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Indian food reflects the culinary heritage of India, a country with cooking traditions as vast and diverse as the cultures that prevail in the Indian subcontinent. The use of aromatic herbs, flavorful spices and a ... More »
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Oven Roasted Tandoori Chicken

This Oven Roasted Tandoori Chicken might not taste the same as the real ones cooked in the tandoor. But this is definitely the next best thing. You can even graduate to the next level by buying a small tandoor for yourself. Try out this recipe and you will be... - 147.162

Hyderabadi Style Mutton Biryani

How many times you have tried your luck to cook the exotic Indian mutton biryani at home and finally accepted your inability? But cooking this special aromatic mutton rice dish is not a matter of luck, but a matter of skill and proper guidance. In this video,... - 147.086

Hyderabadi Style Chicken Biryani

All of you, who have enjoyed the opportunity to taste this famous Indian recipe, you know how exotic it is. To prepare this exquisite Indian rice dish at home, you should watch this video. It is not at all an easy preparation, but with the step-by-step... - 146.122


There is nothing more heavenly than kulfi. From kids to elderly people, everyone loves this Indian ice-cream. They are better made at home as readymade ones are adulterated due to expensive ingredients. It’s quiet easy to make and have a long shelf life. I... - 145.946

South Indian Dosa

How many of you tried multiple times to reproduce this paper thin Indian breakfast item, known as Dosa? For all those Indian food addicts, here is the best video. Watch and try at your own kitchen, as this requires some practice to learn the skill. A friendly... - 143.74

Whole Green Moong Dal

A nutritious dal recipe with tons of health benefits. Makes a perfect warm soup during rainy days or can be had with rice or chapati. Makes a very good meal if you are looking to shed of excess pounds. - 143.625

Spicy Eggplant Curry

In India, eggplants are cooked in many ways with loads of spices in it. Another great dish that we have is spicy eggplant curry, its low fat, low calories and tastes extremely delicious. It even pairs well both with rotis and rice, so you don’t need to... - 143.049

Appetizing Masala Papad

Masala papad is very unique to Indian cuisine. I can bet, there is no similar dish on earth that tastes like a masala papad. It’s a very popular Indian appetizer served in restaurants mostly in the northern part of India. I never forget to order it whenever... - 141.531

Spicy Baingan Bharta

Baingan Bharta is a classic north Indian dish, usually served with rotis. I make it spicy but it tastes equally good with less spices. I have hardly known anyone who doesn't like this dish. It's common to every Indian household and now it’s getting popular... - 141.22

Indian Thalipeeth

Who said that the Thalipeeth is a rustic dish? It is going global, baby! It is a mildly spiced, multi-grain pancake that is flavorsome on your palate. It is also very nutritious. There are many Thalipeeth recipes, but Madhura's recipe here is my favorite.... - 140.445

Pudina Chutney

Looking for a spicy Indian Dip, try pudina chutney. Chef's recipe has a perfect balance of spice and sourness and is easy to make. It is full of freshness and flavors, so much so that the smell of it can make one drool. The dip is best enjoyed with Indian... - 140.309

Crispy Fish Fry

Fish fry is one of the easiest and quick recipe. Needs very basic ingredients and gets ready in jiffy. A perfect recipe for crisp lovers! - 139.963

Huevos Rancheros With Indian Twist

How about some healthy and delicious Mexican breakfast tomorrow? Watch this video to learn this Huevos Rancheros with Indian Twist. It is the national breakfast of Mexico and in this video it is cooked with a twist. Take a look to find out the secret. This is... - 139.778

Indian Keema Matar

Keema matar is an authentic Indian recipe, which many of you must have tasted. Preparing this Indian comfort food is quite easy and quick. This spicy minced meat dish is a real treat for your appetite, which you can serve with rice or Indian flat bread or... - 139.407

Indian Butter Chicken

Watch this video to learn a new variations of the traditional Indian Butter Chicken. In this video you will see a simple method of cooking this all time favorite curry. This is a perfect dish to show your cooking skills. - 139.365

Egg Fry Sandwich

Instead of cooking eggs separately, eggs are cooked along with bread which is really healthy and easy to make it. Eggs are good source of protein and truly a healthy option for breakfast or lunch. - 138.987

Sweet Modak

The Modak is a typical Indian sweet that is made for special occasions and festivals. But you can make it any time you want. Surprisingly, this is rather simple thing to make. The recipe is broken down in simple steps in this video. Watch, learn and enjoy! - 138.617

Lauki Halwa / Anapakaya Halwa (bottle Gourd Pudding)

Halwa is an Indian pudding cooked with vegetables or milk sometimes with bread. Bottle gourd Halwa is one of such type of pudding which every household kitchen in India makes at festive occasions or main events. Mild flavored bottlegourd is cooked in creamy... - 138.616

Chicken Biryani - Latest Yummy Version

Biryani is one the most flavorful and aromatic rice dish in India. Its a multi step process in which rice and chicken is cooked separately and then cooked with the alternate layers of chicken and rice. Loads of spices and a bit of time consuming but... - 138.588

Sweet Sesame Seeds Roti

If you're in the mood to have a Maharashtrian delight then do try out this recipe. These are mostly eaten during winter. Watch the video as chef Madhura removes the hot Sesame Seeds Roti from the pan. - 138.335

My Butter Chicken (murgh Makhani) Is Easy And Delicious Served Over Rice By Rockin Robin

I will show you how I make butter chicken which is an Indian dish with a good amount of heat. - 138.202

Indian Street Sandwich

GETTING READY For The Chutney 1. In a blender put all the ingredients for the chutney and blend till smooth. Transfer into a bowl and set aside. MAKING 2. Spread all the bread slices with butter. Apply the prepared chutney on them. 3. Arrange the potato... - 138.083

Maharashtrian-style Dadpe Pohe

For every Maharashtrian, Dadpe Pohe brings back fond memories of their mother! A very easy and simple Maharashtrian snack but in most homes it is also eaten as a breakfast. This is a no- cook Dadpe Pohe recipe and does not need the flaked rice to be soaked... - 137.914

Tricolor Jeera Rice

Rice is a staple food in many countries including India and there are many ways of preparing rice. Tricolor jeera rice is a classic example jazzing up a plain rice dish that is appetizing as well as appealing to the eyes. One can find this dish on all special... - 137.654

Yogurt Marinated Roasted Chicken Thighs

These chicken thighs have to be marinated for about 4 hours so make sure you allot that time. They are roasted in the oven but could also be grilled. Whatever you decide, these are absolutely delicious. - 137.437

Indian Style Chili Chicken

Indian style chili chicken is one dish that I can trade my chocolate for. In this video Pratibha shows how effortlessly it can be made with a few Indian spices and still it can scintillate your taste buds. So go ahead and try it on, it will only make you and... - 137.207

Creamy Rasmalai

If you still remember the elegant taste of creamy rasmalai and want to recreate the experience, then why don't you try it in your own kitchen? This favorite Indian dessert has won million hearts with its thick, creamy and sweet flavor. Watch the video and try... - 136.973

Indian Dal Makhani

For all those who misses the grand and gorgeous taste of Indian dal makhani, here is the simplest recipe to try with. This dish offers the authentic delicate taste of North Indian cuisine. You can serve this over rice or with Indian flat bread or even can... - 136.953

Chitrannam - Mama's Lemon Rice

Chitrannam is a south Indian Rice preparation which is usually prepared on festivals. I prefer this lemon flavored rice over the spicy Pulao or Biryani any time of the day. Here is my Mama’s recipe for this Lemon Rice. - 136.912

Spicy Indian Style Quinoa

No one can guess that quinoa could taste so nice with Indian tempering and spices, until they taste this Spicy Indian Style Quinoa. This recipe is very well done with Indian touch. It is a perfect side dish for a gourmet meal or a nutritious breakfast for the... - 136.538

Aloo Masala For Dosa

Chef has a spicy Indian curry dry called aloo-masala which is a tasty addition to dosa or Indian crepes or can be enjoyed with parathas. She makes the dish with great details for the viewers to get an authentic Indian dish at the end. Nevertheless, it is a... - 136.344

Eggplant/brinjal Chutney

If you have never tried this spicy eggplant chutney, you are really missing on a super foodie experience. Eggplant chutney is so yummy, that you would love to use it for your everyday meal. Whenever you prepare, make it in large amount, so that you can store... - 136.09

Matki Salad - Healthy

GETTING READY For Sprouting Beans 1. Wash the beans twice or thrice in cold water. Soak it in 2 cups of water for around 10 hours or overnight. 2. Wrap it in a cheese cloth and let it sit for 1 or 2 days to sprout. Set aside. MAKING 3. In a bowl, add all the... - 136.085

Hyderabadi Egg Biryani

If you want to recreate the exotic flavor and taste of Indian biryani in your kitchen, then this video is a must watch. Famous chef Sanjay prepares the delicate Egg biryani in such an easy process, that you would also be able to prepare the same. Perhaps you... - 136.078

Mixed Vegetable Curry

This is an easy recipe to make Mixed Vegetable Curry and this recipe has no onion and garlic in it. This dish is normally prepared for Makar Sankranti in Maharashtra. You can serve this dish with hot roti or rice. - 135.934

Masala Puffed Rice / Masala Borugulu - Simple Indian Snack

Puffed rice is tossed with flavorful seasoning to make it a delicious snack for your tea time. Enjoy this guilt free snack!!! - 135.71

Bhindi Masala

Masala Bhindi is Okra cooked in flavorful Indian spices that makes it taste heavenly.People think that cooking Okra is tough because of its stickiness but if you follow these steps and make this curry, you will start loving to cook the okra curries. - 135.639

Masala Vada

How many of you crave for a spicy and crunchy snacks, particularly when it is raining or snowing outside? These lentil fritters are ultimate snacking items to enjoy these special moments with a fuming cup of coffee. Watch the video to learn the easy procedure... - 135.557


The formal name for yellow peanut rice is fittingly chitranna:) It is a South Indian recipe from Bangalore that I grew up eating. The rice is yellow from turmeric and flavored with lemon, coconut, fried peanuts, dals and spices. Since it is so colorful it is... - 135.242

Gajar Ka Halwa (carrot Halwa)

Gajar ka halwa is all time favorite Indian sweets which has been in lots of Indian cinemas as well. Enjoy this simple, easy and quick version of Gajar Halwa using Ricotta cheese. Milk powder or Khoya/Khawa can be used if you don't have ricotta cheese... - 135.215

Paneer Tikka Masala (revisited)

Marinated Paneer is pan fried and simmered in a creamy tomato gravy. YUMMM!!! - 135.097

Indo Chinese Eggless Vegetarian Manchurian

Manchurian, a unique combination of Indo-Chinese ingredients, cooking style and flavors, is probably one of the most loved “Chinese” dishes in India and features on the menu of almost every Chinese restaurant, take-out and food stall in the country. Watch... - 134.545

Indian Aloo Dum

Indian curries have won millions of hearts all over the world and people who have tasted it once go hunting for recipes. Indian Aloo Dum by Chef Manjula is an authentic Indian side dish and she has the most authentic way of preparing it. She explains the... - 134.523

Dhokli - Spiced Dumplings With Black Eyed Peas

GETTING READY 1. In a large mixing bowl, combine together the milo flour, wheat flour, chickpea flour, salt and olive oil. Gradually pour in the water to form a dough. Cover and set aside. MAKING 2. In a pot on medium high, heat the oil, add mustard seeds,... - 134.418

Tasty Urad Dal Soup

If you're keen on making a lentil soup, then you must try this recipe. The chef makes this interesting and healthy soup in the video. It is highly nutritious and very easy to make. - 134.371

How To Make Spicy Rasam/charu - Andhra Version

Rasam is a south Indian soup. It is prepared with tamarind juice or tomato, pepper and other spices. Rasam is a spicy recipe and it is considered to be good for health. A typical South Indian Meal will never be complete without rasam. Rasam can be taken as a... - 134.33


Naan is an Indian flatbread which makes a great accompaniment for any curried dish. Its a kind of soft, little crisp and fluffy bread. And nothing beats the taste of freshly baked naan. - 134.308

Shallot Sambar - South Indian

There are so many varieties of making Sambar and here is one of them. The sweet shallots cooked with tangy, spicy lentil soup is a perfect side dish for any meal to make it complete and flavorful. Shallot Sambar recipe that I shared here is our family's... - 134.293

Fresh And Spicy Quinoa Salad

Health watchers, this Fresh and Spicy Quinoa Salad is for you guys. It is high in protein and has a great flavor from the garlic and chilies. You get extra protein from the beans. Take a look at this video and try it out and it will boost your energy level. - 134.274

Masala Ravva Dosa

Ravva Dosa is a crispy crepe which is filled with fresh flavors from the simple spices like cumin and coriander leaves. Stuff the Ravva Dosa with yummy potato filling and make it extra flavorful! - 134.235

No Yeast Jalebi / Jilebi Recipe - Under 30 Minutes Indian Mithai / Sweet

Any happy moment would be incomplete without a sweet dish. Jalebis are the most popular among the Indian Sweets. Traditionally Jalebi recipe needs atleast ten hours of fermentation, but nobody can wait so long to taste these crispy and juicy treats. So,... - 134.122

Indian Achari Paneer

Chef Manjula cooks an Indian curry dish with paneer or otherwise known as cottage Cheese. This is a treat for all Indian cuisine fans and those looking for an authentic Indian curry dish. The chef starts off with a detailed introduction about paneer and its... - 133.951

Paneer Shashlik

Shashlyk or Shashlik (Russian: шашлы́к, Persian: شیشلیک‎, Urdu: شیشلیک‎, Kurdish: Biraşka şîş is a form of Seekh kebab popular throughout the cuisines of Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, India, Iran, Mongolia, Morocco, Pakistan, Israel... - 133.95

Ravva Idli / Sooji Idli - South Indian Breakfast / Snack

Idlis are traditionally made from naturally fermented batter. This ravva Idli in contrast is a quick version which can be made under 30 mins. Because of the flavorful seasoning that goes inside the batter, they taste absolutely delicious. Serve them with the... - 133.884

Aloo Mattar Curry

There is a good news for Indian curry fans! Chef Manjula is on a roll and coming up with delectable Indian curry recipes and today she is making Aloo Mattar Curry. It’s the simplest curry that she has ever made and it’s delicious. She is cooking with... - 133.853

Coconut & Cilantro Chutney (kotthimeera Kobbari Pachhadi) - Side Dish For Idli, Dosa, Upma

Any South Indian Breakfast is incomplete without a chutney as an accompaniment. Most common chutney is the humble Coconut Chutney. Addition of cilantro while making the chutney gives a new dimension to the normal coconut chutney. Try this coconut chutney for... - 133.779

Ratalu Puri - Bhajiya Or Pakora - Purple Yam Fritters

MAKING 1. For the batter: In a mixing bowl, add the chickpea flour, salt, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, coriander cumin powder and mix well. Slowly pour about a tablespoon of water at first, mix well and break any lumps if formed. 2. Once the batter is... - 133.759

Indian Battura

Perfectly puffed bhaturas are hard to make and if you have given up on the dish because they don’t puff, then you have landed at the right place. Chef is showing us the right technique to get them right all the time. Her detailed recipe guarantees perfect... - 133.733

Stuffed Aloo Naan

Have you ever tried to replicate the most popular Indian restaurant dish and failed? Well, Chef Manjula is making it all happen in her kitchen and sharing her secret recipes. It’s a common notion that naan is a restaurant recipe which can only be made in a... - 133.727

Desi Aloo Chat

Desi aloo chat is the most basic snack in India and is made in every house throughout India. Pratibha shows her version of this snack and she has done it in a very simple way, so why don't you whip up an aloo chat and see how the blend of spices and sauces... - 133.693

Rajma Chawal

GETTING READY 1. Wash and rinse the soaked kidney beans and transfer into a pressure cooker with water and salt. Place it on medium heat and cook for upto 5 whistles. 2. Once the pressure is released, drain the rajma and reserve the cooking liquid... - 133.66

Indian Chana Bhatura

From Madura's kitchen comes the Chole Bhatura. She has done justice to the popular North Indian dish. The dish has two main components – 1. Chole cooked in exotic spices and 2. Crispy, hot, puffed bhatura. The dish is well explained in the video. Enjoy! - 133.649

Indian Eggplant Tomato Curry

This Indian eggplant tomato curry is an authentic eggplant preparation, which you should try to bring a variation in your regular menu. Eggplant is a versatile vegetable which can be used in various ways. The gravy is extremely delicious and can be served on... - 133.623

Indian Aloo Gobi

Indian Aloo Gobi is another authentic dish from Chef Manjula. Cauliflowers are available all over the world so why not try making a curry that's so delicious and loved all over the world. Making curry is not that difficult as the chef shows the complete... - 133.563

Samosa - Indian Snack

Want to enjoy something flaky and crunchy with your evening tea? Then this samosa recipe is just perfect to beat that afternoon slurp! - 133.457

Spicy Chole Chaat

If you love spicy food and looking for an appetizer that is healthy, spicy and delicious? Well, Chef Manjula has an Indian recipe that has all these characteristics, its spicy chole chaat. Chef also gives some good information on the taste of the dish for you... - 133.439

Chickpea Noodles

If you make chaats at home then this recipe would be very useful to you. The chef shows how to make sev and it is very simple and takes about 10-15 mins to make. You can use sev in many Indian snacks. It is very handy as it's prepared before hand. Watch the... - 133.427

Indian Potato Curry

Who can say no to a quick Indian potato curry! This dish by Dipali will make everyone happy at dinner. And this is so easy to make. It goes well with rice and roti. So what's cooking for dinner today? - 133.395

White Veg Pulao

Normally we cook pulao which we cook along with vegetables which makes color of the rice little bit yellowish.This is easy way of making veg pulao along with retaining white color of the rice which helps to retain color of the vegetables. - 133.274

Indian Pineapple Sheera

This is a classic Indian dessert that lusciously melts in your mouth. Almost orgasmic! Originally, Pineapple Sheera used to served at weddings and other auspicious occasions. But, you can make it whenever you want these day. Talk about changing times, eh? It... - 133.23

Easy Potato And Drumstick Curry

If you enjoy eating Indian curry then try out this curry. Chef Bhavna shows us a fast and easy recipe of the curry as it's made in the pressure cooker. The curry can be served with hot roti or rice. You can always use asparagus instead of drumsticks if you... - 133.214

Mirchi Bajji - Mirapakaya Bajji - Mirchi Bonda

Mirchi Bajji is a very popular Indian snack . It is the stuffing that makes them differ from various regions. They taste great whether you make them stuffed with masala or just fry them as they are without any stuffing! Here is the recipe how I prepare at... - 133.191

Methi Mutter Malai

A rich and flavorful Indian vegetable dish which your guests will surely enjoy when served. - 133.112

Ubadiyu Or Umbadiyu - Spicy Seasonal Vegetables

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. MAKING 2. In a large mixing bowl, add and combine together the ginger, garlic and green chilli paste with salt, sesame seeds, coriander cumin powder, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, carom seeds, curry... - 132.953

Indian Peanut Snack

Would you like to try a spicy and easy to make Indian Snack? This video might just prove helpful. Watch the chefs share their secret recipe to make this yummy Indian Peanut Snack at home. You are sure going to love it. - 132.878

Paneer Tikka Masala - All Time Favorite

Paneer Tikka Masala is a delicious and most selling dish in the restaurants. Its a multi step process, but all efforts are worth of all final sense of satisfaction. - 132.74

Crispy Paper Dosa By Tarla Dalal

Crispy paper dosa is a super-star whose fame has carried it from south india to the most famous restaurants all over the world! as the name suggests, this dosa is golden brown, crispy and so thin that a huge dosa can be made with just a ladle or two of... - 132.698

Chicken Lollipop

For all the chicken addict foodies, here is a great idea of snacks. Chicken lollipop is among the best appetizers, you could serve in any party, along with a bowl of red hot chili sauce at the center. The hot and sizzling taste of this snacks is just... - 132.531

Dal Tadka Fry - Simple Indian Dal

There are literally hundreds of varieties of dal as every household have their own version of making dal. Here I’m making Tadka Dal much in North Indian Style. So the recipe goes like this. - 132.516

Semiya Payasam

This simple and easy vermicelli pudding can be quickly prepared with simple pantry ingredients and served as dessert when sudden guests stop by for lunch or dinner. - 132.465

Hyderabadi Double Ka Meetha

If you are among the millions of dessert-lovers, then this recipe is going to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can easily prepare this at home, without spending your money on high calorie dessert foods from outside. Watch the video to learn, how hot crispy bread... - 132.455

Sukhi Aloo Ki Sabji

Chefs have a recipe that's going to delight potato loves and anyone who likes simple yet delicious food. Sukhi Aloo Ki Sabji is an authentic and rustic Indian side dish. Chefs have shown a very easy way for preparing this dish without compromising on the... - 132.422

Diwali Bhajani Chakli

For most Indians, the Chakli is crunchy tea-time snack. Yes, they love it and so will you. Though this snackk can be made throughout the year, it is a Diwali staple. Madhura in this video is making the Chaklis with the flavorsome ajwain seeds. Enjoy. - 132.39

Tuvar Lilva Kachori - Stuffed Pigeon Peas Balls

GETTING READY 1. For the dough: In a bowl with water, add oil and stirring vigorously combine it well with the water. Set it aside for half an hour. MAKING 2. In another mixing bowl, add and combine the flour with besan and salt. Knead it into a dough using... - 132.347

Paneer Bhurji (scrambled Cottage Cheese)

Paneer is a bliss for vegetarians!! And what if you can cook it without spending too much time on cooking gravy and yet it tastes delicious. Yes Paneer Bhurji is of those recipes which gets ready in a jiffy and can be had as a quick bite with just a piece of... - 132.277

Basic Beans Curry - Healthy Indian Curry

Beans curry is a basic and a simple curry which is perfect for everyday cooking. This goes well with steamed rice, roti, chapathi or any Indian bread. - 132.246

Spicy Tandoori Chicken

Spicy tandoori chicken is the most famous Indian cuisine, popular in all parts of world. If you want to prepare the same by yourself, then watch the video to learn. In this video, chef demonstrates step-by-step instructions to recreate this flavorful chicken... - 132.227

Spicy Dahi Vada

If you want to recreate the magical taste of popular Indian snacks - dahi vada, then you must watch this video. You can prepare the lentil dumplings in advance to serve the snacks on the table, real quick. Blending of the spicy yogurt and tempering the dish,... - 132.186

Spicy Peanut Chutney

Indian style side for you? This is a really delicious side if you like peanuts! Flavored with garlic, jalapenos and cumin, this is really a unique recipe. Not much effort required to make this, its great to keep it handy to go with wraps, sandwiches or... - 132.16

Easy Spinach Dal

The combination of spinach and lentil is too delicious and too nutritious for all the health conscious foodies. You can prepare it easily after watching the video. It is a perfect comfort soup for a chilled afternoon. Enjoy this soup alone or with bread rolls. - 132.13

Matar Paneer

Matar paneer is a north Indian dish consisting of paneer and peas Some people also add "aloo" to it. It is usually served with rotis, phulkas, naans and may be served with rice. - 132.065

Indian Aloo Paratha

Indian Aloo Paratha is one of the most popular breakfast dishes that is even eaten for lunch or dinner. Watch this video to learn the detailed recipe of this potato stuffed Indian bread. Bon Appetit! - 132.012

Spicy Paneer Butter Masala

Recreating the special creamy texture of Paneer Butter Masala, may not be that difficult as you are thinking. Yes, you too can prepare this delicate Indian dish, just like a professional chef after watching this video. In this recipe, the cottage cheese cubes... - 131.999

Karari Bhindi

An easy way of enjoying the goodness of okra/ bhindi! You can quickly prepare it at home with some simple ingredients. - 131.994

Veg Paneer Lollipops

MAKING For the Vegetable Lollipop 1. In a large bowl add all the ingredients of the vegetable lollipop except the carrot sticks. Mix them well till combined. Take portions approximately around 3 tablespoon and make smooth balls. 2. Take each carrot stick and... - 131.978

Indo - Chinese Fried Rice - Fusion

Fried Rice recipe here I’ve showcased is a Indo – Chinese version which is my family’s absolute favorite. Rice is cooked with Chinese sauces and smoky flavored vegetables to make it absolutely delicious. - 131.957

Kathirikai Rasavangi - Baby Eggplants In Spicy Tamarind Sauce

Baby Brinjals are always special to me and I love them anyway they are cooked. Rasavangi is a spicy tamarind based sauce which when cooked with baby eggplants and dal makes it delicious, nutritious and filling. Serve this with hot steamed rice and papad and... - 131.932

Bagara Baingan

An exotic Indian eggplant curry cooked in tangy aromatic gravy. - 131.843


My 5 year old’s teacher asked her what her favorite food was, she said “keema.” The teacher’s response was “oh, I’m not sure what that is.” That’s because you haven't LIVED lady! Use this recipe for beef, lamb, chicken, turkey or even soy meat... - 131.834

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