Idli With Parboiled Rice Recipes

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Stuffed Idli

1. Pour 1 ladle of batter into the idli mould. Sprinkle a layer of filling. 2. Cover with another ladle of batter and steam as usual. - 27.4414


Soak the urid dhaal for 1 hour, drain and place in a liquidizer or food processor with the salt. Blend to a paste. Grind the rice to a coarse powder, place in muslin and rinse carefully. Set aside to soak for 10-15 minutes, then squeeze out the excess... - 33.3195

Ragi Idli

washes at least 2 to5 times and soak the ragi for 3-4 hours longer than you soak the rice. Soak rice, whole urad and methi seeds in separate containers for 4-6 hours or overnight. In a wet grinder or a mixie /blender, grind the urad dal till light and... - 38.2316

Idli And Sambar

Idli is an amazing South Indian sort of dumpling. steamed rice cake. It is made by steaming batter — traditionally made from pulses (specifically black lentils) and rice — into patties, usually two to three inches in diameter, using a mold. Most often... - 59.0529

Homemade Rice Sevai (rice Noodles)

A popular south indian rice noodle made using an extruder in a traditional way. Sevai is often flavoured with Lemon, Tamarind, Tomato, Coconut, etc. and tastes best when served warm. Popular accompaniments for plain sevai are sweetened coconut milk,... - 33.8178

Mysore Masala Dosa - Indian Breakfast

Mysore masala Dosa is a very popular south indian breakfast recipe. Usually Dosa is served with chutney and/or sambar to the side. But for Mysore Masala Dosa a spicy red chutney is applied on the crispy crepe to make it even more tasty. - 123.618