Heavenly Mashed Potato Recipes

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Potato - Country Mash

Potato- country mash are a traditional side dish for meat dishes. They are simple and easy to make and taste heavenly. You can best serve them with meatloaf. They are creamy, and a buttery taste. Mashed potatoes made in country style are a good small meal.... - 37.8695

Fluffy Potato Casserole

Fluffy Potato Casserole is heaven for all potato and cheese lovers out there!! It is no wonder that this one of my favorite potato dishes. Try this wonderful Fluffy Potato Casserole recipe! - 34.8067

Potato Gnocchi Sauteed With Mushrooms, Kale And Bacon

Use leftover, plain (no butter, milk or cream) The next time you are making mashed or baked potatoes at home, why not make a little bit extra? Use the leftover, plain (no butter, milk or cream)from Saturday night to make these light, heavenly pillows of... - 143.533

Potato Balls

Potato Balls! For those like me, who love potatoes in any form, this dish is heaven!! An amazingly simple preparation, the Potato Balls is definitely something you will get hooked to in no time. - 39.3425

How To: Home Made Pierogies With Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce

If you've never had homemade pierogies before, you're in for a treat! This batch makes 24 crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside bundles of potato and cheese heaven! Topped with my signature Wild Mushroom Cream Sauce, you will be the star at... - 121.29

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Heavenly Hamburger

1. Saute onions and hamburger until brown. 2. Add soup and corn, mix thoroughly. 3. Place in greased baking dish. 4. Cover with potatoes, brush with melted margarine. 5. Bake until brown. - 29.7688

Potatoes Country Style

Potatoes Country Style! A bite of this delicious Potatoes Country Style is my idea of visiting heaven! Save this wonderful recipe for yourself and discover the wondrous taste of this dish - 46.405

Sweet Potatoes In Orange Cups

These heavenly treats only take minutes to prepare, and they made quite a visual and edible impact on the kids and adults alike. This recipe is a time saver when you're cooking Thanksgiving dinner, because the orange pulp that you scoop out goes right into... - 126.927

Roast Goose With Sweet Potato And Apple Dressing

Goose dishes are truly exotic, of which this Roast Goose With Sweet Potato and Apple Dressing is next to heavenly! Yes, here's a simple recipe for this extremely tasty dish and I bet, you're sure gonna fall in love with this! - 46.6863

Italian Dumplings

I love potatoes and so I thought I will give this Italian Dumplings recipe a try. Each time I eat these Italian Dumplings, I remember my holiday to Italy. Heavenly! - 31.2527

Vatican Venison Stew (with Special Guest The Pope)

Slow-cooked savory venison stew with potato dumplings. Simply heavenly. - 0


Feeling hungry? Want to Snack? Then Samosas is the perfect choice. You can prepare this in no time and it is simply heavenly to bite into one of these crispy samosas! Try this excellent Samosas recipe! - 36.3598

Cream Of Mushroom And Vegetable Soup

In a few words, Cream Of Mushroom and Vegetable Soup is described as heavenly, superb and outstanding. It is a yummy appetizer. - 48.0332

Vegetable Cutlets (masala Burger Patties)

In a mood of making cutlets, then you should surely check this out. Chef Bhavna shows how to make these tasty cutlets which can be baked or fried. They are easy to prepare and a mouth watering snack. You can serve the cutlets with chutney or ketchup. Don't... - 113.083