Hot Tea

Hot Tea is a form of hot beverage that enjoys the popularity and the rate of consumption at par with hot coffee. Using tea leaves or leaf buds hot tea is prepared in a variety of methods; the most often made variety of tea is an aromatic preparation, wherein tea leaves are blended in hot or boiling water with a pinch of sweetener, the preparation is often termed as black tea. Different parts of the world have their own way of preparing and serving hot tea, where some prefer it light, some strong and a few other love it flavored. A few other widely marketed and consumed types of hot tea include green tea, oolong tea, white tea, herbal tea, red tea etc. Hot tea, when served without milk, is a rich source of antioxidants.

Hot Tea Blogs

Pleasure Of Winter With Soup, Tea And Coffee.

On : 16-Jan-2008 By : NAUSHABA TABASSUM

     Now winter is going on. The season of winter starts from mid of                   November till mid of March.   The end of December till mid of February is peak of winter season.   My...

The Kashmiri Chai( Tea) Is Like Most All Over Pakistan Spl. In Winter.

On : 16-Jan-2008 By : NAUSHABA TABASSUM

                The name “Kashmiri chai (tea)” is identify by its name.     I think everybody can understand very well the kind of   tea have a relation    With “Kashmir” state. ...

I’ve Changed From Tea To Green Tea. Have You?

I’ve Changed From Tea To Green Tea. Have You? On : 01-Nov-2008 By : Radzie

It was recently that I slipped into this habit, although there was a time when I couldn’t even think of kicking off my mornings without the refreshing smell of a brimming cup of hot tea right there at my side table! After having read many...

How To Make Iced Tea?

How To Make Iced Tea? On : 11-Jun-2009 By : ifoodiee

One of the best things about a long hard summer day is the long glass of cold and refreshing iced tea at the end of it! Iced tea has been my ambrosia for years now and it was recently that I discovered that June is the National Iced Tea month! Making...

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