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Homemade Onion Peas Pulao

Expecting guests at home and wondering how to 'wow' them? Simple, just include this flavored rice recipe in your spread and treat them to a meal they are like to remember for long. Very easy to make, onion peas pulao melds different textures and taste... - 108.786

Homemade French Onion Soup

Want a dish that would be fit to enjoy a cold and rainy winter night? Nothing can be better than Homemade French Onion Soup to beat the cold and sooth your throat with something very warm and nice. He is making the soup with julienned onion using bay leaves... - 101.885

Homemade French Onion Dip

If you are hosting a super bowl party, your food has to be good. So, Chef Scott brings us a simple dip recipe to go with your finger foods, its Homemade French Onion Dip. You can get it readymade but homemade one is unbeatable when you have to serve a crowd.... - 98.363

Zesty Homemade Russian Salad Dressing

Spruce up your salads with a delectable Russian salad dressing. Creamy, tangy, and full of flavors, this indulgent salad dressing is a great way to enjoy your greens. Betty whomps up an easy-to-make recipe of this classic favorite. Watch the recipe video to... - 96.4253

Easy Homemade Onion Soup

If you are creative person or if you work from home, this recipe will impress you. It’s very creative and very easy at the same time. The creativity lies in the way ingredients are picked and then the soup is poured into individual baking soup dishes,... - 95.6764

How To Make Your Own Homemade Healthy Onion Soup Mix

Please visit Joy of Kosher for the full recipe. - 94.8173

Homemade Red Onion Marmalade

Homemade red onion marmalade! You heard right onion marmalade and it is an awesome condiment to use with a range of dishes. It adds a zing to every dish when you add it in. Watch the video and try it, for its going to be your long term friend. - 88.4032

Homemade Multipurpose Onion Dip

Looking for a delicious dip to go with your starters? Your search ends right here. This Instant Onion Dip tastes great and can be prepared in a jiffy. The sunflower seeds and garlic powder add an interesting twist to the flavor. Go on watch the video and... - 88.0713

Homemade Cheese And Onion Pasties

Homemade Cheese and Onion Pasties are a great snack. Put together with a nice salad it can be served as a gourmet lunch. Watch and learn how to make these cheesy puffs in your kitchen. - 81.061

Homemade Healthy Onion Uttapam

A healthy and tasty twist to your Uttapam. Not many would like the taste of oats, for those this would be a nice way to incorporate this healthy item into your breakfast.The oats taste is not dominant and at the same time it provides you the goodness of oats... - 46.5339

Homemade Onion Tart

Cut 4 oz. lard and 2 oz. butter into 8 oz. flour sifted with a pinch of salt. Add just enough ice water to hold together, form lightly into a ball and chill for at least 1 hour. Oil an 8-inch tart tin. Roll out the pastry as thin as possible. Line the tin... - 45.5918

Homemade Onion Ratatouille

Place eggplant in a colander and sprinkle with salt. Let rest 1 hour. Rinse well. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add garlic, onion and bell pepper. Saute until tender-crisp. Add oregano, dill, fennel and pepper and stir to blend... - 43.8486

Homemade Spinach Onion Pakoda

GETTING READY: 1.In a bowl add all the above ingredients and mix it well (sprinkle water to get a soft,thick consistency ) MAKING: 2.Heat oil in a thick bottomed pan (kadai). 3.Drop small quantities of the batter in the oil and deep fry it into golden... - 40.9672

Homemade Onion Soup

In a skillet, saute the onions in the butter until golden. Blend in the flour and cook, stirring, for two minutes. Add the chicken broth gradually, stirring constantly. Simmer about twenty minutes over low heat. Stir in the salt and pepper. Correct... - 38.7985

Homemade Onion Dip

Cook the onions slowly in the butter until soft. Sprinkle with the sugar and continue cooking over low heat until onions color. Sprinkle on the vinegar and rosemary and cook until liquid reduces to a syrup. Season with salt and pepper and let cool. Beat cream... - 38.5172

Homemade Ulli Dose

One of our family favourite and a regular back home. It gives the dosa the extra crunch and taste. - 35.2661

Homemade Spicy Barbecue Sauce

In small mixing bowl, combine all ingredients; mix well. Store in refrigerator. Use as a marinade and to brush on hamburgers and other meats. - 33.2428

Homemade Picnic Relish

In large skillet, cook and stir onion and green pepper in oil over mediumheat until tender. Stir in remaining ingredients; heat to boiling; cool; cover and refrigerate several days. - 31.4376

Homemade Onion And Tomato Uttapam

Uttapam is a popular south Indian dish, though now common all over the country, made in the form of a thick pancake. Uttapam is commonly made with rice and urad dal. The recipe given here is a variation of the original dish, wherein semolina is used to make... - 30.1527

Homemade Onion Pie

Blend all ingredients, adding only enough water to make firm dough. Pat into two oiled 9-inch pie pans. Chill. - 26.352

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