Holy Week Food

Holy Week food is prepared for the commemoration of all the events that led to the death and resurrection of the almighty, Jesus Christ. The Holy Week well culminates before the beginning of the Easter. The Holy Week food is prepared from the holy Monday through Easter on Sunday. Since this auspicious week is the last week of lent, the traditional Holy Week food, are fish stews, garlic soup and rice pudding.


Traditional Dishes Of The Holy Week

Since the Holy Week signifies the last week of the Lent, luxurious food preparations, especially lamb dishes are prohibited for consumption. On the other hand, the customary Holy Week food includes fish delicacies like fish stews, cod fish cooked with spinach and herbs, garlic soup made from garlic, bread, water, oil and eggs, lentil dishes, vegetables’ preparation, rice dishes, Holy Week doughnuts, torrijas or French toast and more.


Modern Variations In The Traditional Holy Week Food

Preparation of the traditional Holy Week food, especially, fish, lentils, vegetables, rice has undergone variations with the modern times. Variations, especially in terms of the method used for preparing the Holy Week food are very common. Dishes like barbecued tuna fish spiced with herbs, palmito and egg, sopa e pescado, a distinct fish soup, grilled with hearts of palm, stuffed breads are now savored as modern dishes of the Holy Week.


Customary Way Of Serving Holy Week Food

The feast comprising Holy Week food is served among a gathering of friends and family. The feast commences with offer of prayers to God followed by the dinner.

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