Honey Biscuit

Honey biscuits refer to an assorted variety of soft and crispy baked cookies that are sweetened with the ambrosial fluid, honey. A highly delicious and nutritious snack items, honey biscuits are made by making dough of self rising flour, honey, milk, and butter, rolling it out into half inch thick sheets and cutting shapes with biscuits cutters and baking them at about 190 degrees in an oven for fifteen to twenty minutes. A treat for the health conscious, the honey biscuits can be consumed as main course supplements occasionally or as regular snack items.

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Honey Biscuit

On : 27-Jan-2008 By : marcelo menyon

HONEY BISCUIT 2 xícaras of bolted maisena 2 xícaras of fubá 1 xícara of ralado coconut 1 xícara of butter or margarina 1 xícara of honey Way To make To mix the dry ingredients, to place the butter...

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Honey Ur Honey On : 25-Feb-2007 By : RAJESH KUMAR

    Honey A jar of honey, shown with a wooden honey server and scones . A capped frame of honeycomb A honey bee on...

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How To Eat Biscuits On : 03-Apr-2011 By : Sweetcandy

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