High Fat Cream Recipes

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Salmon Burgers With Non Fat Dill Cream

Who does not want to enjoy the taste of creamy salmon burgers? And how we wish if we could still keep it healthy! See what the chef has in store; burger with dill cream prepared using fresh dills and non-fat cream! So, you can make your salmon burger, as much... - 110.896

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Quick And Easy High Protein Low Fat Ice Cream

Not all sweet treats have to be decadent. What better way to buff yourself up while you cool down with a high protein low fat ice cream. Lee Hayward whomps up one of his all-time favorite, healthy treat recipe. It's quick, easy and so healthy that you won't... - 81.9382

Low-fat High-fiber Low-sodium Eggless Butterless Stress-buster Black Forest Cake For Those With A Weak Stomach

Unlike many irresistible foods which are mostly unhealthy, this healthy Black Forest Cake is a top-rated addiction. If you ask me why my version of the Black Forest cake is healthy, I will ask you to spend a moment analyzing its composition. It does not... - 55.4433

Fat-free Banana Ice Cream Floats

Feelin' Floaty?! Come float on a float and eat a float with me today as I share this super yummy and satisfying summer treat with you! Savor up the flavor and share with family and friends! Or... perhaps just eat the whole thing yourself! ;) This fat-free... - 131.091

White Wine Poached Chicken Breast With Low-fat Sour Cream Dijon Sauce

Tired of the same old roasted, grilled or baked chicken breasts? Transform your dinner from ho-hum to high-flavor with this easy and fast recipe for any occasion. Very few ingredients needed and tastes phenomenal. Pan-seared chicken breasts are drenched in a... - 116.939

Low-fat Chunky Cream Of Tomato Soup

Most of us grow up loving cream of tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich on a nice rainy day! What a great comfort food. Of course, it can be from a can or packet but why have those when you can make a much more delicious and healthier version with such... - 138.873

High Protein Root Beer Float Recipe!

MAKING 1. In blender, pour diet root beer. Add whey protein powder, and blend it up at low speed. 2. Put ice cubes in the blender, and blend again. Keep adding and blending until the mixture comes to an ice cream consistency. 3. Pour the mixture and fill... - 104.231

Low-fat Mock Sour Cream

Place all ingredients in a blender and combine on medium-high speed until smooth and creamy. - 17.0483

Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

MAKING 1. In a blending jar take banana and protein powder, blend together. 2. Pour in the almond milk and blend again. SERVING 3. Serve Chocolate Banana Ice Cream with hot donut. - 115.262

Fresh Berry Flavored Ice Cream

Learn how to make this wonderful ice cream filled with various fruits and a secret cancer fighting ingredient... CABBAGE! We know it may look "weird" or even "gross" but Blender Babes promises... you (and your little ones!) WON'T EVEN TASTE IT!!! Use green or... - 146.636

Home Made Protein Ice Cream With Whey Protein

Can you imagine eating an entire pint of ice cream and having zero guilt? The dream has finally come true! Here is a fantastic recipe to use your favorite protein whey in a way that goes beyond smoothies and shakes. This one takes the form of chocolate ice... - 98.7277