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How To Eat Fresh Herbs? - Turn Your Dishes Into A ‘herb-i-vore’ And Celebrate Tasteful Health

Eating fresh herbs might sound like a prescription for the ailing, as herbs have long been coveted for their medicinal value. But the flavors of fresh herbs are what make some of your favorite dishes a topper. So, how to eat fresh herbs and flavor your... -

Top 10 Uses Of Herbs And Spices

  If you thought that herbs and spices were used only to add flavour to food, think beyond. Here’s presenting the Top 10 Uses of Herbs And Spices. Uses of herbs as well as spices have been observed in arenas like culinary, medicine and... -

How To Use Fresh Herbs In A Variety Of Ways

Herbs are of many varieties and the degree of aroma in each of them varies hugely. Some are lightly aromatic while others are extremely flavored, so as a novice cook one should know how to use fresh herbs in a variety of ways to get the best out of... -

What Are The Uses Of Juniper Berry Herb

Juniper berry herb, popular for giving gin its characteristic flavor is used as a culinary spice as well as a medicinal herb across the world. The various uses of juniper berry herb are explained in the article. Juniper berry with its... -

How To Store Fresh Herbs?

Herbs are usually sold in bunches – yet all that your recipes usually need is, only a dash of fresh herbs. Therefore, it is important to know how to store fresh herbs most effectively in our kitchens. You can store fresh herbs in the following... -

How To Grow Herbs Indoors

If you know how to grow herbs indoors in the right way, it shall be very advantageous to you because you will not have to depend on your local stores and dealers, for fresh supply of herbs any more. You do not have to rush to the supermarket also... -

Top 5 Organic Herbs

What can I tell you about Organic herbs?  Medicinal herbs, aromatic herbs, calming and soothing herbs; we are a part of nature, and all the natural things should be our best friends. Chemicals have left no part of the human lifestyle... -

How To Heal With Ayurvedic Herbs

Many Ayurvedic herbs are used in our every day life. Ayurvedic herbs are used for treating various illnesses. They are used in massages, oils and supplements. Ayurveda means treating the body through holistic methods. The system is cleansed both... -

Top 5 Herb Recipes For Winter Brunches

Winters can be addictive not just in terms of the amount of sunlight you tend to enjoy but also in the amount of food that goes down. However, it is not all about greasy, rich, fat-laden dishes but also some herb-encrusted, light, healthy dishes too. Here are... -

‘rocket’ Herb Relives Gastric Ulcers

A herb called rocket herb or arugula , scientific name Eruca sativa is now said to relieve stomach ulcer, gastric ulcers and its effects. The rocket herb or arugula is native to the Mediterranean region.     Research on rats with... -

What Are The 5 Bitter Herbs?

  Are you wondering what are the 5 bitter herbs ? Well, if you are not a Jewish or you don’t happen to have a Jewish friend, it’s natural for you to wonder what are the 5 bitter herbs that are so popularly eaten in a particular Jewish... -

How To Store Dry Herbs

Herbs are the plants which is used for flavors or medicinal purposes.People dry herbs for the longer use in their cooking.Storing herbs will be as exciting as growing herbs in your backyards. Procedure to store dry herbs: Storing dry herbs... -

How To Eat Dry Herbs

Eating herbs was considered as the best way to ensure a long and healthy life by the ancient healers and the recent researches have proved this belief to be well founded. However, I am not going to detail the health benefits of herbs, rather I am going to... -

How To Freeze A Herb Paste

  When I was given this topic to write about “How to freeze a herb paste”, first thing which came to mind was, why do we need to freeze a herb paste ?     Herbs plays a vital role in everyone’s kitchen. Herbs and spices... -

Which Herbs Stimulate Our Appetite

For many reasons people find it difficult to maintain a healthy appetite.  Bad eating habits, stress and other factors lead to unhealthy appetite. Use herbs that stimulate appetite to get relief from this condition and to support digestion. Suppressed... -

How To Replace Fresh Herbs With Dried

  If you find the shortage of fresh herbs then you should substitute it with dried herbs, but you must know   how to replace fresh herbs with dried . Dried herbs are sold throughout the year, are easily available and have a longer shelf life as... -

How To Dry Fresh Herbs?

I love the aroma and flavor that fresh herbs add to my dishes but often it pays tolearn how to  dry fresh herbs, especially if you want a year long supply of your favorite herbs .It is quiet a hassle to keep running to your nearest supermarket ... -

Herbs Can Cause Allergies Too

Having to cope with an allergic reaction is not easy. You have to be on your toes trying to avoid foods and pollen in order to keep your immune system from going into an over drive. Trying anti histamines and other medication is useful no doubt, but health... -

How To Juice Dried Herbs

  Try making juice out of dried Herbs! Herbs not only add flavor and aroma to food but are also very good for health. If you are on a herbal diet, you would need to stock up on a whole lot of herbs which you can add to your juices and teas ,... -

Pepsico Likely To Make Herb-based Energy Drink

  If you are one of those consumers who evaluate the healthiness of any product before buying, then here is PepsiCo 's yet another attempt to target health-conscious people like you. With energy drinks being blamed for their high... -

Herbs And Spices That Go With Apples

We know that you are eager to know about the herbs and spices that go with apples. The blog introduces you all those spices and herbs which team well with apples.      Most of you must think of cooked apples only in terms of desserts... -

Top Herbs And Spices Of Germany

You may not know your Bratkartoffeln from your Bratwurst, or your Hendl from Hassenpfeffer, but what you will be aware of, after reading this blog, is the herbs and spices have a major role in making German cuisine popular worldwide. And by the way,... -

How To Freeze Fresh Herbs For Easy Use

Have you ever freeze fresh herbs for easy use in off season? In fact, freezing herbs for easy use is quite simple proces s, provided you know the right tricks. A few tricks about the storing methods of herbs are narrated here; hopefully following... -

Herbs For High Cholesterol

  High cholesterol can prove to be a silent killer if not attended to immediately and the best way to manage is through diet and using herbs for high cholesterol which will help to bring down the bad... -

Top 5 Popular Herbs - Health Beyond Flavor

  Herbs are plants used for or as a flavoring, food, medicine, or perfume. Most of the herbs are green and they grow in the form of plants short in height, which can also be cultivated on your window sill. Used extensively in culinary purposes,... -

Herbs And Spices

Including spices in your meal transforms it. Herbs from around the world are readily available. Here is what I think is a must for every cook. Spices Cardomom The pods are used whole to flavor rice. The seeds are crushed and used to... -

How To Heal With Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal medicine is said to have cures for over 404 different kinds of illnesses. Most of the treatment is done using simple, easily available Chinese herbs and other products. Most Chinese folks are aware of these simple techniques and the Chinese... -

How To Make A Kitchen Herb Bouquet?

If you look around your kitchen, you will find herbs lying everywhere; Herbs such as parsley, sage, dill, basil, etc. You use these herbs in your daily as well as occasional cooking and they have never let you down in front of family or guests. Now here is... -

Herb ????

Herbs   are plants grown for any purpose other than food, wood or beauty. Such uses include culinary, medicinal, or in some cases even spiritual usage. The green, leafy part of the plant is typically used. General usage differs between culinary herbs... -

How To Use Herbs While Making Desserts

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } How To Use Herbs While Making Desserts! That is a lesson that the Western palate must pay a million bucks to learn. With all due respect to the Western cuisines, I do find them bland in comparison to the Eastern ones. I... -

Herbs That Enhance Lactation

  Nowadays mothers are inclined more towards herbs that enhance lactation rather than medicines that do the same. These herbs that enhance lactation have lower side effects, and thus are much safer to consume. After giving birth, it is necessary for... -

Top 5 Herbs And Spices Of Thailand

Thai cuisine is world famous for its subtle use of spices and herbs. This food caters to the world palate because of the magic created by the    herbs and spices of Thailand which include:-    1) Ma-Krut (Kaffir Lime) ... -

Top 10 Medicinal Herbs

                         My 5 year old cousin asked me the other day whether Crocin helped the kings and queens, and well, I had to divulge about the magical healing herbs and the medicinal herbs obviously. But... -

Choose The Best Spice Jars For Your Herbs

If you are planning to re-organize your spice shelves with fresh new jars, then, I am here to help you choose the best spice jar for your herbs. While, you can always stuff in the herbs in the same old jars in which you bought your herbs, but, as you begin to... -

How To Freeze Fresh Herbs? – Get The Exotic And The Homegrown Under One Roof

Herbs, be it basil, chives lemon balm, oregano, mint, or tarragon : lend that flavor of health and medicine to your favorite dishes. Chiefly used for garnishing, herbs taste best when added fresh. If you are looking at long-term storage and ‘just-picked’... -

How To Make Herb-infused Olive Oil?

From salads to sauces, from a dash of it on roasted vegetables to a single dip for breads, from plain flavored to the herb-infused ones, olive oil is one ingredient that forms an integral part of varied recipes in a variety of ways. Being such a multi-purpose... -

What Are The Various Italian Cooking Herbs

  Italian cooking is never complete without the usage of herbs; they are essential flavoring ingredients of every Italian dish, whether it’s pasta, pizza, seafood, or meat. It is pertinent for every person planning to learn... -

Can You Cure Insomnia With Herbs & Vitamins

  Cure insomnia with herbs is a popular concept now because stress and tension has induced this sleep disorder in most of us. The result of sedative and anti depression medicines are not that good on health, herbal remedies are proved to... -

History Of Herbs

The practice of herbal medicine dates back to the very earliest periods of known human history. There is evidence of herbs having been used in the treatment of diseases and for revitalizing body systems in almost all ancient civilizations-the Indian, the... -

Discover The Health Benefits Of Ashwagandha - Wonder Herb

Ashwagandha – a herb full of miraculous wonders, is native to India and North America. Let us tread nature’s path to discover the health benefits of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), also known as Indian winter cherry. The herb has been... -

Top 10 Anti-aging Herbs

The natural and non-toxic herbs would be the best choice if you are in search of anti-aging substances. These anti-aging herbs have amazing antioxidant properties which reduce your health risks allied with aging. When consumed for long, these... -

What Herbs & Vitamins Aid Against Alcoholism

Alcoholism has been the bane of many. However not all is lost as scientific evidence points out that both  herbs & vitamins aid against alcoholism.  The alcohol addicts have been observed to neglect their nutrition stuffing themselves up with... -

What Are The Best Herbs And Vitamins To Use For Healing

Growing herbs is not only a great hobby but it can also let you take advantage of their healing properties. There are various healing herbs and vitamins and here below are some of the best ones mentioned. Herbs also have therapeutic powers, such as... -

Adding Herbs To Cut Down On Salt!

Tamara's Kitchen Tips Now a days, salt is in just about everything that we eat, which is not always the best thing for our bodies. I discovered a way to still get that little salty kick without all that salt. I have a fresh herb... -

My New Little Herb Garden ;o)

One of the things I really missed when I decided to move out on my own was being able to go outside and snip the herbs I needed for cooking or just making a nice relaxing tea. I had forgotten how spoiled I felt by only using fresh herbs and enjoying... -

What Are The Vitamins & Herbs To Use In Case Of Thyroid Disorder

Imbalanced thyroid level in the body results into either, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, both of which have disastrous effects on the body metabolism. Among various supplements, Vitamins and minerals have been found to be very effective in the... -

What Are The Health Benefits Of Basil? – The Herb That Flavors And Cures.

Ever wondered what your flavorful pesto, emanating the typical Italian aroma, comprises, or your pasta sauce, which you so very delightfully pour on your noodles? It is none other than the ‘omnipresent’ basil, a popular herb, used in a mélange of Italian... -

Using Spices And Herbs

Spices and herbs are not so mysterious. They are a beneficial addition to food when used appropriately. In moderate amounts and correct combinations according to their attributes, they are excellent for balancing the system, aiding digestion, and adding... -

Basil Is One Of The Most Widely Used Herbs In The World

     Basil is a highly fragrant plant whose leaves are used as a seasoning herb for many different types of foods. Basil has become one of the most recognizable herbs ever since pesto, the mixture of basil, pine nuts and parmesan cheese, has become... -

How To Use Fennel - From Root To Tip

  How to use fennel- from root to tip in cooking is intriguing to known as not many are aware of the culinary uses of this much forgotten herb, fennel. Fennel is an extremely versatile herb which can be effectively used towards complementing... -

Parsley Substitutes

Middle Eastern, European, or American, these tiny leaves called parsley have been an integral part of all these cuisines. And I’m sure you love to scatter this herb on your soups, add them to your sauces  and curries but what if you realize that you are... -

What Are The Culinary Uses Of Sarsaparilla

  The culinary uses of sarsaparilla   is might not be much talked about topic because the herbs sarsaparilla is mostly known for its medicinal benefits. Sarsaparilla uses for drink preparation... -

Marjoram Substitutes

With its sweet pine like and citrus flavor, Marjoram has won quite a few hearts across the world. The herb is used in various cuisines such as Italian, Middle Eastern, etc to provide that distinct aroma and taste. However, if you ever run out of it while... -

Chervil Substitutes

  The very popular aromatic herb Chervil is added to the dishes mostly to enhance the fragrance and taste. Very closely related to the parsley, Chervil for centuries has been used for culinary purposes across the globe. The little leaves have a... -

Rosemary Substitutes

A native of Mediterranean, rosemary is a favorite across the kitchens of the world. Used mostly to flavor meat dishes, the herb is also added in a lot of baked items and sauces to enhance flavor and aroma. But what if you are out of the herb while cooking?... -

Spice Advice

Storage Spices and herbs will lose their colour, taste and aroma over time. To preserve peak flavour and colour, store spices and herbs in a cool, dry place, away from exposure to bright light, heat, moisture or oxygen. If possible, avoid storing spices... -

Mustard – The Window Into Pre-historic Cooking

Recent studies conducted by researchers at the University of York  have revealed that mustard , which is otherwise believed to have been  first culinarily used around the 13 th century in France , was actually used during the ... -

Thyme Substitutes

Whether for flavor or for color, thyme has always been a kitchen essential for most of the recipes. The herb is known to provide a distinct taste and appeal to the food it is added to. However, have you ever wondered how will you fill the void if you ever run... -

Lemongrass Substitutes

  Lemongrass is a very popular ingredient in the Asian cuisine and has a citrus flavor. Lemongrass can brighten up a dish in no time with its delectable flavor. However, what if you run out of the herb while making your favorite recipe! Well you... -

Oregano Substitutes

Planning to prepare Italian food and out of oregano…..well I really cannot imagine my pastas and pizzas without the herb, however, there are times when you might realize being out of oregano after you’ve started cooking. For those times, keep these easy... -

How To Condense Spices At Home

  Condensed spices not only savor the intense flavors of spices in cooking but also can be stored for a longer time. A spice is a dried seed, fruit, root, bark or vegetative substance used in nutritionally insignificant quantities as a food... -

Spice Substitution List

Herb Substitutions Basil Oregano or thyme Chervil Tarragon or parsley Chive Green onion; onion; or leek Cilantro Parsley Italian Seasoning Blend of any of these: basil, oregano,... -

Bacon Salt?

I could comment but I'll just let you read the article...  I will say though that this can't be a bad thing and I just ordered some...  The sotry: http://www.thedalleschronicle.com/news/2007/08/news08-01-07-02.shtml   Their... -

Cilantro Substitutes

  The little green leaves sprinkled on your salads and stews add a lot more to the dish than just flavor. However, what happens when you run out of the magic ingredient while preparing your favorite recipe? Well you have two options to put on... -

Culinary Uses Of Peppermint

Uses of peppermint are many and we are going to explore the culinary uses of this versatile herb. Peppermint is a zest herb and can be used to flavor many dishes. Peppermint is not always the mint you find in supermarkets, those are usually spearmints. It... -

Culinary Uses Of Oregano

Culinary uses of oregano can be attributed to its fragrant and flavorful leaves. The leaves of oregano are used in cooking in both the fresh and the dried form. The leaves impart a warm; yet slight bitter taste to dishes it is added to. Oregano is a... -

Bay Leaf Substitutes

From the Mediterranean cuisine to the Indian delicacies, bay leaf has been spreading its flavor across the globe for centuries. But have you ever wondered what can you do if you ever run out of the herb while cooking your favorite dish which desperately needs... -

Spices That Work For Turkey

  Turkey is a lean meat, so you can use different herb and spice combinations to enhance its taste. Here is a list of spices that work for turkey the best...   Americans use different herb... -

Top 5 Microgreens That Can Be Picked With Tweezers

Have you ever had to stare in dismay at a plate holding a nano-sized piece of chicken topped with an unknown sprig of green that looks as if it has been put there with the aid of tweezers? Well, gourmet restaurants have been known to create such unique... -

Tulsi: Its Healing Powers And Incorporating It In The Diet

Tulsi (holy basil) : the miracle herb! Almost everyone has around the globe has heard about tulsi also called Holy basil (scientifically: Ocimum tenuiflorum) and its potent healing powers. Tulsi or holy basil is a variety of basil found and grown... -

Authentic Chaat Masala

Ever wondered why the CHAAT MASALA is the right help when you find that extra bit missing in a food?? Its because of the ingredients that go into the making of the authentic chaat masala. More than the taste, the chaat masala is used for its aroma. Try... -

Fenugreek Seeds

Picture of FenuGreek seeds  this is used for cooking.my mother she will make methi ball,she told me it is good for health.using methi seeds and leaves we can make many recipes.i love to use this ingredients lot.fenugreek was used for vareity of... -

How To Eat Rosemary?

To know how to eat rosemary , you first need to know what rosemary is. Rosemary is a perennial herb with evergreen needle-like leaves. The fragrant leaves are the main reason for its popularity. The name rosemary is derived from the Latin word rosmarinus... -

Hops Substitutes - Best Hops Substitutes

  Even though, Hops is one of the key ingredients used in flavoring the beer, one can use several other ingredients to replace Hops in case the ingredient is unavailable. Here is a look at the Hops substitutes that you can use to impart that... -

Top 5 Spices Of Australia

The spices of Australia are true representatives of its history and culture. These spices, which are today used extensively in and outside Australian homes, also speak of the historical journey of settlement and resettlement throughout this country.... -

Top 12 Spices Of Turkey

The Spices of Turkey are an eclectic mix of herbs and spices, which have been in use since ancient times. Be it a wild flower, a fruit, a bark of a tree or its leaves, the Turkish cuisine shows affinity for a variety of spices, which the Turkish cooks use... -

Wonderful Spice "kalonji ( Niglla Sativa).

Spices, yes spices are different of seeds or grains help increase taste of meal or cusine. Different type of spices used in different meal all over the world. " KALONJI" ,its botanical name is "NIGELLA SATIVA". ... -

Lavender Menu

If you are planning a lavender menu you might have some initial struggle on figuring out the ways you can use lavender as a culinary ingredient. There are in fact myriad recipes that you can work with using different forms of this flower. You can use... -

Saffron Helps Regain Eye Sight!

Saffron helps regain eye sight! According to a medical research, saffron, the yellow Indian spice that is traditionally used to flavor classy desserts and fine foods from the Indian cuisine, is now recognized not only for its distinctive flavor and color, but... -

Cinnamon Is The Spice Of Life

Think of a sweet spice and the name that immediately comes to mind is cinnamon . It enlivens the exotic curries and adds flavor your life in the form of buns and rolls. Think autumn and the aroma of cinnamon in apple pie becomes irresistible too. Yet this... -

Chefs Go Wild With These Ingredients

There are quite a few wild plants and herbs that can be termed as chefs favorite ingredients. Most of the produces from plants growing in the wild make excellent addition to dishes adding both flavor as well as color to them. While the chefs favorite... -

How To Use Stiffneck Garlic In Daily Cooking

  Using stiffneck garlic for healthy cooking is advantageous for several reasons. Consuming garlic as such has got several health benefits and the stiffneck variety otherwise known as the hardneck variety can be consumed in more ways than the... -

Asafoetida Substitutes: Top Asafetida Substitutes

  There may be times when you are in the middle of making your favorite dish, that calls for asafetida and you do not have it in your kitchen. For such times, refer to these simple Asafetida substitutes, and you will never miss that distinct... -

Fenugreek Substitutes

  Fenugreek, which originates from a Latin word, meaning Greek hay, is a very important ingredient in several curry powders. However,  if you are ever out of fenugreek, you can easily replace it with various substitutes that are easily... -

How To Use Indian Seasonings In American Cooking

With the increasing popularity of Indian cuisine among the Americans, plenty of restaurants are nowadays using Indian seasonings in American cooking . This new style of Indian American cuisine has been a new trend in culinary history and people are really... -

Spices: King Of Flavours 1. Turmeric

Spices and herbs are two broad categories from different plant parts used in different forms for seasoning in cooking or culinary industries having medicinal, aromatic, preservative, ritualistic, and cosmetic significance.   ... -

Garlic Substitutes

                                          This is one of my favorite ingredients in most of the dishes, Garlic. Whether it is an Indian curry or a pasta or Chinese gravy, I always prefer a little extra... -

Top 5 Spices Of France

French cuisine is the undisputed king among world cuisines and its USP is that it is lightly seasoned, allowing the natural flavor of the ingredients to pour through your taste buds. However, that does not mean that there are no spices of France , at all.... -

Asafoetida (hing)

Asafoetida (Asafetida, Hing)   Asafoetida is an integral part of Indian cooking and is a must for lentil dishes and curries with green leafy vegetables. It was introduced to the West by Alexander the Great in 4 th century... -


Tulasi’s extracts are used in ayurvedic remedies for common colds, headaches, stomach disorders, inflammation, heart disease, various forms of poisoning, and malaria. Traditionally, tulasi is taken in many forms: as an herbal tea, dried powder, fresh leaf,... -

How To Use Cocoa Mix

Uses of cocoa mix go much beyond making hot chocolate drinks. If you love to freak out on chocolates, then learn how to use cocoa mix , because this amazing powder can do wonders in your recipes by adding a chocolaty flavor.   Quick... -

Nutmeg Substitutes

From the baked delicacies to the delicious curries, Nutmeg adds a little something to every dish it is mixed in. However, what would you do if in the middle of your favorite recipe you realize that you’re out of the spice? Here are some easily available ... -

Fennel Substitutes

  Fennel seeds and bulbs are used in various recipes. Both of them have a licorice like flavor. It is been a part of our salads, sausages, stews, etc. usually, it is available in grocery stores, but, in case of crisis one can consider the... -

Allspice Substitutes

  Berry of the evergreen pimiento tree, Allspice is also known as Jamaican pepper. Christopher Columbus discovered the spice while he was on his second expedition to the New World, ever since the spice has gained popularity worldwide. Have you... -

Top 7 Spices Of Malaysia

The Malaysian spices are making their presence felt in  Australian kitchens, thanks to the MasterChef Australia 2010 winner, Adam Liaw, who is Malaysian-born. However, that is not the only reason why these spices are attracting cooks from all over the... -

Top Spices Of Italy

Italian cooks have used spices since Roman times and in excess. Although, used in much lesser quantities today, the spices of Italy are, nevertheless, an important part of the cuisine of the country. Given below are some of the major spices used in Italian... -

Top Spices Of Mexico

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Mexican food is the salsa, which, no doubt, is a confluence of the spices of Mexico. However, there is much more to Mexican spices than just salsa , taco, burrito , etc. Read on to know more: ... -

Top Spices Of Morocco

Moroccan food is extremely delicious and drool worthy, thanks to the spices used. All the Moroccan dishes contain some spice or the other,  but that does not make the food too spicy, just flavorful. Here is your arsenal of spices, which you can use to... -

Top 5 Spices Of Bangladesh

Being close to India and Pakistan, Bangladeshi cuisine shows an impact of the cuisines of these two countries. However, despite that, Bangladeshi food has its own soul, which ranges between very “spicy” and extremely “sweet.” This difference is... -

Top Spices Of Brazil

Brazil, the land of Samba, is also home to one of the most famous cuisines in the world. The secret to that is the top spices of Brazil, which are a part of one-fourth of the world’s plants, grown in Brazil. Brazilians make use of these spices to make their... -