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How To Season Butcher Kettles

    Season butcher kettles before you start using one. But what are butcher   kettles? And why seasoning the kettles is important? Here are some facts. A butcher kettle is a large cast... -

How To Butcher A Hog

There was a time when none of us thought about how to butcher a hog! Times are changing and hog hunting is becoming one of the most popular sports events of the recent times. Successful hog hunting is celebrated among friends by preparing sumptuous ... -

How To Butcher A Deer?

If you are curious about knowing how to butcher a deer , then, I have some greatly useful tools and tips to help you with your job. Deer meat is delicious and when you get to cook the fresh meat of a deer, there’s nothing like it. Knowing how to butcher... -

How To Butcher A Deer

Don’t be too much excited on being able to bag a deer – do you know how to butcher a deer? If you cannot butcher a deer yourself, you have to depend on someone else to do it for you. The person may not be available all the while to do it for you – what... -

How To Butcher A Turkey

It is true – butchering a turkey is not easy! I felt this when I was learning how to butcher a turkey from my husband. It truly needs some great expertise along with the right kind of equipment. In fact you cannot butcher a turkey if you haven’t learnt... -

How To Butcher A Chicken

Think  about the number of times when your near 'perfect' chicken recipe has disappointed you – not because you couldn’t cook it right, but because you didn’t have the right pieces! This could have been avoided if you knew how to butcher a... -

How To Butcher A Rabbit?

If you love rabbit meat you have to learn how to butcher a rabbit because you might not have the opportunity of getting a rabbit butchered by someone else every time. Moreover when you are butchering a rabbit all by yourself, it will certainly be butchered as... -

How To Butcher A Cow

How to butcher a cow? Does this question tickle your mind – It’s true, butchering a cow is not easy and needs to be done very carefully and patiently. It is good for your cooking, if you are able to butcher a cow yourself – it will not only make... -

How To Butcher Deer Hind Quarter

Recently my husband surprised me by bringing home venison – it was a great change from the everyday pork or chicken. I was glad that I knew how to butcher deer hind quarter or would have been in real trouble that day. Deer hind quarter is known as venison... -

How To Butcher Beef

I learnt how to butcher beef  because this was the only way which assured me of having hygienic beef. If you have beef on a regular basis at home and love to try out different beef recipes it becomes necessary to learn the process of butchering beef or... -