Idli Sambar Recipes

Idli sambar is a dish that consists of steamed rice cakes with lentil curry. Idli sambar is a popoular South Indian dish. It is usually served as a snack. The ingredients used for making idli include rice, salt, a ... More »
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Sambar Idli

If you visit any popular Tamil vegetarian restaurants, sambar idli will be one of the dishes served for breakfast or will be served from evening onwards. It is nothing but idlis floating in sambar. It is sometimes called 14 idlis in restaurant menus where 14... - 32.8663

Idli Sambar

This is a type of sambar used for breakfast. It is prepared to be eaten along with idli or dosa and is made with green gram. Green gram is rich in dietary fiber and protein. Fiber is essential to help the digestive system function well and protein is... - 33.1659

How To Make Sambar For Idli

Would you like to prepare a yummy sambar this weekend for your family? Watch this video to learn a step by step demo of how you can prepare this South Indian delicacy at home. - 74.3057

Idli Sambar With Chutney

IDLI : 1. Soak Urad Dal (skin removed black gram) and rice separately in the morning and grind it together to make a paste at night. 2. Mix it thoroughly, adding salt and water. 3. This mixture should be of a thick pouring consistency. 4. Keep the mixture in... - 49.2689

Idli And Sambar

Idli is an amazing South Indian sort of dumpling. steamed rice cake. It is made by steaming batter — traditionally made from pulses (specifically black lentils) and rice — into patties, usually two to three inches in diameter, using a mold. Most often... - 59.0529


An easy sambhar recipe that is sure to make cooking this popular South Indian dish very simple. Sambhar is a combination of lentils and vegetables cooked with the traditional Indian condiments and spices. The sambhar is the perfect accompaniment for your... - 101.519

Home-made Idlis & Sambhar

South Indian delicacies can be prepared with ease at home with Bhal Dave's quick guide to make Idlis and sambhar. Healthy sambhar has been cooked with lentils and vegetables and served with hot puffed idlis. If it sounds this mouthwatering, imagine how... - 75.6406

Ravva Idli / Sooji Idli - South Indian Breakfast / Snack

Idlis are traditionally made from naturally fermented batter. This ravva Idli in contrast is a quick version which can be made under 30 mins. Because of the flavorful seasoning that goes inside the batter, they taste absolutely delicious. Serve them with the... - 133.884

Instant Rava Idlis - Mini Appetizer Idlis - South Indian Cuisine

If you're keen on making South Indian food, then you should check this out. Check out these yummy rava idlis which is a famous South Indian dish. Chef Bhavna shows how to prepare tasty rava idlis in a few minutes. You can serve them with chutney and hot... - 100.266

Idlis Using Microwave Idli Maker

Sometimes when I want a quick healthy snack, I prepare Idlis (South Indian Rice Cakes.) Now during most of those times I usually have batter on hand. I prefer making Idli-dosa batter in bulk (put it in the freezer in small portions) and prepare fresh, soft... - 115.962

Idli Rice Idlis

Wash and grind Urad dal first to a smooth paste with little water and put to a big bowl. In a same jar wash and grind rice ,water little coarsely and add to urad dal paste. Now grind cooked rice,water little to a smooth paste and add to a urad dal paste with... - 37.4162

Sambar - My Way

This South – Indian side dish goes well with anything – idli, dosa, vada, rice or Upma. This time I served sambar with Medu Vada. - 31.9597

Tiffin Sambar (mung Dal) - South Indian Lentils

The mung dal sambar is often served for breakfast along with idlis , topped with ghee if you like ....yummmm .This sambar strikes perfect combination with dosas,idli,pongal and hence also is known as tifffen sambar. Have a look how to prepare this. - 110.815

Killi Pota Sambar

This is yet another sambar variety. Having the same sambar can be boring at one point. As sambar is the stape food of Tamils, we have quite different ways of making this, and this killi pota sambar is one such variety. If you'd like to access my previous... - 34.2317


Pressure Cook dal, Tomato, Onion Pieces, Turmeric, Hing, Sambar Powder. In a Kadai,heat oil temper with Mustard seeds, Curry leaves. Add Drumstick and fry for a minute. Pour 1/4 glass of water and cook till the Drumstick is cooked. Now add Tamarind pulp or... - 43.4963

Traditional South Indian Dishes - Sambar

Make simple instant sambar that goes well with most South Indian breakfast dishes like Idli, Vada and Dosa. It is also a traditional accompaniment in a complete south indian meal to steamed rice. Sambar is a vegetable stew or chowder based on a broth made... - 118.584

Superb Murungakkai Sambar

Sambar!! Whoever created this versatile dish! This is such a popular dish in South India that it can be used as an accompaniment for anything. South Indians have sambar with rice, idli, dosa, upma, vada, and the list goes on. Preparing this is pretty easy,... - 49.6565

Sambar (generic)

GETTING READY 1. On a chopping board cut all the vegetables into bite sized pieces and keep aside. MAKING 1. In a pan add urad dal, pour in hot water, salt, turmeric powder and let it simmer for 12 minutes on a medium high heat. 2. Partially cook the... - 92.4947

Shallot Sambar - South Indian

There are so many varieties of making Sambar and here is one of them. The sweet shallots cooked with tangy, spicy lentil soup is a perfect side dish for any meal to make it complete and flavorful. Shallot Sambar recipe that I shared here is our family's... - 134.293

Sambar (south Indian)

MAKING 1 For the sambar powder: in a grinder jar, combine 4 tbsps coriander seeds, 12 black peppercorns, 6 whole red chillies and 1/2 fresh coconut; grind until powdered. 2 In two bowls, soak tamarind and kukum separately. 3 In a pan, cook arhar dal... - 46.8157

Special Kerala-style Sambar

Someone who is not from Kerala is sure to ask “What is so special about Kerala Sambar?” The answer you are likely to get from someone who is from Kerala is “It’s different from the from the typical Sambars made in the other South Indian states.”... - 110.766

Vegetable Sambar

1. Pressure cook dal and mash well. 2. Dice tomatoes, kohlrabi, chayote, potato,onion, tomato, carrot, radish and beans and pressure cook. 3. Heat 3 tbsp oil in a pan and add 1/2 tsp mustard seeds. 4. When they splutter lower the heat and add cumin seeds.... - 49.2585

Easy To Make One-pot Delicious Sambar

Sambar is reflective of a traditional South-Indian family. But today if you look around, every Indian irrespective of whether form the North, South, East or West of India, all love Sambar! Try this easy to cook one-pot Sambar recipe that I regularly cook! - 32.2435

Ash Gourd Sambar

Cook the dal till soft and set aside. Skin the ash gourd and preserve skins for use in chutney. Chop off the soft portion of the ash gourd and reserve for use in soups. Chop the rest of the gourd into 1 inch cubes. Soak the tamarind in a cup of water and... - 50.2162

Kerala Sambar

Kerala Sambar is different from the typical Sambars made in the other South Indian states. Kerala Sambar is made using a mixture of different vegetables whereas the other sambhar is made using a single vegetable. It is an excellent curry with rice or with... - 54.6232

Tasty And Soft Idli

Idli or idly, a traditional South-Indian breakfast. It is a flavorful rice cake that is today very popular all through India. These rice cakes are usually made by steaming a batter made from fermented lentils and rice. Idlis are commonly served with chutney,... - 36.1922


Savor these light and soft Idlis for your breakfast. Very easy as the batter may be prepared the night before and incredibly healthy, as idli is cooked by steaming with no use of oil. Team it up with your favorite chutneys, stews or gravies. - 37.2956

Homemade Soft And Spongy Idli

An all time classic breakfast item - "Idli". Now if u happen to be a South Indian you will already know the ratio of ingredients but what makes these steamed rice cakes different and spongy soft ones you get at restaurants, that just melt in your mouth?... - 125.079

Idli & Dosa Part 1 A South Indian Treat

What can be a healthier way to kick-start your day than fluffy idlis and yummy dosas? Chef Bhal Dave tells you how to make fluffy idlis and crispy dosas easily. The best thing about these South Indian snacks is that they pack in fewer calories and can be... - 77.5494

Idli & Dosa Part 3

If you have failed to make restaurant-like perfect dosas at home, then this video is likely to come to your rescue. Chef Bhal Dave whips up delicious, flavorful potato filling for dosas that is likely to tickle your taste buds. Just follow his instructions to... - 76.534


A popular South Indian breakfast, this steamed breakfast can make a great contribution to your health. A combination of carbohydrates and proteins it provides just the nutritious breakfast you need to keep you going. - 27.2142

Kerala Idli

Plain idli is the most common and the easiest of the breakfast items served in Kerala, especially on working days and if you have to feed a large group. The batter is often made the previous night and left for fermentation and in the morning all you are left... - 33.4954

Vermicelli Nuts Idli

1. Chop green chillies finely. Chop cashewnuts coarsely. 2. Heat fat in a fry-pan; fry black gram and mustard seeds until seeds begin to splutter. 3. Add chopped ginger, coriander and curry leaves, chillies and cashewnuts. 4. Now add the vermicelli and fry to... - 45.5971


Soak urad daal for about 3-4 hrs ,at the same time mix the idli rava with water and let the consistency be thick. Now blend the urad daal till its soft and fluffy. Add idli rawa to the blended urad daal and mix it well to prepare batter. Place the mixture in... - 38.9006

Rava Idli

Rava Idli is a variation of the popular South Indian breakfast item, idli. It is a speciality of the state of Karnataka in India and was invented by the popular restaurant chain, Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR) of Bangalore. - 42.8537

Idli - Indian Breakfast

Idli is a south Indian traditional breakfast recipe. This is usually accompanied with spicy lentil soup, Sambar and/or with coconut chutney. Idlis are light on your tummy as they are steam cook. There are many ways to prepare them, every household has their... - 123.513


Idlis are soft, fluffy white, round discs that are a popular breakfast or snack in southern India. The method of making idlis is very simple maybe a little time consuming. Fermentation is the key to idlis turn cotton soft. If you live in a cold climate... - 49.126

Tamil-style Soft Idli

Idli is a very popular South Indian breakfast. However, the batter preparation can vary between States. The recipe I have given is one of the standard ways it is made in Tamil Nadu. Rice contains protein, magnesium, dietary fiber, and vitamin B6. Urad dal is... - 34.592


MAKING 1)Take a pressure cooker, add dal and 2 cups of water and cook ( 3 whistles). 2)In a saucepan, add sambhar powder and water and bring to the boil. 3)Decrease heat and add salt and tamarind juice and cook for another 5-7 minutes. 4)Add vegetables and... - 43.2361

Quinoa Idly

MAKING 1. In a bowl, combine ground quinoa and oats. Gradually pour water and mix into a batter. 2. Season with finely chopped green chili, cumin seeds, and salt. Add oil and mix well. 3. Add fruit salt and little bit of water. Mix well. 4. Into the greased... - 104.942

Sambhar - Lentil And Vegetable Soup

If you're planning to make sambhar, then you must try this recipe. Chef Bhavna shows how to make the delicious sambhar. This is a very famous South Indian dish. Sambhar is served with hot idlis and dosa. Do try out this recipe and don't forget to watch the... - 112.965

Idly & Dosa Part 2

If you are looking for yummy accompaniments to complement your idlis and dosas, then your search ends here. Chef Bhal Dave, in this continuation video, gives you two easy-to-make chutneys that can be prepared in a snap. Spicy, tasty, and totally tantalizing... - 76.3922

Medhu Vada

Tasty and Delicious - 36.9115

Healthy Republic Day Dosa

To keep ready: Grate the carrots, add required salt, and microwave for about a minute. Dice the capsicum into small pieces, add salt and pepper, and microwave for a minute. Preparation: 1. Take the tawa and spread the dosa batter to make a nice round dosa.... - 61.6662

Uthappam - South Indian Breakfast

Utthappam is a popular south Indian breakfast recipe. This is served with any variety of chutney and/or Sambar (lentil soup). - 121.799

Cottony Soft Idly

Idlys are probably one of the most simple and healthy recipes one can make. It is a very popular traditional South Indian breakfast dish that is usually served with sambar or chutney of choice. It is steamed and so very good for digestion as well, hence it is... - 33.3014

Kerala Dosa

Often called as doshas, these crispy, wafer thin golden beauties are as much a treat to eyes as they are for palate! Easy to make and less guilty to binge, dosa is one of the most loved breakfast items at my home. Have it with coconut or onion chutneys,... - 33.6369

Onion Chutney

MAKING 1. In a pan, heat oil, fry green chili, red chili, chopped onions until light brown. 2. Add garam masala, sambar powder, salt, tomato paste and fry for 5 minutes continously. 3. Add 1/2 cup water, grated coconut and mix well for 2 minutes. 4. Gradually... - 84.6306

Quick Puli Kuzhambu

This is really a yummy spicy puzhi kulambu. A word of caution, it does contain a lot of oil. We need to add this much oil for it to taste good. So people who are diabetic, you may want to reduce your portion. - 44.4777

Vatha Kuzhambu - Sun Dried Veggies In Tangy Curry

GETTING READY 1. In a small bowl, add in the tamarind, sambar powder and turmeric powder. Mix with hands and set aside. MAKING 2. In a clay pot/pan, add in the oil and mustard seeds, let it splutter. 3. Stir in the fenugreek seeds and curry leaves.... - 94.8539

The Travel Chutney

This is a tasty chutney that can be packed for lunch or travel. It does not get spoilt easily in spite of having coconut in it. It is usually dry and water is used minimally while making it. - 24.2177

Mysore Masala Dosa - Indian Breakfast

Mysore masala Dosa is a very popular south indian breakfast recipe. Usually Dosa is served with chutney and/or sambar to the side. But for Mysore Masala Dosa a spicy red chutney is applied on the crispy crepe to make it even more tasty. - 123.618

Godhumai Ravai Upma

Here is a healthy breakfast recipe that anyone in the family can eat. Cracked wheat is high in protein and is good for diabetics too. - 30.937


The formal name for yellow peanut rice is fittingly chitranna:) It is a South Indian recipe from Bangalore that I grew up eating. The rice is yellow from turmeric and flavored with lemon, coconut, fried peanuts, dals and spices. Since it is so colorful it is... - 135.242