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Vegetarian Holidays: Best 5 Vegetarian Holiday Menu Ideas

If you are planning a vegetarian holiday meal and are looking to provide great meatless options, this guide is sure to help you. Scroll through these Best 5 Vegetarian Holiday Menu Ideas so that the vegetarians can have a full meal instead of just soups,... -

Best 5 Healthy Holiday Foods For Healthy Eating During The Holidays

  When the festive holiday season is round the corner, how can parties and holiday dinners be far behind. If you are worrying about those extra kilos that might pile on, here are the Best 5 Healthy Holiday Foods For Healthy Eating During The Holidays : ... -

Holiday Food Gift Basket Ideas – Thought And Action For Fulsome Holiday Fun

When holidays take a peek from around the corner, there is a surge of spirit to rejoice, reminisce and relax, with goodies, holidaying and cooking, partying and exchanging gifts. It’s the space and time when creativity abounds, to leave you scouring for ... -

Quick Holiday Appetizers For Last Minute Holiday Parties

If you desperately need some quick holiday appetizers for last minute holiday parties, then, I would invite you to go through my list of super-fast and super-delicious recipes. These quick holiday appetizers will not only please your guests but also make you... -

How To Stay Thin During Holidays: Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

 It is quite common in winter for folks to add on those extra pounds. It becomes necessary to figure out how to stay thin during holidays with a few healthy holiday eating tips.The nature of the weather, the holiday season and general malaise contribute to... -

Best 5 Menus For A Holiday Feast

If you are planning to celebrate holidays then here are the best 5 menus for a holiday feast .   Balsamic Roasted Pork Loin Recipe : You only need to have few or say four ingredients to make the tastiest pork loin of your life. ... -

10 Best Holiday Cookie Ideas

Finally it is end of the year and it is the time to smell the aroma of freshly baked homemade cookies. If you are into baking, then here are 10 best holiday cookie ideas , which you must try for the coming holiday. Start preparing from now with these ... -

How To Plan A Vegetarian Holiday Dinner

If you happen to be a vegetarian and are wondering on how to plan a vegetarian holiday dinner for those guests who will be trooping into your home for the holidays, there are several options available these days. The good thing about being vegetarian is you... -

Top 10 Hearty Holiday Breakfast Dishes

Holidays are a time to relax and you tend to get up late, reveling in the fact that you do not have to hurry. Surely, this can be the perfect excuse to have a leisurely breakfast that is big enough to see you through all the hectic activities that you... -

Top 10 Ways To Bring Home The Holiday Bacon

Chill in the air, a long lazy day ahead to look forward to, and the smell of delicious bacon wafting in the air! Can life get any better? Crisp bacon filled dishes aren’t only good for breakfast , in case, you’ve been wondering at our choice for the... -

Best 5 Vegetarian Holiday Appetizers

Vegetarians need not lament about not getting the best delicacies – here are best 5 vegetarian holiday appetizers , to make your holidays really very special. These are perfect for family dinners and home parties. Try out these appetizers and enjoy your... -

Top 10 Russian Holiday Foods

If you are planning to visit Russia for your New Year celebrations then chances are that you would be in Russia during the Russian Christmas Day which falls on 6th of January. Indulge in the best Russian holiday foods with our guide on top 10 Russian... -

Budget Meals For Holidays

Are you overwhelmed with the growing cost of Thanksgiving celebrations, including the price of turkey? Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate this festive season with a budget that suits your pocket.   1. Start saving early ... -

How To Plan A Healthy Holiday Dinner Party

How to plan a healthy holiday dinner party , so that your guests have all their favorite foods without having to worry about calories and digestion? When we desire to plan a healthy holiday dinner , it means we need to concentrate on foods which are... -

Holiday Menu

Holidays mean parties! If you are hosting a party this holiday session, then you ought to try this tastefully designed holiday menu from ifood. Each of these menu ideas have been handpicked to ensure an elegant dining experience and the complete... -

Cheap Holiday Meal Ideas

For the holidays, it is not necessary that you spend a fortune on the feast. Instead of shelling out huge amounts of money on meats and sides, you can utilize cheap holiday meal ideas using lower-cost ingredients which are dressed up with colorful... -

Stay Healthy During Holidays With These 11 Steps

It has been found that most of the people experience health problems during the holiday time.  You can s tay healthy during holidays with these 11 steps.   Be a choosy eater : You may get restless on seeing too much spread on the table, but... -

How To Plan A Gluten Free Holiday Dinner

Here is how to plan a gluten free holiday dinner for your friends, this season and have unlimited fun and good food. Gluten is a protein which is normally found in wheats, which is also added to various foods and acts as a thickening agent. Gluten free... -

The Perfect Holiday Table

  When the holiday season is around all of us tend to think about inviting friends for lunch and setting the perfect holiday table. As we all know that holiday season is always special. The best part about it is sharing meals with the family... -

Best 10 Rib Recipes For Holidays

The best part of holidays is that you can forget about work, but what about food? That is not something to be missed when you have the leisure to cook and enjoy the sumptuous dishes that you could not before. Rusting up a dish featuring ribs is something to... -

Top 10 Holiday Marshmallow Delights

Who could have thought that the combo of simple ingredients like corn syrup, sugar, and gelatin can create magic in the form of marshmallows? It is rare to find a single soul across the length and breadth of the country who is not enamored by this chewy... -

Top 10 British Holiday Foods To Savor

  If you are holidaying in Britain and want to savor British holiday foods, then you should visit pubs and small restaurants instead of some big, expensive hotels. If you spend sometime going through a pub menu you are sure to get lots of... -

Where To Eat While Holidaying In Tahoe

  If you are headed to Tahoe this holiday and if you are wondering where to eat while holidaying in Tahoe, let me help you. Chances are, when you are relaxing away your hours, you wouldn’t like to slave in the kitchen and so, if you are still... -

Top 10 Holiday Diet Tips

I know how hard it is to resist the temptation of delicious holiday food and desserts. If you are looking forward to the holidays, but fear the after effects (read, extra pounds), here are the Top 10 Holiday Diet Tips that will help you to indulge and... -

Yummy & Useful Food Gifts For This Holiday Season

Why don’t you plan on buying yummy & useful food gifts for this holiday season ! In fact, these are some unique ideas for gifts, as these can be used in various ways by the recipients. Here are certain useful food gift ideas, among which you can make... -

Holiday Dinner Ideas

Make your holidays memorable and more eventful with our enticing holiday dinner ideas . Save your complicated recipes and dessert ideas for some other day. Choose these hard looking, but easy to make holiday dinner ideas and wow your guests and family with... -

Holiday Lunch Ideas

Ifood offers some exclusive holiday lunch ideas which are sure to leave your guests satisfied and amazed. Check out this unique collection of holiday lunch ideas to indulge in sinfully rich extravagance without any guilt.   ... -

Easy Holiday Party Foods

During the holiday season, festivities are in the air and food undoubtedly is the focal point of most gatherings. A lot of delectable delicacies can be prepared during the holiday season, however you wouldn’t like to toil all day long in the kitchen and not... -

5 Easy Tips To Host A Holiday Party

Holidays are no doubt a welcome relief from meetings, calls, and deadlines but having to host parties in order during the holidays becomes something of a headache as well . Does the thought of planning and hosting a holiday party fail to excite you... -

Tips For Planning A Healthy Holiday Party

Are you looking for some tips to plan a healthy holiday party ? Well then you've come to the right place! We all know that the holidays involve a lot of family, food, and fun but that doesn't mean every get-together has to be filled with heavy... -

How To Shed Holiday Weight

Food forms an integral part of all types of festivities and celebrations. Most of us end up gorging cakes and other delicacies during family gatherings, Christmas holidays and consequently tend to gain weight during the holidays. Learn how to shed holiday... -

Cure Holiday Excesses With These Restorative Recipes

It is very natural to gain some extra pounds at the end of the holiday for excessive eating. However, you can cure holiday excesses with these restorative recipes . These restorative recipes will help you in curing holiday excesses by initiating more... -

Holiday Brunch Ideas During Hanukkah

There is nothing more welcome than celebrating Hanukkah-  the festival of lights, to light up the Jewish  holiday, with classic food items. The right food will simply add to the festive spirit. How about holiday brunch ideas during Hanukkah ?A... -

How To Stay Healthy During Holidays

With all the parties and festive goodies being sent to you by friends and family this holiday season, it can be easy to pack on a few pounds before realizing it. Don’t worry; here are some helpful tips on Ways to stay healthy during the Holidays . ... -

Quick And Easy Holiday Appetizers

Now that Thanksgiving has come and past  it’s officially become the Season to be Jolly!  Speaking of jolly, it is also the time of parties and entertainment.   It’s tough to be jolly though if you are spending all your time in the kitchen making food... -

Sandra Bullock's Family Holiday Tradition: Smuggling Sausages!

While it is true that every family has its own whacky Holiday tradition, Sandra Bullock's family seems to lead from the front. Her family manages to illegally import sausages from Germany. The preparation of a Holiday meal with these super delicious,... -

Healthy Holiday Cooking Tips

Holiday Cooking can be stressful and sometimes, we focus more on how they taste than their nurtritional value. That being said, here are some Healthy Holiday Cooking Tips to help you:     Holiday Appetizer... -

Hassle Free Holiday Meal

Let’s face it, as great as the holidays are they can be a hassle.  There just isn’t enough time to humanly get everything done.  Between work, kids, spouses, shopping, holiday cards, etc. when are you supposed to actually enjoy the holidays? ... -

Memorial Day Picnic Is Incomplete Without Potato Salad

  Memorial Day is no fun without the humble potato salad . The Germans, the Irish and the English have all contributed to the classic recipe of this salad making the simple tuber taste like something out of this world. On one... -

National Egg Salad Week – A Tasty Way To Make Use Of Leftover Easter Eggs

  Yes, that is perfectly right! You don’t have to worry about what to do with leftover Easter eggs . It seems like the American Egg Board has clearly understood your problem and hence, has declared the week after Easter as the... -

Top 10 Main Course Salad Ideas

Through this post I present to you a list of top 10 main course salad ideas, which   can make great menu inclusions for holidays and various other occasions. All uou need to do is choose one of these salad recipe ideas and enjoy them whenever... -

Top 6 Salads To Serve On Christmas

Salads are healthy and satisfying meals, without which every feast is incomplete! So why not give a twist to regular salads this Christmas and make them interesting and refreshing by making use of butternut squash, fruits, chicken, rice etc. Do select from... -

5 Salad Ideas To Include In Spring Theme Party

  It is time to unwind and have that spring theme party you have been looking forward to. You had enough of the winter blues and they were stretching with grey skies and cold weather. February is over and March is here, which means the... -

Jennifer Aniston Opts For A Salad In Paris

  “Friends” actor Jennifer Aniston named as one of the richest woman of 2007 according to the Forbes, was spotted in Paris early this week with boyfriend Justin Theroux in tow. The duo seemed to be very much together as they went for... -

Top 10 Salads For Winter

If so long you thought that salads are just for those bright summer months, time you take a re-look. Salads - those perfect accompaniments to your main courses - can easily be made interesting and unique by just spinning in a few winter produce along with the... -

Celebrating Tet

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam --- Tet Festival Celebration in Dam Sen Park Tet fireworks - Cần Thơ, Vietnam You will see many similarities between Tet and Chinese New Years, especially in the North of Vietnam around... -

How To Celebrate National Pastry Day?

Pastries with their ‘fluff’ and ‘oomph’ quotient can be hailed as the crème of bakes. How to commemorate the origin of this bake?- By knowing the best way showing you how to celebrate National pastry day . National pastry day is... -

Top 10 Dishes For A Zestful National Shrimp Day

  Despite being America’s favorite shellfish, the shrimp consumed here comes mostly from the Gulf Coast, Pacific Coast, and the Atlantic. No wonder there is a "National Shrimp Day" specifically designated for these tiny,... -

Top 10 Food Ideas For Memorial Day

  Cookout season is here. A colorful menu packed with delicious foods and drinks to be enjoyed with friends and family in the backyard or the beach – what could be a better way to celebrate Memorial Day! While a BBQ menu is always the most... -

Top 7 Recipes To Celebrate National Parfait Day

November 25 is National Parfait Day! What is parfait? It actually means “perfect” in French language. However, these days it is associated with a dish which makes a perfect dessert, snack or meal! In the earlier days, parfaits were served in well... -

5 Forbidden Foods For Super Bowl

Super Bowl! The time to shout, cheer lustily & curse vociferously! The food that passes your lips during this particular week of madness should match your mood too. Forget the dainty, tiny bites or the larger than life gourmet sculptures; they do not go... -

Indian Summer Party Ideas

Loads of wild decorations, exuberant flowers, rich drapes and plenty of bold hues — this is what best describes an Indian summer party. As the weather warms up, there can't be anything better than an Indian style summer party. Invite your friends and... -

Summer Garden Party Ideas

Celebrate the simple joys of summer with a fabulous garden fete!  Whether you plan to host an extravagant soiree or opt for a no-frills affair, our summer garden party ideas would leave you with tons of ideas on how to transform your backyard or outdoor... -

10 Best Ideas For A Mother's Day Lunch

  Let your mom take a break from her usual routine and relax as you whip up a special Mother’s Day lunch for her. Here is a special menu that has been crafted with handpicked delicacies. Your mom is sure to love this tasty meal,... -

Father’s Day Menu For Diabetic Dad

Father’s Day will be upon us soon and you got to plan the menu well in advance. But would you be able to offer your Dad, a meal that can cheer him up, especially if he is diabetic ? Of course! There is no dearth of good dishes that are free of both... -

Celebrate A Colorful Fourth Of July

Plenty of red, white, and blue ! That is what 4th of July is all about! Don’t limit your colored celebrations with just the national Flag . Extend the same theme to your food too. Opt for tri- colored foods and serve it in style that highlights your... -

Celebrate Earth Day By Adding Every Part Of The Plant To Your Plate

April 22 2014 is Earth Day. The day when we honor Mother Earth and vow to reduce the carbon footprints on our atmosphere. Going green and eating organic are popular themes associated with this occasion. Why don’t you try something different this time? ... -

Top 10 Foods For Summer Party

Foods are any party’s standout sensation and summer soirees are no exception! With the mercury levels hitting a high, your summer gatherings always calls for chilled booze, loads of munchies, plenty of icy treats and finger-licking good food. Whether you... -

Simple Summer Food Ideas

As the mercury soars up, our appetite definitely hits a slump. To beat your summer food blues, we have assembled a slew of simple summer food ideas that aren’t just scrumptious and wholesome, but can be made with the freshest of summer ingredients. Just... -

Healthy Summer Foods In Season

If you thought that summer was the season of barbeques, chilled beers, and beach vacation, know that the season of the sun is also the season of lush fruits and succulent veggies, delectable enough to amp up our appetites and fuel our system with many... -

Office Summer Party Ideas

Office parties are usually fun, and when it comes to celebrating something as fun as the summer season, the joy just doubles up. Sure, an office party means loads of planning and preparation. But then what really compares to the thrill of hanging out with... -

Best Ideas For A Mother's Day Brunch

  There are countless ways to surprise your mom on this special day. Inviting her over for a fabulous Mother’s Day brunch is just one of them.  Be sure to include some of her favorite foods and you can not go wrong.  ... -

National Eggs Benedict Day – An Interesting Excuse To Relish Eggs

  The National Egg Salad Week got over just two days back and Monday is here now. However, there is a reason to celebrate this day and feel charged up. It is the National Eggs Benedict Day. There are countless variants of the... -

10 Best Food Ideas For A Mother's Day Dinner

  Avoid the restaurant, pull on your apron, and prepare a special meal for your mom. Every mother will feel loved and appreciated when she is treated to a special dinner on Mother’s Day. From chicken nuggets to parmesan chicken and... -

10 Memorial Day Potluck Recipes

Memorial Day is around the corner. It is that one holiday that officially kick starts the summer. In fact, Memorial Day weekend is perfect to get your friends and family together for a picnic or potluck outdoors.  Just in case you are looking out for some... -

Outdoor Summer Party Ideas

  As the weather gets warmer, beat the scorching heat and sultry sweating by throwing an outdoor summer party . There are numerous party themes from that can add to the celebrations the way you wish. The first thing to do before... -

Celebrate The 4th Of July On-a-stick!

The 4th of July gives us the perfect excuse to get the grill out and throw a BBQ! While hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken breast might be among the more commonly served items at a Fourth of July party, we decided to mix things up this year by choosing 5 of... -

Rock This 4th Of July With These Rocking Recipes

The fireworks are set, guest list is ready and drinks are in the cooler! All that you need to make this Fourth of July party a rocking success is a list of lip-smacking recipes. These recipes are quick, use fewer ingredients and are festive enough to suit the... -

Top 10 Superbowl Food Ideas

Although I am not a football fanatic, every year I feel very excited during the season, as I am sure that there will be lots of fun and celebration, durng this time of the year. If you are interested in this celebration, then here is the list of top 10... -

How To Prepare For A Healthy Memorial Day

Celebrating a healthy Memorial Day or a Memorial Day weekend can be really stressful because just like other American holidays, this one also has a lot to do with food. Your task becomes even more difficult if you are on a weight loss diet or if you are... -

Best 5 Easy To Prepare Kwanzaa Traditional Foods

Best 5 easy to prepare Kwanzaa traditional foods is for anyone who desires to enjoy the best of Kwanzaa foods , which are easy to prepare and good to eat. You may not always have so much time to spend hours chopping, cutting, cooking and baking – in... -

Summer Birthday Party Ideas

If you or your loved ones happen to be a July-born, then hurray, for we bring you a train of exciting summer birthday party ideas to make these summer birthday bashes even more happening. Birthday parties are indeed fun and when it comes to squeezing in... -

Drastic Super Bowl Dishes – Can You Handle Them All?

Are you mad about the Super Bowl event? Then why don't you do something different this time by opting for a few drastic Super Bowl dishes? We could help you get prepared for your weekend party at home. Here are a few ideas:-   1)... -

Avocado Galore During Super Bowl Xlvii

Forget chicken wings and beer! This year's Super Bowl bash will see the rise of a new star - Avocado. It is expected that while watching the Championship Game, Americans are going to consume 79 million pounds of avocados . It may be in dips, salads,... -

Easy Mother’s Day Recipes

  Mother’s day is one of those days when we can simply show the love by just taking over the cooking department and preparing a nice lunch or dinner specially for moms.   Generally, moms are the ones... -

Top 5 Labor Day Recipes

My friends say they have a tough time deciding on the menu for a Labor Day dinner party. Are you looking for compelling Labor Day recipe ideas ? This time on Labor Day show off your favorite recipes while spending time with family and friends. I am... -

Summer Party Ideas For Adults: Invites, Decorations, Food, And More

  Summer is the perfect time for gatherings; thanks to the gorgeous warm weather, fresh and fabulous food, and the constant desire to relax and hang out. These are some exclusive summer party ideas for adults , which are sure to wow... -

What Celebs Recommend On Memorial Day

With Memorial Day just around the corner, you must be having a field day planning cookouts and getting your barbecue equipment ready. However, the day need not include greasy grills or fried foods only. Eating healthy on all days, Memorial Day included will... -

10 Delicious Ways To Celebrate International Pickle Week

"On a hot day in Virginia, I know nothing more comforting than a fine spiced pickle, brought up trout-like from the sparkling depths of the aromatic jar below the stairs of Aunt Sally's cellar,"  are the famous words of  the Founding Father,... -

Ideas For National Popcorn Day Activities

Come January and you are left thinking and searching for new innovative ideas for National Popcorn Day activities. National Popcorn Day falls on the 19 th of January (the exact date is under continuous debate) and is celebrated nation wide with people... -

Top 5 Healthy Recipes For Mardi Gras Party

  It would really be untrue if we say that food for Mardi Gras party is healthy. We all know that Mardi Gras food is unhealthy. If you count your calories before eating, it is time to avoid all those sugary and deep fried doughnuts and cheese... -

Chaitra Navaratri: What’s Allowed: What's Not

Chaitra Navaratri, the period of fasting in order to invoke the blessings of Goddess Shakti is here. It will be observed from March 31 to April 8 2014 by the Hindu community residing in India and elsewhere in the world . Although observed as a period of... -

Summer Boat Party Ideas

Ahoy, mate! It is time to let the anchor down and get ready to have a summer blast, a la maritime style. Summer is incomplete without some water fun and what better way to feel the salty sea mist on your face than a summer boat bash. To get your celebrations... -

Top 5 New Years Good Luck Food

  Who wouldn’t want the New Year to be a harbinger of good luck and prosperity? Here are top 5 New Year good luck food to mark a positive beginning of the New Year, ingrained in positive thought.           ... -

Foxborough Lines Up Food Deals & Discounts For Veterans Day

It is time to show your love and respect for the veterans and serving men and women of the US military because it is Veterans Day . The local businesses in the Foxborough are understand this only too well, which is why a number of discounts, promotions... -

Tips To Be Food Safe On Fourth Of July

So, you are getting ready for a feast on this Independence Day and everything that you do on Fourth of July will revolve around food, right? Good because we have some seriously useful tips for a food safe Independence Day. Here is what you need to do: ... -


LOW FAT THANKSGIVING FEASTING Many of us are trying to eat a healthier low fat diet and as the holidays are approaching we worry about making the correct choices. Thanksgiving is often a time of not only over eating but eating... -

A Debonair Menu To Honor National Raisin Day

  Raisins, the tiny treats, both dark and pale, are not just sweet bites, but are  packed with nutrients as well. And today is special as we get to honor these delightful low fat delicacies by dedicating all of 24 hours to them. Yes! It... -

Top 10 Hot Dogs For Memorial Day

  The Memorial Weekend in the US has billions of hot dogs being devoured by hungry Americans who are in full holiday spirit. Though other occasions such as the Independence Day, Labor Day, etc, warrant the same spirit towards the delightful snack,... -

Ravenous Fast Food Deals For Super Bowl

It is Super Bowl weekend and although you are having friends over for a party, you really don’t want to enter the kitchen or cook anything at home. We understand, or rather, the fast food companies understand that. Therefore, you have numerous game day... -

How To Grill The Perfect Steak On Father’s Day

  Cooking the perfect steak   for your father may prove to be a little tricky especially if you do not have an inkling about what he actually wants. Most fathers would like to have their steaks rare, a sign of the... -

10 Vegetarian Recipes For Winter

    With winter comes the vegetable bounty – a season for the vegetarians to celebrate. Winter gives you the ultimate freedom and an endless choice of making different and unique vegetarian recipes, so much so that at times it becomes really... -

How To Keep Yourself Nourished With These Healthy Tips

  March is the National Nutrition Month and everyone is looking for ways to stay nourished, not just for this month but for all the months to come. Well, staying nourished is easier said than done, right? But you don’t have to worry too... -

How Your Nutritionists Will Eat This Christmas

You have always wanted to know how your nutritionists eat, so that you can stay fit too, without having to pay hefty fees, right? Well, here are 10 ways your nutritionists eat while on holidays like Christmas . If you are struggling with weight gain, then... -

Best 5 Thanksgiving Meal Side Dishes

So, you have already ordered the turkey for the Thanksgiving Day; but have you decided anything about the side dishes! If not, then here you will find some useful ideas on the best 5 thanksgiving meal side dishes . All of these thanksgiving meal side... -

10 Easy Turkey Starters

  Turkeys are great choices to be made into bite-sized appetizers. The turkey starters are very versatile, making them fit into any meal, formal or casual, with the same ease as wonderful appetizers. Ifood presents to you a wide collection... -

10 Easy Pasta Starters

If you are looking for some easy to prepare yet elegant pasta starters , then browse through this blog on pasta appetizer ideas. Ifood offers you a wonderful opportunity to enhance and show your culinary skills to your near and dear one with these simple,... -

10 Easy Duck Starters

  The luscious duck starters are perfect appetizers for an elegant dinner party or special occasion. Ifood presents a wide assortment of duck appetizers, which will wow your guests. Delve into this write-up on various duck appetizer ideas... -

Mouth-watering Apple Recipes - Make The Most Of Apples

Through this blog on “mouth-watering apple recipes – make the most of apples,” I will give you some great apple recipe ideas so that you know how to make the best of your culinary skills to create magic with your seasonal apples this winter! These... -

How To Serve Fruits

How to serve fruits as classic party staples? You may be having fruits everyday, but do you actually know the right way of having fruits? Today, ready -to- eat party  containers are easily available making it very convenient for us... -