Homemade Custard

Homemade custard is custard that is prepared at home using common ingredients like milk, custard powder, sugar and vanilla extract. The ingredients are mixed together and boiled on low flame for 30 to 35 minutes and homemade custard is ready to be served. It is one of the few dishes that can be served either hot or cold depending on the climatic conditions and individual preferences. A variety of fruits may also be added to enhance the taste and flavor of homemade custard. It is extensively served as a dessert and even as a snack irrespective of the time of the day.

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Tips To Prepare Low Fat Custard

Tips To Prepare Low Fat Custard On : 12-Nov-2011 By : Gourmet_lover

Traditionally prepared using egg yolks, sugar, milk, or cream, a rich and creamy custard tastes like a dream and can be the prefect sweet-tooth appeaser. But then, it can be dangerously fattening too. However, if you are cooking it at home, then you can...

Tips To Make Homemade Ice Cream

Tips To  Make Homemade Ice Cream On : 26-Jan-2012 By : Sweetcandy

Ice creams made at home is not only delicious but can be easy too! All you need is a bit of practice, some great tips and advice along with a little patience. You can try out everyhing from the simple vanilla ice cream to the wonderfully...

Tips To Make Homemade Caramels

Tips  To Make Homemade Caramels On : 24-Feb-2012 By : Sweetcandy

The   super delicious dark brown confectionary prepared using sugar and butter are known as caramels. These can be easily prepared at home in a variety of flavors and stored as sauces or  toppings f or desserts. We have some...

What Are The Health Benefits Of Homemade Ice Cream

What Are The Health Benefits Of Homemade Ice Cream On : 29-Mar-2011 By : Choc Brownie

  Health benefits of homemade ice cream are numerous, if consumed moderately. This sweet treat has many health benefits. Yes, that is right; it has nutritional benefits that add to a healthy way of life....

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