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12 Tricks For Baking The Perfect Biscuit

Are you a baking enthusiast? That means that you have graduated from cakes and pies to cookies & finally biscuits of the American kind . The first time is bound to be a disaster in the form of lumpy, misshapen doughy mass that even the most optimistic... -

Cooking Hacks For A No Mess-no Stress Life

Are you a reluctant cook who would love to spend the time doing other things besides peeling garlic and cleaning kitchen equipment? Here’s some good news for you at last! Whether it’s keeping your grater blemish free or serving a huge plateful of well... -

How To Become A Better Cook

Cooking is an art that is tried by all but mastered by very few.  Again, you may get perplexed when confronted with tips on how to cook. While some may want you to flip your pancakes  more than once, others ask you to avoid it... -

Beat Your Egg Whites: Don’t Spoil Em’

You do need to beat your eggs now and then, particularly its white part. No, this has nothing to do with bad eggs and licking them into shape but you do need that glutinous albumin of the egg white to make your desserts and soups perfect. Don’t fret! ... -

The Ten Commandments Of Nacho Making

The fun tortilla chip with a layer of gooey cheese on top is Mexican or Tex-Mex food at its best . Yes, it is the yummy nachos that help you to pass a boring evening alone or display your love for your significant other by feeding him/her with the crunchy... -

5 Common Cookie Problems Solved

Trying your hand at baking cookies for the first time? You had to throw them away, they were so bad? Aww! What a waste! Get your problems solved by checking out the answers and do it once again. You are sure to come up with soft, chewy, nutty, chocolatey... -

How To Enliven Summer Dishes With Olive Oil

Olive oil is known for its health benefits as well as for its efficacy as a cooking oil. However, the Coldani family, who are known for their brand, Calivirgin olive oil, produced in California, have come up with some unique ideas to use this light oil even... -

Green Beauty - Using Food And Everyday Ingredients To Improve Your Skin

Written by Christianne Klein- lifestyle expert and author at TruthFairyTV It's easy to be "green" and improve your skin at the same time.  When cooking, I look for opportunities to compost the leftovers and use the remaining... -

Sugar Mommas Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts

  We like to say we have our own “Sugar Speak” and if there’s a way to do something faster or easier, we are in favor. Our book, “Sugar, Sugar: Every Recipe Has a Story” has taken heirloom recipes and updated them so that every home... -

Steven Gdula’s Top Five Tips For Making Perfect Gobs Every Time!

      Steven Gdula’s Top Five Tips for making perfect gobs every time!       1. Listen. Food is very noisy. And I don’t mean the sounds made by the equipment and utensils we use to make it.... -

Homemade Chocolate Easter Eggs

  Homemade  Chocolate Easter eggs sounds really interesting. For years Easter eggs have been having same colorations. Its time to make some changes. You can try coating them in chocolate and then painting them with natural colors to make... -

Homemade Egg Dyes, Healthy Tips For A Safer Easter

  Tips for a safer Easter are vivid and this can be a favorite activities for children as they enjoy most about the Easter holiday.   This blog talks about how to make Easter eggs and how to make Easter safer.     ... -

What Are The Health Benefits Of Homemade Ice Cream

  Health benefits of homemade ice cream are numerous, if consumed moderately. This sweet treat has many health benefits. Yes, that is right; it has nutritional benefits that add to a healthy way of life.... -

How To Evenly Slice Homemade Bread?

Are you planning to bake your own homemade bread for a change? You get everything right but in the end,  land up with uneven slices of bread. There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind while cutting bread loaves into slices. Read on to learn... -

How To Eat Homemade Cheese

What can be tastier and healthier than homemade cheese? Whichever cheese you make at home, Ricotta, Cheddar, or cream cheese, it is definitely better because you have a better control over the ingredients. But, these fresh homemade cheese varieties should be... -

Quick And Easy Tips To Prepare Homemade Ricotta Cheese

Preparing homemade ricotta cheese  sure is simpler than what might have thought. Moreover, preparing ricotta cheese at home will give you a better control over the ingredients used, making it a healthier and tastier choice. There are various methods of... -

How To Gift Homemade Candies As Holiday Gifts

Homemade candies as holiday gifts are the new trends in the holiday gift ideas. Since homemade candies as holiday gifts are the reflections of the love and care you have for that person, you should be careful enough to know how to gift these holiday gift... -

How To Store Homemade Protein Bars

Protein bars are the perfect energy boosting snacks, that can be made at home. If you want to know how to store homemade protein bars carry on reading. Many times, you get new recipes of homemade protein bars but you wouldn't want to take the... -

What Can You Serve With Homemade Guacamole

  Homemade guacamole has an authentic taste which is very different from the guacamoles you get in the market. This is tastier and you can add your own spices to make it customized. You can make your homemade guacamole spicier, tangier or... -

How To Reuse Home Canning Jars

Living in an environmentally unfriendly world, it becomes imperative to reuse home canning jars to do our bit to reduce the carbon footprint. Reusing home canning jars can actually be fun as well. Home canning started as early as the 1800s and there were... -

Use These 10 New Ways To Use Vinegar At Home

One of the most essential things in my kitchen is vinegar. There are so many ways to use vinegar and trust me vinegar is such a versatile product. I have been using vinegar for cooking, as a disinfectant, cleanser and also as a health supplement. ... -

How To Make Pie Molds At Home

  Enjoying a mouthwatering pie around a campfire brings back memories of the 50s. However, you do need to make pie molds once you decide to bake the delicious desserts that were the staple of Americans a few years ago. But is it so easy to... -

How To Make Homemade Vanilla

Make Homemade Vanilla as it is not only easy but a cheaper option than buying bottled pure vanilla extract. Vanilla flavorings though very cheap will never be able to do justice in terms of flavor and aroma. By making homemade vanilla extract, you will... -

How To Sweeten Sour Oranges At Home

The brightly colored citrus juicy oranges are hard to resist. If you are disappointed because your orange tree or the oranges you buy from the local store are always sour in taste then let me tell you How To Sweeten Sour Oranges At Home and enjoy this... -

How To Make Tofu With Store-bought Soymilk?

Have you bought excess soymilk from store and are wondering how to use it? Make tofu – it’s simple – just follow these tips on How To Make Tofu With Store-Bought Soy Milk and enjoy your soft white blocks. Introduction: Tofu, also known as... -

How To Decorate Cupcakes With Homemade Pastry Bags

If you want to frost your homemade cupcakes and you don’t have any pastry bags for using, then you should learn about the tricks on how to decorate cupcakes with homemade pastry bags . For decorating your cupcakes , you don’t have to rush for buying... -

How To Make Rosewater At Home

  The uses of rosewater are immense and date back to the Victorian age. So, if you are a big fan of the multi-utility rose water, here are some easy-to-follow steps on how to make rosewater at home. The preparation method is extremely... -

How To Prepare Bulgur Wheat At Home

Bulgur wheat is a whole grain cereal food commonly used in Middle Eastern Cuisine. Bulgur is cooked form of cracked wheat. Being pre-cooked, bulgur wheat is quick to cook and can be used for a wide range of recipes. Bulgur wheat is available in three... -

How To Make Vegemite At Home

If you are an Australian, chances are that you may have eaten vegemite sandwich at least once in your life. Have you ever wondered how to make vegemite at home ? If yes, then read on to know how.                            ... -

How To Make Tomato Paste At Home

Nothing tastes as wonderful as a homemade tomato paste , but to make the best paste, you need to know the most authentic way of making it. The tomato paste that we make at home is usually quite thick and sticky, it is sweet and... -

How To Keep Homemade Cookies Soft & Crumbly

How to keep homemade cookies soft & crumbly when you wish to keep them for at least 7 days? We often notice that after 3-4 days cookies become dry and tasteless and we just choose to throw them away. Let this not happen with your cookies. Here are... -

How To Make Your Own Home Made Ice Fishing Shanty?

  Do you enjoy ice fishing? Then you would definitely know what an ice fishing shanty is. It is a portable shed that provides shelter on an ice lake when one is ice fishing . Often made light and with an uncomplicated structure the ice shanty... -

How To Make Homemade Dry Dog Food?

If you love your dog just like you would love your own baby then you wouldn’t think twice about making this homemade dry dog food. Making your own homemade dry dog food is always the best choice if you want your dog to get the proper amount of... -

How To Make Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream Without An Ice Cream Maker

Imagine this- you and your kids decide to make some wonderful homemade ice cream; you get all your ingredients ready, set up your ice cream maker and turn it on….only to realize that it is not working! What do you do then? scrapping the project might not... -

How To Make Home Brew And Enjoy Anytime

It can be really frustrating if you do not have your brewing instrument at home! It was on one such occasion I decided that I had to learn how to make home brew so that I didn’t have to depend on anyone when I need to have my favorite drink. For your... -

How To Make Homemade Wine Taste Better

Several people around the world make wines at home, but not all of us can make wines as awesome as wineries. While some people spend all there lives trying to find the perfect method to make wines, some just give up trying to make the exhilarating beverage at... -

Potluck - Home Is Where Food Is..

  Its just a quarter of time I have been staying in BANGALORE .. one of the most profound IT city of INDIA. For almost a month I was having food outside..everyday discovering new tastes and restaurants of the city..which serves people of all... -