saag Gosht

Also known as Palak Gosht, Hara Gosht or Lamb Saag this is a delicious curry made my simmering meat in a spinach sauce. Watch Karen Ahmed demonstrate a step by step recipe to make this at home. - 122.715

Red Masala Lamb Curry

Using Red Masala paste I've made a delicious Red Masala Lamb curry. You can also use mutton or beef. - 117.117

Grilled Lamb Chops - Indian Style

Simple and flavorful way to prepare grilled lamb chops the Indian way. - 108.752

Curried Lamb Shoulder Chops

Learn how to prepare lamb shoulder chop in a flavorful Indian way. - 99.7571

Sarson Ka Saag Gosht

Sarson Ka Saag Gosht is easy to prepare. The green chillies and garam masala powder gives the Sarson Ka Saag Gosht a very blazing taste. Must catch it. - 39.1682

Hare Massalay Ka Gosht

In hot ghee fry onions and meat togetner till light brown. Add ground masala and salt and fry for 2-3 mins. Add 2 cups hot water and simmer with lid on till meat is tender. Add tomato and simmer 5 mins longer. Remove from fire. Mix in garam masala and... - 39.022

Dhum Ka Gosht

Chop into even pieces carrots, sweet potatoes and french beans. Take a thick pan with a fitting cover and melt 4 tbs ghee and fry 4 minced onions till they soften. Mix all the remaining ingredients and add to the pan. Cover and seal pan with dough and cook... - 37.8992

Spicy Pepper Mutton Fry

Mutton is very high in protein and minerals such as iron, zinc and phosphorous. It can be prepared in many ways and this is one such preparation which is quite spicy and eaten with rotis. - 27.0098

Lamb And Pea Koftas With Mint Yogurt

These minced lamb kebabs are very tasty and easy to make. They can be served with any salad, sandwich, breads or rice also. - 24.54

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