Homemade Taco Recipes

Homemade taco is traditional Mexican main dish. It is made of a corn or wheat tortilla folded around a stuffing. It can be cooked with great variations. Homemade taco might have beef, chicken, seafood, vegetables and ... More »
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Bloody Mary With Homemade Jalapeno Vodka And Taco Meatballs

Learn ho to make jalapeno vodka and enjoy a cocktail and an appetizer all in one! - 124.151

Homemade Chicken Tacos

Mexican food is a sure delight and the best part of the cuisine is yummy taco. This authentic Mexican food can now be made easily at home too. So, if you want to learn it, just check out the video and see how it is so conveniently made. - 94.5014

Homemade Fish Taco

Mexican cuisine is full of delicious dishes and taco is one of them. The versatility of taco is probably the reason for its popularity. The chef here shows his own version of fish taco with pepper and it looks so tempting. He gives the freedom to use just... - 85.6007

Mexican Meal - Chicken Taco Bar, Mexican Red Rice, Homemade Salsa, Guacamole And Dessert

Have you been looking for some easy to make and authentic Mexican recipes? Watch this video to learn some of Mexico's favorite dishes including Chicken Taco Bar, Mexican Red Rice, Homemade Salsa and Guacamole and not to miss out Mexican Chocolate Mousse with... - 75.6107

Homemade Taco Salad

In skillet, cook meat until brown, then drain. Once done, add taco mix, salt, pepper and green onions. Add water to simmer. When done, place meat in bowl with corn chips, tomatoes and lettuce, then combine into salad. Place in shells with cheese. - 31.5225

Homemade Taco Chips

Cut tortillas into wedges. Heat oil in skillet to about 390°F. Fry tortilla wedges in batches until crisp. Drain on paper towels. Salt lightly and serve. - 25.6758

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