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Homemade Khaman, Dhokla, Handvo, Idli Flour Mix

If you're planning to make idlis or dhoklas then you will need to prepare the mix for making the batter. Chef bhavna shows us how to make 3 types of mixes and if you keep it in air tight container it can last up to 10 months. This is a very handy recipe and... - 102.008

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Fermented Rice Dishes Like Idli & Dhokla

Even being in US you can get a taste of Indian food! Bhal Dave makes it so easy to prepare Indian dishes at home up to perfection that you would give restaurants food a skip. Try making healthy fermented rice dishes like Idli & Dhokla with adequate guidance... - 61.7067

Interesting And Yummy - Dhokla Idli

Idli and dhokla, both are among few of my favorite breakfast options. So, I thought why not combine the 2 recipes together, I did that and it turned out great. - 21.9598

Fried Idli

cut idlis into squares... make a thick paste of maida 4tbs+corn flour 4 tbs+saffron one pinch+chilli powder half tsp. dip the square peices of idlis into the paste and deep fry it in cooking oil. In an pan heat about 3 tbs of oil fry 1 onion and 2... - 40.0513


GETTING READY 1)In a large bowl, add salt, baking powder along with rice and dal flours. 2)Stir in water and make a batter of drop consistency. Let it rise overnight. MAKING 3)Take four small stainless steel bowls and grease them. Pour batter into... - 37.8192

Instant Oats Idli

Healthy and quick instant oats idli are always a hit at my house - they are steamed, they have oats and cracked wheat, no rice or starchy ingredients and they have veggies too...can't get healthier than this can it? The texture and flavor of this idli rarely... - 113.14

Easy Homemade Pasta

Here is a recipe for home food buffs who like their food fresh. Homemade pasta sounds like a herculean task but Nikko makes it look like a child's play. If your attempt to making pasta was a disastrous one then you must follow Nikko's step by step guide to... - 85.5678

Idiyappam String Hoppers

1. Bring water to boil. Add oil and salt. Remove from fire. 2. Pour the boiling water slowly into the rice flour, stirring all the time to prevent lumps. 3. Knead well to form a soft dough. 4. Divide the dough into small portions and press each portion... - 37.321

Nutty Apple Crepes

Make the crepes using the Sweet Crepe Batter. Set aside and keep warm. Peel, core and slice the apples. Melt the butter in a large frypan. Mix together the sugar and cinnamon a/id stir into the butter. Add the apple slices and cook gently until the sugar... - 36.5421

Steamed Vada

1. Soak chana dal in hot water for about 20 minutes or till it is nicely soaked. 2. In a rnixie, grind red chillies, green chillies, ginger and salt into a smooth paste. 3. Add the soaked chana dal and grind it coarsely using very less water. Some of the dal... - 43.1177

Kerala Ada

Kerala ada is a sweet breakfast dish from Kerala and it is made on all special occasions and for regular breakfast too. Jaggery, sugar, ripened chakka fruit (jackfruit) are some of the sweet fillings used for stuffing this ada. Rice flour, water, coconut are... - 31.8775