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Honey mustard is basically a combination of honey and mustard in equal proportions. It is primarily used as a topping for various dishes and also as a dip for different food items. Honey mustard can be combined with vinegar and lemon juice and used as a dressing for various salads. It is a versatile food item that can be used in numerous ways. Honey mustard is relatively easy to prepare and can be made in a short duration of time. Sometimes, spices and pepper are added to make the dip or topping hot and spicy.

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What Is The History & Uses Of Mustard

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Who doesn’t love honey?? I, for one, have always loved honey and have always been curious about the wonderful history of honey as food . Here is some interesting info I have picked up:       It is believed that honey has been around...

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As busy as a bumble bee- buzzing, hopping from flower to flower or droning in the honeycomb , building a home of honey…a tell-tale of bees  making  news about the mystery of what is causing honey bees to die ?   The news spells disastrous...

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